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Cooking on gas? How 2 Bake Bread – Life Offgrid,

We tried out the Omnia oven in our van and made our first Loaf in the van on the gas stove.
The recipe makes 2 loaves.
Then we made fruit loaf by adding Fruit to the remaining half.

1kg Plain Flour
2 packets activated yeast
1/2 handful Salt
1 handful Sugar
5 second pour oil
Warm water

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]we’ve got a face-off user and I’m Omnioh good Hoppa top oven yepso we’ve we’ve ordered one bonus iffriends but we thought we’d give it a goit looks like that will not tasted ityet you’re about to root locus I’m justgonna go with just taking a first loafout yeah so I’m gonna say it’s a crossnow clean the inside of it we greased itput a boot laughing yep smells gooddon’t what it tastes like yeah yeahfingers crossed first of manyso I’m just dialing up this againrelease ooh root of it[Music]all right so we’ve got the loveI’m just start stretching out so they’llfit round I didn’t make it me up reallybadyou’re gonna with this yes please sothere you go yep that’s the what are yougonna do now laughs so now I’m justgonna leave it it was an hour for thatbut that was not straight enough toadmit it right so this has been sat foran hour and then another hour Wells withbait so I’m just gonna and then you madethe mixture it mixture then you have toleave it an hour to rise before youtouched it then you put it in your Miayep then you turn the Omni around andgive it an hour so it was an hour to setand an hour in the panthis is alike this is the bit that thebreads in and this is the hot platething so we just sat at Central over theburner and we’ve set the birdours is a bit funny yeah it’s it’s myheart oh yeah this is our attempt atmedium heatyeah so we’ve turned it down quite a lotand yeah it sort of it was a bit it wasa bit a bit Brown and yeah on the insideof our first one this is our second onewe just got fruit in it so we’ll saythat was the no bit cooler and I saidwhat see welcome[Music]below be just that prospect[Music]that’s a danger of freshly baked breadis that screen audibles that’s what’swhy s break gozman press first attemptsin there and alright so yeah definitelybe have another go and there to see ifwe know improve oh yeah top rightlook out mate bananas welcome out

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