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BAKE WITH ME PT 2 – chocolate chip banana bread!!!🍞

welcome to another bake with me!! this was so yum
I hope everyone stays healthy and safe x

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Video Transcription

Aloha okayhey everyone welcome back to my channelwelcome to another baking vid I’m soexcited because I’m going to be makingchocolaty 12 chocolate chip banana breadand I’m just excited to eat it to behonest it just sounds delicious if I’mhonest I’m having one of those dayswhere I just don’t feel motivated to doanything like if I wasn’t filming this Iwould be taking off this makeup andgetting into bed and not going back outI don’t think today but I’m forcingmyself to bake because I know it’ll makeme feel better but I just wanted tointroduce the video like this becauseI’m gonna just put music over what I’mdoing obviously I will put like themeasurements and stuff and I’m not inlike the most chatty mood and I didn’twant to come across as being likenegative on camera so that’s the planbut I will talk to you in a little bitwhen it’s cooked and stuff that’s Dennisbarking really God hope you’re well andjust stay safei lo ha please ignore my hat I don’tknow what’s going on with it it’s quitea lot later on it’s literally an hourand a half later that’s how long thistook to cook I don’t know why it took solong and I think I may have messed it upand I think it’s still raw so this hasbeen a baking fail but I’m still gonnaupload it so you can laugh at me this iswhat we’re dealing with it looks greatbut when I stick in one of these thewhole thing is just like seems wobblyI’m gonna get this out the tin and seewhat this is looking like cuz I reallywant to try some been waiting for hoursfor this to be done it’s just gonna comeout oh it’s still raw I mean to be fairit still looks young but look there’sall of that still left in it it’sbreaking in half it’s breaking in halfwell it’s gonna be a moist banana breadbut I’m going to do a taste test I’mgoing to leave that and just take outhere there’s a lot of chocolate chipsmom it’s it’s wrong I think it’s fine Ithink it’ll taste fine but it’s nicebroke I’ve got it out no but it’s notwrong but it’s like look no I thinkit’ll still be really nice till you putchocolate chips in it yeah may that besomething to get on and they look it’llcoolI just tried something that was actuallyreally nice no get your nose down thisis not for you oh we can make this looklike it didn’t fall apart kind of looksso funnythat’s my baking bed I really hope youenjoyed watching also sideman I doubledthe mixture because it didn’t look likethose very much so I don’t whatever thetimer I did I’ve realized once I’vemixed it all together that I forgot toput in the extra butter they don’t haveto add in the butter see it’s been a bitof a disaster but I hope you enjoyedwatching it because it’s been quiteentertaining I’ll be back next Sundaywith another baking of it Christmas cakehopefully it’ll be a bit more why’s itso close hopefully it open for youthat’s fine hopefully it’ll be a bitmore successful next time you need menext by your side I know because lasttime when they did the baking round sojust cut a bit off and have a slice it’sjust tough the end Ohvery nice it is nice isn’t it it’s quitenice warm though the ends the bestbecause it’s crispy so it wasn’t afailure I’ll see you next time for newvideo bye say bye bye

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