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Traditional Irish Soda Bread Recipe Quarantine cooking

Traditional irish Soda bread recipe Quarantine cooking. In this video I show you how to make one of the easiest but still tastiest breads in the world. Made throughout Ireland this traditional bread is a great thing to bake during quarantine.

For this Irish soda bread you will need is
1/2 kg flour
teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of bircarb soda
approx 14 to 15 fluid ouzes of butter milk.

bake in a pre-heated oven to 230 deg C (440 deg F) for 15-20 mins
then turn down to 200 deg C (400 deg F) and cook for 15-20 mins

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Video Transcription

you’re let’s do this help me rolling meoff my feet over to don’t know just I’mdoing how the finest totem pole becausethey know if the talking fluent bluesthe truth music hi guys and this isanother video on how to use very simpleingredients getting to know simpleingredients again and or about today isI’m gonna make Irish soda bread usingjust flour salt bicarb soda buttermilkthat is all and we might put some butteron us but that is all you need to makethis staple from Ireland go to startwith half a kilo of flour and flourso this yard teaspoon of salt and a halfteaspoon of bicarb soda break up breakup the lumps if I just do that and I wasgive it a mix simply add the bottom worklet me just do this I’ll just move itokay as simple as that to get to thestage that’s practically ready now toput me over so we’ll put this on a tray[Music]my gosh you can last the breadso it really was very easy to get tothis stitch as you can see all you gottado now is put it in the oven a preheatedoven to 230 degrees Celsius and thenbake that for 15 minutes then turn downthe temperature but 200 degrees Celsiusand bake for another 15 minutes veryeasy to the conversion if you watch itfrom America far in height just look upGoogle’s it’s good yeah so I know I’lldo that now this is it after the first20 minutesI’m screwedand leave it in for another[Music]20 minutes[Music]looking too bad reallythat’s a sort of red let’s pray likewhat my mother used to make[Music]I think that’s done[Music]so I’m going to leave that to rest if Imanage to take it out of the Helmandwe’ll turn that back over oh this iswhat it looks likeI’m just gonna leave that to rest for alittle while before I am let’s do thismy goal is to double this time doinghomicide let’s go to Broca’s they knowwhat the talking fluid I’m under theinfluence the drillers talking fool sothat is just her I remember my motherused to make it I’m dead it’s best toget sort of bread freshly out of theoven freshly bought her with real Irishbutter there’s nothing better its mouthand really pleased with that it’s a verysimple recipe I always loved it as achild it’s really great for children tolearn how to bake bread for the firsttime I think as well okay so one lastthing to do let’s try thisthe soffit is good as it looks becauseit looks greatthat’s lovely lovely with a bit of charmas well there’s really nothing betterthan fresh a big soda bread straight outof the album with a better butter can’tbeat it it’s so simple it’s so cheap tomake especially in the times we live inoh this is you should be trying this athome learning at home well you’re offwork play more videos on my channel I’lllink some videos here especially seaweedbread made me iron islandsI’ve also got done a video on how tomake potato bread I’ll link that here aswell I’m gonna leave some links to theend of this channel don’t forget to likethe subscribe see you next time if youlike this video why not try out othersin my series on markets and Cork Cityand Limerick City I’ll leave some linkshere and while you’re at it why notsubscribe and give it a thumbs up seeyou next time[Music]

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