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How To Make Waffle Cake with Hazelnuts | Waffle Bread Cake Recipe | No Bake Russian Waffle Cake

How To Make Waffle Cake with Hazelnuts. Waffle Bread Cake Recipe. No Bake Russian Waffle Cake

If you want to make easy tasty natural Waffle Cake with Hazelnuts, this video recipe is for you.
In this video, I will show how to make homemade Waffle Bread Cake without baking and without eggs.

To make Russian Waffle Cake with Hazelnuts and chocolate you will need:
– butter – 100 g
– condensed milk – 400 g
– waffle bread – 200 g
– hazelnuts – 150 g
– dark chocolate – 100-150 g (+ butter optional)

How to make waffle cake without baking watch in this video.
Healthy dessert, natural ingredients cake, no bake cake, no eggs cake.

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Video Transcription

Waffle Cake No bake recipesubscribe!waffle bread 200 gbutter 100 gcondensed milk 400 gdark chocolate 150 ghazelnut 150 gAnd then cool it the fridge for 2 hours

6 Replies to “How To Make Waffle Cake with Hazelnuts | Waffle Bread Cake Recipe | No Bake Russian Waffle Cake

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  2. Very nice waffle cake. It looks so delicious. The boiled condensed milk with the butter filling looks and sounds really yummy. So many layers! Wow you decorated it really pretty with the hazelnuts and chocolate on top! Love this no bake recipe

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