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Must Watch. DASH No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker: Waffle Iron 1200W + Waffle Maker Machine For Waf…

https://amzn.to/35ESnbV – DASH No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker: Waffle Iron 1200W + Waffle Maker Machine For Waffles, Hash Browns, or Any Breakfast, Lu…

Wow! I paired this with NamasteGluten free pancake/waffle mix from Costco..Superb best waffles ever!Perfect every time.Recipe booklet included, I TrueDepth chocolate banana waffles..yummy no mess /no stick!
100% recommended. The waffle turned out crunchy! It a bit bigger than I thought but the results are extremely perfect!
The machine is BY FAR THE BEST weve EVER had. Before ordering this one we had a different one from Costco which we ended up returning it. This waffle maker superceded our expectations.
5… my kids love it and is SO easy to use, doesnt spill everywhere around. Just fantastic! !
Does 4 at a time so time in the kitchen cut down drastically. Follow instructions and waffles were perfect from the start. And this is my first waffle maker ever!Best waffle mix is Hungry Jack original pancake & waffle mix.
These were perfect texture, look, taste. The others mixes with just water added weren’t as nice a texture.Overflow channel means absolutely no mess.
Clean up is a breeze. And the overflow cooks so it’s eaten up just as the waffles are! So no wasting any mix. Kids are loving having waffles at least weekly now!
Likes:Very quick to heat up and equally fast to cook a waffle.Simple to use with no buttons or dials whatsoever.Dislikes:Cooking grids were covered in dust(?).
I would’ve washed it anyway but didn’t expect this much factory(?) dust on the cooking surfaces.Cooking grids do not come out for cleaning so you have to wipe it down to clean.
That’s okay but not great if you prefer giving a good scrub.There isn’t any information as to how long you should let it bake. The green light does go on and off, but there is nothing in the book indicating what this means other than it’s ready to cook.
It’s a minor annoyance and not enough to make me want to give up.Overall:Buy it!
This is great! To get 8 squares you need one batch of the waffle recipe on most of the pancake mixes! They puff up fluffy with a basic mix and 8 fed three adults !
Easy to use, easy to clean. Heats up quick, i used a spray oil for each one to make sure they came off easy. Making 4 at a time more people can eat while they are hot instead of waiting for one at a time
Ok, Id never made waffles before but pancakes are always such a messy morning. Im very impressed with how easy this really was. A standard single batch makes 6 waffles.
Id used Aunt Jemima mix and syrup. Theres actually a difference in making waffles vs pancakes so be sure you find the recipe (normally on the side) and have a rubber spatula to get the batter from the bowl easier.
Everyone has enjoyed them and no one even minds helping clean up. For clean up use a bottle brush to get the crevices and not destroy your sponge and wipe it down and youre ready for the next morning.
Im a no-frills, no-hassle kind of person who cooks almost all our foods from scratch. My attitude toward an appliance is that as long as it does its job, I can do mine.
I chose this waffle maker because of two reasons: it doesnt make noise (I dont need any irritating beeps to tell me how to cook waffles) and its affordable.I used it for the first time this morning, and this waffle maker performed PERFECTLY for our needs.

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