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Honest REVIEWS. Belgian Waffle Maker Machine Non-Stick, AICOOK 1200W Anti-Overflow Waffle Iron…

https://amzn.to/2E4aYTb – Belgian Waffle Maker Machine Non-Stick, AICOOK 1200W Anti-Overflow Waffle Iron with Shade Selector, Mess-Free Moat, Indica…

I bought this for my wife, she wants to make a waffle at home. She just learns how to make the waffle from her friend. Therefore, I bought this to let her try.
This waffle maker is very easy to use and perfect for beginners. The entire machine is very small, easy to carry, and store. My wife love it so much!!
Just want to share my first time making waffle 🧇 I bought a lot of baking stuff to learn how to cook at home during this time, this waffle maker it is new to me too, but I don’t even know making waffle with this waffle maker it is so easy and taste so good, I turn on the power to height temperature around 5mins , cook the waffle in 6 minutes then ready to eat, my kids love I make it because fresh waffle taste it’s crispy outside and inside soft it’s very good!
and I like the waffle maker it is nonstick after I make done, easy to clean ! So I highly recommend this to everyone to making waffle for your breakfast snd snack time !
Just took it out for a test drive today. The waffles came out exceptionally good. Not a bad waffle toaster. And It was easy to clean afterward. The best part is my little boy loves the Belgian waffle.
This is great! To get 8 squares you need one batch of the waffle recipe on most of the pancake mixes! They puff up fluffy with a basic mix and 8 fed three adults !
Easy to use, easy to clean. Heats up quick, i used a spray oil for each one to make sure they came off easy. Making 4 at a time more people can eat while they are hot instead of waiting for one at a time
Bigger than expected. Easy to operate. Pour the mixture in and leave it for awhile, easy breakfast.
My kids love those waffles which made by this machine, so I’m totally happy with this purchase. It took 2-3 times for getting familiar about the temperature, then we could make some waffles with our desired size and taste. Nice one!
Very easy to use and clean. It makes my breakfast faster and healthier. My children like it very much. Strong recommended!
I buy this waffle maker just for fun. I like cooking by myself and also diy some snacks for my friends and family. That is fun for us. This waffles maker is very convenient to use and easy to clean. I like it.
it’s very good one for the breakfast, make the waffles very fast,it’s 1200 W , and just like the restaurant made , very easy to operate and clean, comes with the instruction manual. and the price is acceptable.
This is a great Waffle Maker, and I like it for these reasons: 1. clean design and small size which is easy to storage. 2. easy to control to temperature and fast cook. 3. real non-stick material. 4. The waffle is quite yummy and soft.
Very efficient small waffle maker.The machine is smaller than I expected, but just big enough to make waffles for two or three people. It takes a few minutes to warm up and 5-8 mins for the waffles to be ready.
Saves me a lot of time for meal prep, and pretty easy to clean.

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