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HOW TO MAKE BROWN BUTTER BELGIAN WAFFLES ~ In this video Kiona will show you how she makes brown butter belgium waffles , mixed berry sauce , fresh homemade whipped cream . I did a mukbang and everything was absolutely delicious . I hope you enjoy this recipe /cooking video . Please Share , like, comment and subscribe. Thank you for all of your love and support . Much Love to each and every one of you. Peace and Blessings.

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Video Transcription

hello hello hello hey everyone todayI’ll be teaching you how to make thesedelicious brown butter Belgian wafflesthey are so so good I mean really good Iwill also be teaching you how to makethis mixed berry sauce and homemadewhipped cream so let’s go ahead and getstarted start by melting one stick ofbutter in a saucepan cook the butter atmedium-high heat after a while thebutter should create a foam and itshould become Brown it also smelledreally really goodwhen this happens take it off the heatnow strain your brown butter this is toavoid getting those darker Brown bitsinto your brown butter brown butterseriously smells so good I wish someonewould turn it into a candle I would buyso many of those now pick your brownbutter to the side in a large bowl sift1 and 3/4 cup of all-purpose flour oneteaspoon of baking soda 1 and 1/2teaspoon of baking powder and 1/2teaspoon of salt[Music]all right now set that to the side andanother large bowl add three egg yolksthen add 1/3 cup of sugar whisk the eggyolks and sugar until it becomes a lightyellow this is easier said than donebecause it’s a total workout my armsthey were burning[Music]all right so once it turns into a lightyellow it should be all creamy andfluffy and nice this is when you addyour brown butterwisk the brown butter in until wellcombined[Music]then add 1 and 3/4 cup of buttermilk[Music]whisks together until well combined[Music][Music]after that add one teaspoon of vanillabean paste or you can just add oneteaspoon of vanilla extract[Music]now set that to the side in a separatebowl add the egg whites from the threeseparated eggs we add before with thehand mixer mix the egg whites untillight and fluffy the egg whites shouldform stiff peaks[Music]push the flower back to the edge of thebowl to create an empty center[Music]the empty space is where you’re going topour your wet ingredients[Music]okay so now you’re gonna whisk the wetingredients into the dry ingredients butfor not for too long and not too muchyou you kind of just want to do it untilit’s kind of well incorporated enoughbut not like super smooth like you stillwant those chunks of flour like superlumpy but kind of still you know mixedin alright so this is what you’relooking for still really lumpy and didnot quite mixed in but still sort ofwell incorporated now we’re gonna foldin our egg whites so you’re just gonnawant to add a little bit at a time asyou’re folding in the egg whites not allat once[Music][Music][Music]once you’ve folded in all of the eggwhites your batter should be smooth andfluffy once you’re at waffle iron is allheated up you’re gonna want to add somemelted butter to the bottom and top ofthat waffle iron oh I almost forgot okayput a lot of but not too much becauseyou don’t want to make your waffle soggybut like enough coat the bottom of thewaffle iron with melted butter so youknow cause it’s like if it sticks to thepan it’s all over it took me so manyattempts to realize that you shouldreally coat the bottom of the waffleiron with butter I’m just like tellingyou this now because I have struggledmaking waffles because of this I amtrying to save you a lot of pain andgrief so just to reiterate coat thebottom enough that it covers the ironbut not so much that it makes the wafflesoggy add one cup of your waffle batterinto the waffle iron I like to spreadthe batter around to cover the entirewaffle iron before cooking it[Music]all right they’re done cooking so we’rejust gonna lift it up and oh they lookso pretty oh man nothing compares tolooking at a delicious golden-brownwaffle that you work so hard to makealso the smell the smell of the wafflesare undescribable is so good and theycame out golden-brown and they’re fluffyand they’re crunchy and they’redelicious[Music]all right take your waffle out of theiron and repeat this entire process allover again until you run out of wafflebatter now we’re going to create a mixedberry sauce in a saucepan add three cupsof frozen mixed berries then add twocups of frozen sliced strawberries[Music]2/3 cup of sugar[Music]and one tablespoon of lemon juice lateron I also added 1/4 teaspoon of salt mixtogether a bit and yes again I’m usingmy wooden grandma’s phone clickeverything together on medium heatoccasionally stir everything around[Music]bring the sauce to a boil after thatpour the sauce into a blender and thenblend it until everything is smooth pourthe sauce back into the saucepan[Music]then add two tablespoons of cornstarchslurry which is basically justcornstarch and water mixed together soprobably mix together one tablespoon ofcornstarch and two tablespoons of wateradd more water if it’s too thick I knowI said add two tablespoons of thecornstarch slurry into the sauce but I’madding like multiple in the shots it’sbecause I’m using 1/2 teaspoon when I’mpouring it in so that’s why I say thatonce it’s well incorporated into thesauce it should turn thick the onlyreason I didn’t turn on the stove isbecause it was already really hot sowe’re gonna take it off the stove andstart straining it you don’t have tostrain the sauce I just don’t like allthe seeds in little bits in itI like the sauce to be really smooth soI strain out all the little seeds andany extra bits once I’ve strainedeverything from the sauce I’m going topour the sauce into a container[Music]all right so now just place the sauceinto the fridge to cool all right sothis is the last thing we’re going tomake it’s the whipped cream so I haveplaced the bowl in the hand mixer whiskattachments into the freezer before Istarted cooking so it’s nice and coldand I poured I don’t know how much Ipoured I just poured the rest of theheavy whipping cream that we had intothe bowl so probably like two cups ofheavy whipping cream and I just startedXing them together with the hand mixer[Music]then I gradually added in one half cupof powdered sugar into the heavywhipping cream[Music]then I added 1/2 TSP of vanilla beanpaste I’m gonna say this again if youdon’t have vanilla bean paste it’stotally fine to use vanilla extract allright so you’re just gonna whisk ittogether until it becomes stiff andfluffy but you don’t want to over mix itand turn it into butter of course sothis is the right amount of consistencyfor your whipped cream so now that youhave finished making everything thewaffles the sauce the whipped creamdecorate your waffles with any toppingsyou like I decorated mine with thewhipped cream strawberries and somepowdered sugar then I went ahead andadded that mixed berry sauce that wemade earlier oh and I found a newcontainer that works way way better andyou are all finished go ahead and enjoythe fruits of your labor it is so so sogood mom even agreed that these waffleswere a delicious the mixed berry saucewent really really well with thestrawberries and the whipped cream andthe waffles everything was just so goodthe combination was great and the bestpart is you can totally freeze theleftovers just pop them in the toasterlike an egg oh and they’ll be totallyfine and still just as deliciousI believe I’ve said delicious about 20times by now so I’m just gonna go aheadand end the video thank you so much forwatching the video I really reallyappreciate it don’t forget to Likecomment and subscribe and as alwayseverything I used in the video will belinked in the description below bye[Music]Hey so recently I got in a package whenmom was picking up her packages from herp.o box one of them had my name on itwhich was a huge job to the both of usso one of her subscribers sent me aMinnie Mouse backpack and a note andfifty dollars and it was really reallysweet I read the note and it was so sosweet I’m so grateful for everything shegot me the $50 I ended up investing inmy side hustle and my business so I’mreally grateful for everything thank youthank you so so much Hillary I don’teven know how to express how thankful Iam for all the everything you sent me Ijust keep gushing over it it’s likethank you so much again

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