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KIDS BAKING WAFFLES cooking with kids KIDS VIDEO!!! This is OUR life

WAFFLES!!! Kids Video on making waffles. Do you and your kids bake? Liam and Maddie baking waffles with mom. Kids video for kids. Love baking with kids. Lannies RAe Gourmet Our verdict was the kids loved them liam thought the taste was a little strange. I thought that they were a great texture. Great fluffiness. The flavour was defiantly a little strange. I would buy their products again this time just a different kind. Heres the link if youd like to try them www.lannierae.com

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

yesgood morning YouTube hope everyone’sdoing wonderful we are gonna make somewaffles this morning with this companyI’ll turn the camera rosy republic’salso could put a leak into the companyit’s actually Canadian made company downin cochrane elbow down and christmas sowe’re gonna try out and let us know ifyou know gonna take up and talk to thelink for this company this is thecompany which is pretty cool or if youcan do it yourself right yeah good jobmiss Maddie I don’t ever plug it inuntil we are ready because Maddie willturn it on andfingeryeahthat’s very good Madi ma’am[Music]well it looks perfect liam is going tomake our favorite syrup it’s about equalparts of butter and equal parts of cornsyrup[Music]well Maddy sure seems to love them aboutyou Liam oh no not as good while you atehalf your plate even if you didn’t thinkit was that good you still eat at allyou

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