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Birds Eye Potato Waffles Cooked In Toaster

Toaster Potato Waffles
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Video Transcription

[Music]welcome your bad food but we take yourconcerns seriously that is why today’sepisode has better lighting better soundquality and you can see my full headnow I understand yesterday was just techdemo really of the quality of this mynew face as you can see I have few yearsI even removed the piercing which wasthat here label here on this year but Idon’t even think you got to see that wewere committed to making the best worstfood program we possibly can and to dothis we need you to share the program wealso need you to watch today’s programwill be on how you can as it’s gonnasound awful you can cook potato wafflesin a toaster now this is serious I’mgoing to have the potato waffles withramen noodles but I’m going to show youthat I’m going to cook them only usingthe power of a toaster isn’t thatfantasticyeah ok let’s get on with the video I’mnot gonna see here and do the wholething like this you can hardly see Ineed to switch over to the smallercamera the handheld when they show meputting the things in the toaster andall sorts of other stuff like that’s myway after some Christmas cameras whilewe get the rental stuff ready there wegoso welcome here are the potato waffles Iwill be cooking in the toaster I hopeyou can see that they are bird’s-eyepotato waffles there are 10 of them inthe park I’ve already open the pack andlet’s begin the process is relativelysimple you put your hands on the box youtake out two potato waffles you justdrop them as the frozen pucks they areinto there and you begin you just toastthem again if you have a frozen buttonthis is good now people believe thatthis is a temperature dial on toasterthis is not a temperature dial it’s atimer toasters always work withresistance metal okay they work bypassing an electric current throughmetal converting a hundred percent ofthe energy used in to eat so therefore atoaster like a like many other things inyour house which uses electricity byresistance heating is a hundred percentefficient in fact it’s the mostefficient device you’ll ever own thereare some crumbs on top of this man weshould have clean this before doing thisbut yes it is now working and it’ll takeprobably about five minutes so I’m notgoing to sit around film all of thiswill cut back to this when it’s donethank you very much the moment of truthhas arrived they are ready now I’m goingto use plastic tongs to take them outnot metal ones I am going to turn thetoaster off safety firstI’m going to reach in and read them andhere they are as you can see they arecrispy they are toasted they are cookedas if they’ve been in the oven they wentdown three times first one on defrostedthe next two times about and they’regolden brown that is the laziest way tocook a potato waffle that has ever beencreatedingenious you put the ramen in themicrowavetwo minutes and of course for the finalpreparationthe noodles on top mmm yummyBrits are potato waffles and ramennoodles I like my sauce and the potatowaffles are soaked a lot of Ella but Ithink it’s really yummy thanks forwatching please rate comment andsubscribe[Music]

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