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KFC Chicken with Sweet Potato Waffles

How to make KFC chicken with Sweet Potato Waffles

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]about to throw it down in the kitchenyes okay so today we are going to makesome sweet potato waffles with KFC starchicki yes I found a secret ingredientand it’s gonna be beautifulokay so keep watching and thank you dearthey dress up to Leah or show me how tomake this healthy version of the wafflewith sweet potatoes – thank you verymuchso we’re going to put that all togetherand have some fun with it and then we’rebored at home at the moment we’re notallowed out and there really is DavidFoster isn’t but we can make it funthink of the kids make it bearable forthem because this time this moment theywill never forgetso get them involved and get their handshelping you to make the food and let’shave some fun with it okay so keepwatching so this is been greeting orwaffles and KFC chicken okay first meyou’ve got a puny job potatoes sweetpotatoes after that it’s a bit morehealthier and almond milk and the restof it I’ll show you in a bitokay guys well the sweet potato isboiling I am going to put a tablespoonof sea salt all over my chicken okay nowyou need to rub it all in get your caddyright in there make sure it’s all evenso you need to make sure that the saltis mixed inside the chickenokay I’m going to put that leave thataside of time being for the first thingto consider is having a plain whiteflour so you can set it aside or thecoating and the last bit for the chickenso just put that aside so I’m going tobreak 3 eggs okay go so I have put threeeggs in here broken up and then I’mgoing to flip so that I belong here yeahsecret I’m showing you all my secrets1/2 spoon of salt a cup a cup of thatI’ve added eggs 1/2 teaspoon of salt acup of flour and solder so now I’m justgoing to whisk it alland he felt now we can put this side allright the main bit is the seasoning ofthe chicken okayyou’re gonna need three cups of flour[Music][Music]you’re gonna need half a spoon of gingergarlic ginger okay okay so one spoon ofblack pepper okay you need to put twospoons of what pepper smoked peppers ifyou have if you don’t like me I’m justgoing to read at the breathanother you sorry toorightand thendo this processyou haveokay it came in here once I edit andturn it around until it’s all covered inthe flour seasoning okay okay this isproper tins right here you know KFCwho needs KFC when you can make your ownmeals at home it’s ready to go straightin the fire I would suggest doing thismaybe just two or three at a time ratherthan putting too many in there okay byeokay about 40 minutesokay and there you have it15 minutes look at that raunchy KFC kindof chicken yeahfor those chicken and loverssome mixed the sweet potatoes topperthere the six eggs butter cinnamonnutmeg all of them greet and then I’vegot my readywell the 210 is been fried this is topcutting right here ting okayplease make sure you spray but each timebefore you spray the coilso guys it is ready look at thatget it closer look yes it looks amazingright okay so this is sort of meals thatwe can actually create at home begin tolove it it’s bad love it so continue towatch me like subscribe share to thebrain to telephone to tell a friend andwe all can be friends okay so thank youvery much for watching hope to see youagain soon[Music]

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