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Welcome to Vlogmas day 14 where we cook Fried Chicken and Waffles together! This is my first time making Chicken and Waffles together (i believe) and it came out SOOOOOO GOOOD!
Also, for the recipe go to Chyna Whites pages:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chyna.white_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/376534006258455/posts/496912597553928?sfns=mo.
Make sure you let her know that I sent you.
I really hope you enjoy todays video! Have a good night!
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Video Transcription

[Music]hey what’s up k-starsit’s your girl Kristen Alexis andwelcome to vlogmas wait what day is itI forgot the date vlog is day 14 sotoday is Saturday and I have beengetting after so much stuff I have putmy clothes up and folded clothes I havewashed the twins bedding and all theirstuff from their room I also haverecorded two videos already and I haveone more to go and then I wanted tostart the vlog for today so with thatbeing said I’ve been getting after it Igot a lot of stuff to take care ofbefore Tuesday and I don’t want to missout on and checking anything off of mylist even though I did the videoyesterday it feels like it’s been awhileso with that be sure to put your star inthe comment section and say hello andjust let me know that you made it intotoday’s video but we are about to makecrispy chicken tenders and we also aregoing to put that with waffle so we’redoing chicken and waffles I absolutelylove this meal my kids love waffles andwe they already had breakfast today butthis is gonna kind of be like abreakfast lunch type situation becauseit tastes so delicious and who doesn’twant chicken and waffles I mean somepeople do it for dinner too right so wemight as well just go ahead get itrolling for lunch and I wanted to sharethis with you guys in the meantime canwe just talk about how cute my dogs lookright now like these guys look soadorable it just looks so precious heresleeping in their beds I brought thebeds downstairs because while I wasdoing my last video I wanted them to beclose and they walked through thekitchen floor so you always hear theirfingernails in the background and thisis a way to get them to sit their littlebutts down and not walk all over theplace okay guys so let’s go ahead andget started I am going to be using theAunt Jemima buttermilk complete wafflemix and I like to use this because it’seasy let me get a bowl and then I’mgoing to use my waffle maker that we gotthis waffle maker what a gift to us butI’m assuming it wasn’t terriblyexpensive if you don’t have a wafflemaker you gonna need to get you onebecause you need a waffle maker to makechicken okay so let me go ahead and getin my bowl we also need measuring cupsand we’re going to open this up lift taboopsdoes that tear it up and let’s see howmany waffles they want to make sothere’s four of usno there’s three one one two threethere’s four of us Brian’s at work soit’s the twins Amana and myselfit says combine 2 cups of ancient of amix 1 and 1/2 cup of water and 1/3 cupof oil ok so we’re gonna go this isbecause it’s waffles you have to do someoil for us let me hold it up here soy’all can see Elmo wasn’t make such abig mess ok so that’s basically a cupPlus that stool some in here stuff I’mgonna pour this in here I’m sorry youguys can’t see I’m actually gonna use myother camera so I can record and showyou guys what I’m doing as I do it 2cups so that was one cup I’m gettingflour everywhere 1 and 1/2 cup of water[Music]now I’m going to turn on my griddle Iusually put the griddle on four becausefor me I found that gives me the moregolden-brown not too crispy but not rawbecause I need my to be cooked all theway through so I’m gonna put this onfour and plug it in and then heat thisthing out you know what before we turnit on let me get the chicken goingbecause the waffles don’t take this longand the chickens gonna take a little bitlonger so I want to have the chickenready to go when the waffles are cookingthat way I can just like serveeverything together I purchased thePerdue fresh chicken breast and we’regoing to be using the chicken breast I’mgoing to cut them in half to maketenders and then see them them and getall my stuff together so I can go aheadand fry these on the stuff[Music]okay guys so you’re going to now seasonyour chicken you can see them yourshowever you decide to do but if youwould like me to explain to you guys howi season my meats let me know because ifeel like that’s an its own dedicatedconversation but I like to put a varietyof seasonings on mine also of my hugefan of paprika because I feel like itadds to the color of the chicken andthat’s about it so this is what I’mlooking like so far but let me go aheadI already started the stove and I’ve gotmy grease going on the stove and I’mgonna flip these over and season theother side[Music]while my chicken is frying on the stovenow I’m going to start my waffles so I’mgonna plug in the waffle maker we’regoing to go ahead and get the firstlevel going the waffles are the bestpart there’s so much fun to make andthey taste so delicious[Music]chicken is looking delicious and it’salmost golden brown and ready to takeoff of a skillet let’s go ahead andcheck the waffle maker and see if it’sready to fit the mix inside okay we’remaking progress I have two blue lightsup here so why don’t we go ahead andload well we got a little bit of smoke -yeah let’s go ahead and load this up[Music]what my maker is so tricky to me becauseI’m either underwear the waffles comeout small or I mean they’re over withlittle huh filters filling out the sidesalways figure it’s better to come underthan over because I’d rather just haveit be small than have to clean up a messon the outside of the waffle maker it’sso annoying the other thing I wanted totell you guys is the recipe for thechicken came from China and I’ve usedher recipes before the reason why Ididn’t show everything in this video isbecause the recipe does have a cost so Iwill link her Facebook in thedescription box and her Instagram so youcan go to her page and try this out it’sessentially very similar to the eggbatter recipe that most people usehowever she does have some things someseasonings that she puts inside of itthat just make it very delicious sodefinitely go check her out if you doplease let her know that Kristin sentyou the chicken looks absolutelyfabulous I don’t want to overcook it soI’m trying to like keep my eye on it umbut definitely go let her know that Isent youcheck it out her recipes are a dollarapiece and they are so delicious andlike that we’re ready to go Wow perfectabsolutely perfect okay let’s do itagain[Music][Music]okay guys it’s the moment of truth timeto taste it we’re gonna taste thechicken first mmm thumbnail chicken isreally good it’s fire definitelyrecommend the recipe because it’sdelicious mmmthat batter is really good let’s tastethe waffles I think you’re supposed totechnically eat the waffles in thechickens like together at the same timelike bite it together but I’ll do thatyou know I am I separate these wafflesare good if you’re gonna make wafflesfollow the waffle recipe on the hmm ofbuttermilk box with the oil it’s betterlike that this is a complete box butwith that oil I don’t know what it doesbut it’s really good mm-hmm aren’t youguys well thanks for watching my cookingvideo and cooking with me be sure to hitthe thumbs up button down below if youlike this video or the recipe like Isaid go check China white out let herknow I sent you as well as subscribe ifyou’re a newbie to my channel I love todo cooking videos and cook with me allthe time and I’m gonna be recording somemore contents and I actually have abunch of stuff coming so definitely staytuned and if you want to see the blogportion of today also stay tuned forthat tomorrow see you guys then bye bye[Music]

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