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How To Make Yummy Belgium Waffles… Kids Cooking waffles

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Video Transcription

[Music]so four teaspoons of baking powder twocups of milk 3 eggs and our dryingredients we’re gonna add three cupsof flourand article[Music][Music]we added our floor now my sister isgonna add the baking soda four teaspoons[Music]and I guess we cannot oh okay our bakingsoda four teaspoons is done now is thatone now we need to add one cup of sugarnow we’re gonna start one story you’vegot to combine them all togethercombined them all togetheroh nothing left over now we haveseparated our egg yolks and our eggwhites now we’re going to beat the eggwhites[Music][Music][Music][Music]those are fluffy now we’re going to addthree medians to our egg yolks so she’smy sister she’s gonna butter turn meltedbutternow we’re gonna be duct[Music]we have now we offer our flower runcollecting ingredients we have flourbrown sugar and baking soda in in ouregg yolk we have egg yolk of vanillaessenceno and also butter melted butter andover here we have just normal egg eggwhite and now what we’re gonna do itwe’re gonna mix put a little bit instantyeah be careful okay okayadd the cool stuff there are the remixthem this is a little hard so I’m gonnamix it a little[Music]to the middlehave a booster go to the site yeahwe made our butter for our waffles we’regonna let it set about for half an hourwe have three toppings for our waffle wehave a banana kiwi yuiand strawberry now we’re gonna greaseour waffle maker with butter so thatwhen we add the batter it doesn’t stickwe’re using a brush now you have toresit everywhere now we’re gonna add ourbatterour waffles are ready to eat[Music]now we made our waffles our toppings arebanana strawberries Kiwi young whippingcream and Nutella I hope you guys likedit I hope you guys try it it is reallygood we’re wrapping up the back I’mtired because I fasted it’s from thedance rat bastardmy son was feeling a little and I’m alittle tiredwe’re wrapping up the blog I hope youhave a great day like our crazysubscribe share like I’m the newtreatises on by

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