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The Easiest Way To Make Homemade Marshmallows

No marshmallow will ever compare to that of a homemade marshmallow. Good thing making marshmallows really only takes about 20 minutes of active time. The rest is just waiting for them to set. Then you’re left with the best insanely fluffy, silky sweet marshmallows that toast better than ever.

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Ingredients you’ll need:
Dusting mixture:
1:1 potato starch/Powdered sugar

Gelatin bloom:
1/2 cup 120ml water
3 envelopes (22g) powdered gelatin
flavor extracts like rose water *optional*

Sugar Syrup:
1.5 cups (330g)sugar
1.25 cups (385g) light corn syrup
1/2 cup (120ml) water
small pinch salt
2 teaspoons (5g) vanilla extract

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Video Transcription

oh you still fire marshmallows oh youguys know how I feel about that allright I think we should work on that andI’d like to help you[Music]so we’re making marshmallows let’s firstaddress this which is the number onequestion that we’re gonna get which iswhy why make more well two things theyare unbelievably easy to make secondthing is that you have complete andtotal control over the marshmallow youcan flavor it however you want you wantrosewater and blueberry marshmallows youyou do it you want salsa flavoredmarshmallows sure go ahead yes I wouldjudge you for it but it doesn’t matterbecause you can do it all so the thirdthing is the texture is just a milliontimes better anyway I’m not gonna tryand sell you on if you don’t wanna makeit then I don’t care but with that saidlet’s make this shall we alright so yougonna serve a greasy a nine by nine inchbaking pan with a neutral flavored oiland then you’re gonna dust it with amixture of half potato starch and halfpowdered sugar so one cup one cup that’sthat’s what this is whisk it togetherand you dust it’s simple and just makesure that you coat every square inch ofthis thing don’t miss a spot orotherwise it’s gonna stick there andthat’s no good I don’t know why I don’tknow I did that now on the ball ofStanwix you’re gonna add a half a cup or120 milliliters of water and anythingthat’s 2 teaspoons or less of a flavorextractive like rose water you can addthat here with the exception of vanillaextract then you’re gonna sprinkle ontop three envelopes are 22 grams ofpowdered gelatin give that a little mixand then just let that sit then in amedium sized pot you’re gonna add oneand a half cups our 330 grams ofgranulated sugar 1 and a quarter cup or385 grams of light corn syrup I know alot of people have problems with thislook if you don’t want to use it thereare other things you can use a lot ofdifferent sugar syrups will work I’veheard people use maple syrup just fineso you know test at your own risk half acup or 120 milliliters of water alsodon’t forget a tiny little pinch of saltgive it a little mix and then set thatover medium-high heat and bring that toa light boil don’t boil it too hardunless you want to go to foam city nowonce the search slightly boiling do notstir it again you could end up gettingthe sugar to crystallize which is notgood and you’re just going to let thatboil until it reaches 240 degreesFahrenheit or 115 degrees Celsius 5 to 6minutes immediately remove from the heatlet those bubbles subside a little andthen with your stand mixer set up withthe whisk attachment you’re gonna startwhisking that gelatin on there it’ll bea little bit hard and sort of like breakup a little bit which is totally fineand you’re gonna slowly steadily streamin your sugar syrup down the side of thebowl and into the mixer as it’s mixingon low speedmake sure theyou’re streaming this down the side ofthe bowl don’t actually like pour itdirectly in the mixture graduallyincrease the speed all the way up tohigh once you get to the high speedyou’re just gonna keep graduallystreaming in that syrup along inside ofthe bowl until all the surface added andyou’re just gonna keep whisking it forabout five minutes or until it’s supervoluminous white and thick that that isthis all right you’ll notice the rightconsistency when it pulls super thickribbons like this now it’s pretty muchdone but before you pull it off go aheadand beat in two teaspoons or five gramsof vanilla extract if you want to I Iwould recommend it not a little alarmyou so don’t get all flippy tippy when Isay this big you don’t wanna workquickly because it’s gonna start to setthe longer you wait so immediatelydeliver in the stand mixer and pour allthe contents into your prepared bakingpan once all that’s added lightly dampenyour hands and just kind of you knowspread it out the sides and smooth outthe top make it look nice just a littlemarshmallow party you know and wellthat’s actually it now all you gotta dois just leave it out on the counter atroom temperature fully exposed don’tcover it or anything for about 12 hoursyou know overnight and Wowlook at that just like magic it’s thenext day so the next day once it’s niceand set powder the top again with that50/50 potato starch and powdered sugarbut I don’t know what I’m saying rightnow just a cutting board with that andthen you’re gonna carefully sort ofprivacy away we’re using a spatula andyou should be able to pick it up out ofthere relatively easy there might be alittle bit of sticking but it shouldcome out nicely if you dusted itcorrectly in the beginning place it onyour board and then a portion justlightly spray a knife with oil and thenpowder it again with that powder mixtureand cut it into squares as big or assmall as you want this is gonna makeabout anywhere between 32 to 64 squaresdepending on how you cut it so that’sthat’s a lot once you’re done cuttingthem sprinkle them with some more thatstarch make sure toss toss toss makesure all the cut sides are coated wedon’t want any sticky bits you need tocoat these really well on that and thenafter that well take your done you mademarshmallows you can store them in anairtight container for weeks I’ve heardeven months you know what to do withmarshmallows toast them put them in somehot chocolate put them in some hotchocolate and toast them you know youget the idea s’mores you can do anythingthe world is your marshmallow okay butdo you want to know what else is yourmarshmallowpeople[Music]right guys and that is itso marshmallows are here I don’t haveanything else to say about them but I dohave to say out I don’t know if younoticed that I have I got a new knife Iused it on the marshmallows the firsttime I used my brand new knife beautifulvegetable to julienne no no no yeahlet’s look let’s look at it I’m gonna goget it okay I don’t know how well youguys can see this but look at that Imean come on now that’s somethingspecial holding this in the air in myface is making me nervous so yeah I haveI have a problem I don’t know where theline is between hoarding and collectingwith knives got a lot of stuff comingthe websites going live soon I’m talkingto someone that’s really freakingamazing that you know you guys know andyou guys have talked about a lot andspeculate all you want but you’ll neverfigure it out till you see it so butanyway with that said if you enjoyedthis video where you learn something toleave a like subscribe and I will seeyou next time[Music]

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