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How To Make Classic Shrimp Tempura At Home

Making homemade shrimp tempura doesn’t require a lot of fancy ingredients or gadgets. Just some good shrimp, some water, some flour, some oil, and that’s pretty much it. This is going to show you both how to prepare your shrimp tempura, how to make tempura batter, and how to fry them for extra crispiness.

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Ingredients you’ll need:
Tempura batter-
1 cup (150g) all purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup (236ml) cold carbonated water
2-4 ice cubes
1 egg

Tempura Sauce-
1 cup (236ml) water
2 – 3inch pieces kombu (5g)
1/2 cup (5g) bonito flakes
1/4cup (60ml) soy sauce
1/4 cup (60ml) mirin

optionally grate daikon into the tempura sauce

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Video Transcription

everybody has that one food that theycould eat their weight in personally forme it’s um it’s a lot of things but onein particular is this[Music]okay so tempura shrimp most of youshould have a rough idea of what this isarguably the best way to have a friedshrimp to eat a shrimp a scram this isdelicious no matter how you eat it youknow you can fry it up season it andjust shove it in your mouthsafely safely and just eat it like thatand it’s great lord if you have somesushi-making skills you can roll it upin a roll and have one of those doggyrolls that doesn’t sound right shaggydogyeah it’s not not a traditional roll byany means as far as I know okay I’m notgonna lie it tastes good there’s notmuch else to say let’s just make thisthing shall we okay so first thing youneed to do is make your tempura batterstart off by cracking one whole egg intoa medium-sized bowl just give that anice little whisk until it’s broken upand homogenized then wall whiskingstream in 1 cup or 236 milliliters ofcold carbonated water that’s rightcarbonated water I’m not sure that thisis hyper traditional but it does give ita nice lightness to the fry then just tokeep the batter cold go ahead and dropin three to four ice cubes you need yourbatter ice-cold next you’re gonna add aquarter teaspoon or 1 gram of bakingsoda – 1 cup or 150 grams of all-purposeflour give that a nice little mix untileverything is evenly incorporated thensift your flour mixture directly intoyour egg mixture you know and be sure tomake a little mess like this – reallynicenow using chopsticks mix all this justuntil it starts to come together thereshould be a little lumpiness to themixture you don’t want to over mix thisby trying to hydrate all the flour oryou’ll overwork the gluten and totallyruin the way that it fries so that’sreally important here it should dripfrom your hands almost like heavy creamso if it doesn’t then you could alwaysjust add another quarter cup or 60milliliters of carbonated water that’scold by the way so next you’re gonnaneed some shrimp now the first thing isthey need to be peeled and deveined youcan absolutely have your fishmonger dothis for you or you can do it yourselfit’s very very easy now this is actuallynot a normal crimp this is a tiger prawnwhich is technically different but alsopretty similar in terms of flavor nowusually I would cut a line down the topof them to pull the vein out but itlooks like the fishmonger had alreadydone that here so I went ahead and justpulled the vein out and then grabbed theshell and literally peel it right off itit is that easy you’ll then use the backpart of your knife just to lightlyscrape the tail piece of each shrimpjust to get a little bit of that dirtout of there if there is any of courseokay so now here’s our issue most shrimpare well naturally curved and when theyfry they curve even more now most shrimptempura is straight so the first thingwe need to do is just make tiny tinylittle scores along the length of theunderbelly of the shrimp really reallyreally light scores don’t go too deepsome of these scores are actually alittle deep on this in this shot butyou’re then gonna be the same thing onboth sides of each shrimp now make surethese are extra extra life you’re reallyjust doing this to remove the tightnessof the shrimp that way it sort of flowsa little better in the direction thatyou want it to and you can just lightlysqueeze it and just ever so gently pullit apart and it should have long gateand straighten out nicely think of itmore like massaging it and gentlywilling it in the direction that youwant it to go you do not want to tearthis thing and break it apartwhat’s your done er should be nice andflat and well kind of limp unlike thisguy over here now once you’ve done thatwith all your shrimp you’re ready to frystart by filling a medium-sizedheavy-bottomed pot a little abovehalfway which should be about threeinches worth of oil so make sure thatyour pot is big enough to accommodateall that you don’t want it to overflowor anything like that because that’s bigdanger then insert a fry oil or candythermometer into your oil just so thatwe can monitor the temperature youreally need to keep an eye on thatthere’ll be a link below in thedescription for what I use then justheated oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit or175 degrees Celsius once your oil isthat temperature dredge your shrimp andall-purpose flour and then dip it in thebatter making sure it gets totallycovered then lower the shrimp slowly andgently into the hot oil while makingsort of a gentle swirl motion at thesame time this helps keep the shrimpnice and straight so don’t skip that nowwe could just fry it like this but we’realso gonna add some extra crispy nasailearn on dominant hand into batter andthen allowing the batter to drip fromour hand and onto the shrimp as weslowly rotate the shrimp to coat itevenly around its surface this techniquemakes a huge difference in the finalChris penis of the tempura so it’ll takesome practice but I promise you it’sworth it and don’t forget to clean outthe tempura flakes in your oil you don’twant it to become overcrowded with allthat stuff and I’d also recommend usinga stock skimmer rather than this spiderit didn’t do a very good job then justkeep repeating that process until you’veread all of your shrimp now you know ofcourse you can fry two to three shrimpif you feel comfortable doing that but Iwould recommend starting with one andthen as they finish frying place them ona wire rack fitted on a baking sheetjust to allow them to cool a little bitand then if you’re serving them with adipping sauce then I like to just seasonthem with a little bit ofand togarashi and then serve them withthe dipping sauce now to make thattempura sauce you’re gonna pour one cupor 236 milliliters of water in a smallsauce pot two pieces of kombu aboutthree inches each or five grams thenjust bring that up to a steamy heat donot allow this to come to a boil just tosteamy heat almost like a tea and let itsit at that steamy heat for 12 minutesonce the 12 minutes is up you can goahead and remove and discard the kombuand then to that sort of kombu teayou’re gonna add half a cup or 5 gramsof bonito flakes so we’re sort of makinglike a light dashi here then keep thatin a steamy heat as proven by my glasseshere for another eight minutes then juststrain it through a mesh strainer besure to press out all the liquid thatmight be trapped in between all thebonito flakes then to that you’ll add aquarter cup or 60 milliliters of soysauce and a quarter cup or 60milliliters of mirin then just give thata little mix and you’ve got tempurasauce that’s it now traditionally thiswould be served hot with a little bit ofgrated daikon in it so you canabsolutely do that if you want and alsoyou can totally make this stuff wayahead of time you can make this up tothree days ahead of time and that’s itshrimp tempura all the ingredients thatyou might not know will be linked in mydescription and yes I did double dip youknow what I’m really gonna double dipthe b-roll[Music]alright guys and that is it I mean likewhat do you want me to say it’s friedtrip it’s it’s gonna be good it even ifit’s not perfect it’s still gonna bereally tasty so who doesn’t like friedtrim unless you want those people thatdoesn’t like shrimp it’s fineI’m not judging you just close your eyesbut don’t forget to smash that likebutton that felt that felt gross don’tforget to keep DMing me and sending mewhat kind of things you want to see onfermentation Friday on Instagram whichby the way the links to my TwitterInstagram all that jazz is gonna be downbelow in the description really beenappreciating what you guys have beensending there’s a lot of ideas that Iwant to do but again your input is muchappreciated but with all that said ifyou enjoyed this video or you learnedsomething leave a like subscribe and Iwill see you next time[Music]

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  2. I was a subscriber of yours since 50k and my first thoughts were “why is your channel soooo underrated and not on trending?” Happy to see that you are about get 250k subs.

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  5. @Joshua Weissman- Pro Tip: Save that Kombu, dry it off and deep fry it for about 45-60 seconds. You’ll end up with a garnish that is as tasty as the tempura.

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