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How To Make Waffles – The Hawkins Way 🤣

Did he not nail that “Hi, guys!”? You know what to do… like, comment and subscribe. 🤣

Hawkins is 6 and he wants a YouTube channel because he always sees mom going live on Instagram and wants to do videos. 🤣

This is him showing everyone how to make waffles.

Are you even a YouTuber if you don’t drop the names of the products you use in the description box? 👇

👉Waffles: Kellog’s Homestyle Eggo #LeggoMyEggo
👉Syrup: Hungry Jack Original
🔗Follow mom on IG: Instagram.com/___love.liv___
🔗and on TikTok {where I have no idea what I’m doing}: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJQrJ12F/
🔗Snapchat {also have no idea what I’m doing}: @livandcompany
🔗Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/liv.hood.965
Enjoy! 🤣

Original of the video here

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