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Fried Chicken and Waffles the EASY way!

How to make delicious buttermilk fried Chicken and waffles at home.

each ingredient was 1 tablespoon unless otherwise stated.

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Video Transcription

hello everyone and welcome back toanother episode as don’t keep up withthe German cities it should grow acrystal and we’re in the kitchen so youalready know that means it’s time foranother cooking video a cooking withcrystal like that way step one likecomment and subscribe to our channel soyou can stay up on our these amazingdishes I’m whipping up for y’all okayso the first thing that we’re gonna dowhen we’re making this buttermilk friedchicken is we’re going to ask or it Ihave the eyes and what caught it legsbecause leg quarters with ourself so Ijust bought dogs and then I cut them upso at this boring it way I’m gonna lieon mine eyes a little taller but then Iwas like so I’m actually just pokingholes to kind of finish not all the waythrough so I can still get that idea ofscoring your attention to sing I’m andnot too manylike that I did two to three on eachchicken and then I’m gonna put my chininto the bowl like and I watch much youcan make sure that you watch the chickenthat’s I’m crazyand I’m gonna start enemy needsdelicious alright and once you put yourchicken in a bowl start adding yourdelicious seasoningsI’m gonna be starting with some chilipowder sprinkle that all over garlicpowderpochi seasoning pink Himalayan sea saltblack pepper obey in onion powder nowI’m gonna take this and I’m gonna mix itup so that gets all over the chickenwe’re going to get our buttermilk thenwe are going to cover the chicken withthe buttermilkI’m not doing a measurement for thisbecause you just want to make sure basedon how much chicken you’re cooking youdo enough to make sure it’s nice andwell covered and coated okay add somedill and I’m gonna justwell this fresh dill on top[Music]the last thing that we’re going to do iswe’re going to cover this all up andwe’re going to put it into therefrigerator for one to five hours okayum if you could do 24 hours maybe ifyou’re making this ahead of time theyneed to do 24 hours I’m making thischicken for tonight so I’m only gonna doone to five dollars okay so I’m gonnacover this with some saran wrap okayeveryone so now I’m gonna go ahead andI’m gonna make our little dredge so youwant to start with two cups of flour I’mgonna add in a tablespoon of paprika atablespoon of onion powder a tablespoonof Tony’s a three a tablespoon of seasalt a tablespoon of baking powder and1/2 a teaspoon of sage now once I havethat all together I’m going to mix it upI already have my egg wash here itconsists of three egg and about aquarter of a cup of waterall righty so now I’m gonna get mychicken that I just took out of thefridge I’m going to take it from thesilken buttermilk into the flour coverit dredge itand then I’m gonna go from the flourmixture into the egg wash mixture andthen from the egg wash mixture back oncemore into the flour mixture and thenfrom the flour mixture it will go intothe oil so you can go ahead and you canjudge all of your chicken pieces so thatthey can get ready suckle into the oilall righty and the last step is going tobe to fry our chicken you want to fry itfor eight to ten minutes[Music]making sure that you leave plenty ofroom in the pot are you going to befried egg on 304 degreesall righty so now we’re gonna move on toour waffle making situation I’m notgonna do anything too special with thewaffles I’m actually using an AuntJemima mix as my base what you see hereis actually a cup of Aunt Jemima pancakeand waffle mix the buttermilk oneyes mr. Hanson okay hold on okay so add1/4 cup of additional buttermilk 1 egg atablespoon of melted butter and I’mgoing to give that a nice stir if thereare lumps in your batter like I have inmind totally fine it’s gonna make sureit’s fluffy after you spray your waffleiron with Pam go ahead and pour on yourwaffle mixmake sure running outwell and then close you’re welcome okayeverybody now that our waffles and ourchicken iodine’s to the finishing stepsif you know me you already know I’mputting honey sriracha on this that’sgonna make it pop even more and then I’mgonna go ahead and I’m gonna drizzle mywaffles with some warm syrup Oh gonna beamazing and that’s pretty much all it isto it you guyschicken and waffles made easy becausewho’s not a cook gonna be so harddon’t forget to Like comment andsubscribe if you want to know more aboutmy honey sriracha ratios check out myhoney sriracha rib video yeah I’d beplaying honey sriracha on everything butagain don’t forget to Like comment andsubscribeand deep down which girl get down onetime put get down but know plentybusiness I already know I’m happilymarried with two children and don’tforget don’t keep up with the Joneses[Music]

6 Replies to “Fried Chicken and Waffles the EASY way!

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  2. Hey Chrystle, that looks delicious. You’ve never cooked Christie and I some. I look forward to some when we visit next time since it’s so EASY

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