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How to make waffles. Sorry for my annoying sister interrupting the video

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Video Transcription

how to make waffles sorry for the
washing machine be going note the dairy
side when it’s just a laugh you somebody
have learned in sex this is going to be
out to make welcome baby step one get
the toaster off if you have one it’s an
electric plug-in step two put the
toaster near an outlet that way you can
make your waffles my junk family things
that wrapping it forward on something
it’s easy
inconvenience but yet my thumb family
just things that I think coordinate
Tuesday like it it and then you have
this step down here making it how to
make a waffle Fitness first of all you
don’t beat the freezer open didn’t mean
to interrupt
that’s the next step
stop interrupting how do you like it
step three if you need to toast it easy
thank you step did you push that down
there till it pops up what dimension to
get it
not to mention yes you get a paper towel
and there’s my cat named cured nicknames
and Martha and yes there’s my very
annoying sister standing there and we
just wait for these to pop up
you know you just scare me when they pop
it up not to mention my fingers
your bag so sad
too bad I can’t pop them I said socks no
that’s just it go
excuse me and the Ling you need to get
my office on the plate stop looking
then I want to see her I suppose it
makes sure they’re on the plate before
you take it back to your seat
you gonna put butter on them get a cup
of butter I had this thing on the paper
towel even though the camera’s not gonna
be all right
and they’re always doing ladies like you
put on top of it then you just say
just yet he’s pretty nice let’s go grab
night spread the butter and I don’t have
stir so I got to eat buttered waffles
tortoise X all right a little murder –
sitting at the back door well yeah it
goes see the butters on the first waffle
I guess it needs more butter than I love
butter so much I could eat a whole stick
of it
and it goes the butter again yeah I see
it butter on here
unfortunately it’s not my budget that’s
named tinkle bird but if I would have a
second name nickname for my cat
here’s neighbor be tickled cat not to
mention you know get put that bottle
back here so that way this waffle can be
in the camera so you do the same thing
with this but lock the butter on it
it is Tuesday August 12th
or maybe yesterday was it 12 I forget
what they would or knows in the Monday
sorry it’s Monday Monday that’s well
same thing to put butter on the waffle
I’m just gonna add a little bit more to
it since I love butter
and this butter loves to run away
all right in the bottom
next thing we do is close that
okay let’s take this back in the
it’s going to go right there I have to
hide it so that mr. skinsky doesn’t find
it not to mention he’s not a very nice
teacher and they put your nice menacing
and they would recommend getting the
periodical put your plate on top of
you are good at you be getting off it’s
done for something under yeah yeah
something under your plate like a paper
towel and now you’re ready to eat so
anyway I hope you enjoyed

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