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how to make waffles

funn experience making waffles try this at home yumm.

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel butwait before you get started big thingsof that subscribe down below well todayum I’m gonna be showing you how to makeknow how to make because I’m pretty surepeople like you know how to make waffleshonestly it’s so easy I’m gonna show youhow I make okay well now let’s startshoo okay let’s start doing this firstof all what you won’t like to do is getyour toaster stay on this[Music]I’m a mentions in the right place pinkinspirationbadda-bing badda-boom let’s wait fast orjust how much you wait wait let me getupwell that is a waitingdon’t we get wait ha why don’t we getplates okay again these place a platenow you see that back there a fridge youvery sure you want that I don’t think soso I’m gonna get good[Music]smelling guys don’t move you see thesmoke coming smell that’s over let’s sofirst what we wanna do is open I wash Iopened it too much don’t open it toomuchlook how much I love – okay that’s goodpour that was a cool sensation ofyourselfnow this one’s turngreat great then I think these leftoversjust are before methere’s a bit I think that install forthem my girls if you put these on thewaffles some people but then they aregood answers no that’s a bad thing inthe world huh everyone just can’t holdtheir shoulder if I put this on onewaffle because I never taste your womenthis one I’m gonna leave it alone but Ilike it there’s a taste a middle link itright here I think these are album orsomething new I’m gonna love those goesto our table of camera plate difficultlevel okay nice meal this wayand well well that’s our further videothank you for watching I’ll see you nextvideo peace boom

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