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How to Make Low Carb Keto Waffles

Science-Fiction & Fantasy Author Carolynne Raymond makes an easy low car keto waffle using a waffle iron

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Video Transcription

hello today I’ll be showing you how tomake blue crab keto waffles this wouldbe one of Kyle’s favorite recipes he isa character in both my novels a lifecycle reborn and a life again this isthe recipe I use to make my waffles hereare my ingredients I use 2 eggs 2 ouncesof cream cheese 2 to 4 tablespoons ofalmond flour I go with 2 1 tbsp of monkfruit so this is a substituteit looks like sugar 1 tablespoon ofmelted butter 1/2 a teaspoon of bakingpowder this is the waffle iron that Iuse and I set it to 4 and now I justhave to take my my batter that I madeand pour it into the topand then now we just have to wait a fewminutes for this thing to cook and thenit’ll beep once it’s done the waffle isdone I’ve unplugged the the machine sonow I just have to open it and I justkind of have to tilt it a little bit I’mjust gonna transfer it over to the plateso I just let this sit on my counter tobowl it’s really hard and there’s thefinished product for those of youfollowing keto this is the maple syrupthat you can use for your water for me Idon’t I’m not strict on keto so I justuse this stuff here okay with my lowcarbketo waffle it turned out a golden brownI put a little bit of maple syrup andbutter on it and the taste test and Isaid I knew it would be because I’ve hadthis several times it tastes like awaffle to me it’s a little bit more inhere because it’s made with two eggs umthe almond flour isn’t too overbearingit tastes like a normal waffle but thisone’s keto and there you have it that’sit

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