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How to make the best GF Belgian | Liege Waffles for Mother’s Day – GLUTEN FREE

How to make the best Belgian or Liege Waffles for Mother’s Day. Not only do they taste awesome the are GF GLUTEN FREE ! From scratch, yummy, rich, with pearl sugar ( and instructions on how to make pearl sugar from scratch), and real whipped cream from scratch! Not to be missed. Treat mom to the best Liege waffle she will ever have on Mother’s Day ! A treat for the whole family!

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Easy Gluten Free Waffles Recipe (Dairy Free Option)
Gluten free Belgian waffles are not only easy to make, but they are utterly delicious

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Video Transcription

today I want to make breakfast in bedfor my phenomenal bride she’s just awonderful mother and she deserves onlythe best one little problem though shesleeps like a log she’s like a littleangel when she sleeps nothing wakes herup honey sweetheart baby I made youbreakfast in bed happy Mother’s DayI made Belgian waffles for youI knew this was gonna happen honey[Music]hey friends thank you for tuning in tothis channel I’m man I love the stupidthing on you know I’d leave it onbecause when I go out into the public ifI don’t have it on I gotta drive backhome grab my mask you know they won’tlet you into stores without this duringthis epidemic at least in New York StateI gotta tell you having this thing onI’m kind of used to it there really isnothing in this world that brings memore pleasure or joy than to smell myown breath for hours on end I mean thatwhat satisfaction that brings I reallywish that Bob Ross was alive during thiscorona epidemic well now when you hadthe public in you you got your littlemask on it’s okayyou’re staying safe and you got to get alittle green spearmint left over fromthe toothpaste in the morning and someburnt sienna from that coffee had alittle earlier maybe maybe a little mixof garlic from the spaghetti advilunguent just breathe it all in look ifyou’re tuning in to this channel for thefirst time my name is Georgie and eresI’m a chef of 35 years a restaurateur of25 years and what this channel is allabout is learning how to save money eatsee and cook like a pro if you like whatyou see please hit that subscribe buttonit’s free and it really helps me out alot and each week you’ll get anotification about one of the recipesthat I put out usually on Saturday todaywe’re gonna make leash waffles not to beconfused with Belgian waffles becauseBelgian waffles can be just regular oldwaffles made in a Belgian waffle makerLiege waffles those are the real dealthose are the waffles that you have whenyou ski across this country in 90% ofthe ski resorts have little Belgianwaffle Hut’s and they’re dense they’rerich they’re yeasty they have awonderful scent and texture and todaywe’re gonna attempt to make these glutenfree now the texture won’t be the samebecause there just isn’t enoughelasticity in non gluten flour to giveit that density that a regular flourwould give to that leisure waffle but myson’s tried them when I made the testbatch and they said dad if you own thelittle waffle hut and this was what youoffered as a gluten-free option it wouldkill it’s the most delicious waffleyou’ve ever made the most deliciouswaffle we’ve ever had in our lives nowif you decide that you don’t want to goballoon free and you want to make itregular just go to the website downloadthe recipe take out the whole glutenfree section and just add two cups ofregular quality organic flour and you’llhave the best Liege waffle you’ve everhad in your life so first we’re gonnastart with 1/3 of a cup of this milkthat has been preheated to no more thana hundred and three degrees and to thatwe are going to add 7 grams of activatedyeast 1 tablespoon and roughly half atablespoon of organic cane sugar andthen to that we’re gonna add just aneighth of a teaspoon or a pinch of saltwe want to whisk that all togethermaking sure that the sugar is completelydissolved into the milk and that theyeast is fully wet we want to melt twosticks of butter but we don’t want tomelt it so that it gets excessively hotbecause when we add it to our mixturelater it may kill that yeast there’sthree ways to get pearl sugar and it’s akey ingredient in these waffles you havetohave it you can buy it from Amazon I’venever found it organic you can takecubes of sugar and crush them up tillthey’re about the size of the Pearlsugar and that’s the easiest way or youcan make it yourself and that’s reallythe hardest way you take a cup and thisis a really really really crucial recipeyou have to make it exact you take a cupand a half of organic cane sugar kind offlatten that out in the pan to thatsugar you want to add exactly twotablespoons of cold water and you needto mix this up while you mix it up putyour flame on the lowest setting that ithas you want to make sure that all ofthe sugar is covered with the waterequally if you see that there’s notenough water you only add a halfteaspoon at a time because otherwiseit’ll become a syrup and basically whatyou’re doing is creating these sugarclumps you want to kind of keep themsmall not too large and you want todehydrate the water from the sugarthat’s kind of where you’re at let itdehydrate it’s gonna take about a halfan hour or so before the water starts toevaporate but that’s what you’re lookingfor you’re looking for little rockswhile our sugar is dehydrating we’regonna start adding our dry ingredientsthis flour is Bob’s Red Mill one to oneyou start with one full cup and a halfwe’re gonna use expand X which is amodified tapioca starch to that we’regonna add 1/2 a cup now we’re gonna add2 teaspoons of psyllium husks to this onthe lowest setting we want to mix inthese ingredients together now you wantto create a well in the middle of yourflour mixture after about 15 or 20minutes the yeast will start to beactivated and you’re just gonna add thatinto that well the yeast water mixturewill incorporate itself into the flourmixture and when it starts to lookpretty uniform then you could turn itturn it up to a mediumspeed break one egg in at a time I’musing extra-large eggs because it needsthe moisture and it’s gonna get thatfrom the egg whites once the first eggis completely incorporated into the mixadd a second egg once the second egg iscompletely incorporated into the mix adda third egg I would let this whip on itsown probably for a good solid five orsix minutes so I’ve waited about tenminutes giving it a little bit of abreak and now we’re gonna incorporateour melted butter to this which is nomore than 103 degrees and then justslowly add it to the mix put a littlebit give it a chance to incorporateitself into the mix and then add somemore go a little fasterwhat you should wind up with is a veryloose batch of mixture that’s almost thetexture of peanut butter once it’scovered with a towel you’re gonna needit to rest and it’s gonna double in sizeand that’s gonna take about an hourwhich will give you plenty of time foryour pearl sugar to come to roomtemperature do not touch the pearl sugaror move it from the pan until the panitself is at room temperature to one cupof organic heavy cream and please useorganic heavy cream you’re gonna add aquarter teaspoon of vanilla extractyou’re gonna want to add a quarter cupof powdered sugar to it and on Amazonthey sell powdered sugar that iscornstarch free if you’re not into usingcorn you can give that one a go whirl Ithink it’s pretty good and you want toblend this thoroughly till it’s reallyreally rich and thick so our waffle mixhas doubled in size and it’s at thispoint that we’re gonna put our doughhook on our food processor and to thismix we’re going to add one teaspoon ofvanilla extract and up to three-quartersof a teaspoon of cinnamon when it allgoes well your pearl sugar will becrumbly like this and when it’s coldthat’s when you want to take some andyou want to use like a slotted spoonbecause you don’t want to get theshavings in it you’re gonna use about acup of pearl sugar and add it to yourblenderfinish folding by hand now from this mixthat we made you’re gonna get eight toten waffles you’re gonna want to portionthem off into two inch bowls because youdon’t want them to be too big they’reincredibly rich close the lid count tofiveflip it over now on this waffle iron Ihave it set to six which is the maximumbut you really don’t want the waffle tocook more than two and a half minutesotherwise it’s gonna burn especiallybecause it’s so rich in that pearl sugarthey have it the ultimate leisure waffletruly a awesome Mother’s Day present thewhole family will love it go to mywebsite print out the recipe give this atry it’s worth the effort thank you somuch for watching[Music]

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  1. This is truly one of the best waffle recipes out there. A real crowd-pleaser and it DOES NOT have to be Gluten Free! Check it and leave a comment down below.

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