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Rainbow Waffles Recipe for Kids | Watch the Mess We Make!

This super easy recipe gets MESSY once Mommy gets a hold of the waffle maker and food coloring. But Yummy Luna saves the day yet again with her infectious positivity and winning smile!

Try this recipe at home and see how it turns out! Follow @yummylunasweets on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes fun in our stories! Thanks for watching!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Applause]never going to do[Applause][Music]and I don’t really like coronavirusgoing on so what are you doing toprotect yourself uncle Homer I stay homeand and I do not want to stay homeallowing to be going on to play okay sotell me what it looks like when youprotect yourself in Corona how do you dothat oh I just me damn it why don’tbegin do I lookyep and if you do go out what are yousupposed to do if you go out is thereanything you wear yes only the eightwear a mask and I don’t like when youwear masks you would gladly space so Ican’t get my germs on[Music]last time she[Music]I can’t remember I can’t remember butyou definitely used it before but it’scool covering so yep got some food dyeyou got[Music][Music]very good in your mommy or daddy mommyis going to pour the batter into thewaffle maker and now we are gonna getyour batter into the waffle makeroops I feel – yes okay so glad you couldtalk while I do this so mommy is puttingtwo meanwhile the batter inside thewaffle maker and every it’s the onegetting hotguys watch this[Music]a feud is harder than it looksOh mommy is putting in the fluid dice sogames are delicious you didn’t have tolike fill it up I thought it needed tobe filled uh I don’t know no that’s whythe paper look like a pizza Laniavailable people sell yummythat looks cool and now the foodcoloringmommy is doing a such a great job yeah Ilove it when she’s what she’s creatingsomebody live cuteuncle I’m gonna love you once it’s donemm-hmm I’m gonna love me once it’s done[Music]but God don’t let it get burned yourlabel waffles again bornyou’re never gonna like it again I’mnever gonna make it again nope nopedon’t be using it too muchdon’t be cooking don’t cook it for toomuch or hmm I’m gonna get another to[Music]burn gonna make it some to add somedecorations so cute total so wonderful[Music]it’s beautiful it’s ready I’m so readythis thing is gonna stick I didn’t so himy vibrating lips sobered up and allthis coming underneathwe’re gonna make another one it’s gonnabe better and lobbies in it and anddon’t make it so high this time okay[Music]Spray[Music]when one circle right now or what[Music][Music]yeah dudethey shoot bubbles and let’s bottle ofit it’s super cool when you do it thecool down I wafflesnicotine is perfect and 50 boom I’mgonna throw your watery you see -[Music]are you shaking hard[Music]well this is the end of my cham channelbooks these poor we’re gonna eat itwe’re complete you didn’t see how theseguys okay so tell me what happened thedifference between the first one in thesecond one okay so there you are gonnataste it yeah taste it and tell me howit tastes[Music]you little creep I just buy it buy likea pizza[Music][Music]if you like it get this the bigsubscribe button[Music]you

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