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How To Make Honey Pecan Pumpkin Spice Belgian Waffles

How To Make Honey Pecan Pumpkin Spice Belgian Waffles.

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Video Transcription

the error was whipping everybody thankyou for tuning in to this episode of inthe kitchen with my neighbor twigsI’m your host Rob Wiggs it’s a beautifulmorning the best time but again autumnfall season is here leaves are colorfulthey’re fallen and for those folks whodon’t like the cut grass the grass isdying well let’s get to it on thisepisode of women different wigs we aregoing to be whipping up some honey pecanpumpkin spice Belgian waffles you’reready I can’t waitthat’s for me with me for the waffleswe’re going to need[Music][Music]if you feel that your batter is toothick you can go ahead and add a littlebit more milk to it and I feel like it’sreally nice and I think I think this isgood today yeah oh yeah looks great lookat this look at that oh yeah that’s goodmaking our honey pecan sauce rememberhoneypecans butter and salt keeping it up[Music]to put pop out top in we want to needpowdered sugar if you like with creamadd some whipped cream and yourpreference of celery I sometimes useextra virgin olive oil nonstick cookingspray but this time I actually dounsalted butter and I just rubbed it onthere it’s gonna give the waffles agreat flavorall right it’s nice and hot so it’sready and see was doing[Music]you’re we’re all done honey pecanpumpkin spice Belgian waffles you canuse your preference of Sarah whatevertype of setup you like go ahead and usethat I like to use raw organic agaveoh that’s about to go down it smells sogood you don’t need too much of thathoney pecan butter use it to yourpreference[Music]oh yeahoh man this is good look look at thetexture man the cow looks look at thecolor man oh yeah so good so Kiki’sgonna give it a try are you ready I cutit just way ahead I want you to tell myteeth[Music]that’s good that can you taste thepumpkin and the honey in the pecan andeverything I feel this good – thank youvery muchyeah I got more some whip up some foryou guys alright thank you okay I wantto get your natural reaction to this newdish that I just made this is calledhoney pecan pumpkin spice Belgianwaffles what you see in the middle thereis the butter sauce that I made it’sbasically a honey pecan butter all rightlet me know how it tastesby today we had available in a burgerall right JasonFurillo do you like it yeahno gd4 up yeah so there you go I want toget your natural reaction after you takea bite of it okay let me know what youthinkoh honey pecan pumpkin spice Belgianwafflesandyou think[Music]string up here you listen to but ithoney and pecans it’s like a honey pecanand butter it’s really good thank youfor tuning in to this episode I’ll putthe nipple wait

12 Replies to “How To Make Honey Pecan Pumpkin Spice Belgian Waffles

  1. Ohhh kinky Jason likes to slap the butter LOL loves the way he chucks it in the mixer tho ,Thank’s for the recipe Jason. x

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  5. Yummy recipe for a new Christmas tradition (or anytime). Where do I find the liquid eggnog or do we make it ourselves? Thankyou for posting from a kindred Aussie

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