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Breakfast Meal Prep – Vegan Chocolate Brownie Waffles

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Video Transcription

what up guys and welcome back to thefitting in cook kitchen for today’svideo I’ve got a special one so for thepast two months or so I have been beingtrolled by my own darn recipes one thingI love to do is cook live on IG storyand I had this idea about two months agoto make these delicious vegan wafflesand make them gluten free and every timethe recipe has just failed its stuck upto the waffle iron and it won’t actuallybake together so my last attempt Iactually put out a call on Instagram forhelp from vegans everywhere from veganenthusiasts or vegan ish peopleeverywhere to give me some feedback onwhat I can do so I went back to thedrawing board and today today is the daythat I finally cracked the code becausewhat I did was I went back to anotherbase recipe that I knew would actuallywork for a bread like type of texture abread like result and I tweaked it justa little bit to add in my own flavor tomake these chocolate and still have themto be gluten free and I did it today Idid I actually baked them and theydidn’t stick to the waffle iron so todayin the kitchen we are making somedelicious gluten-free vegan chocolatebrownie waffles and I call them browniesbecause the end result they’re prettydense like brownies they’re kind ofheavy they’ve got some you know they gotsome weight to them but when you crackthem open on the inside it’s really niceand soft and gooey almost and theoutside is almost like a nice crispyflaky crust so these are so good youcould even eat these without syrup Iknow it’s almost blasphemousto think of anyone enjoying pancakes orwaffles without syrup or fruit but I’mtelling you it’s not even needed this ishow good these waffles are so withoutfurther ado this is my third attemptbecause like they said like the sayinggoes if at first you don’t succeedisn’t that wait miss none so that’s notthe sameyou know who I felt like for a secondthere you know that clip of George Bushand fool me once shame on me before metwice shame if you pull me can’t pull meagain you’re talking about fool me onceshame on shame on youif Bhoomi can’t get fooled again letmecan’t fool me again okay alright therecipe is much better than thatintroductionalright guys that’s not further adolet’s get to itOh got a joke for you today sincesomeone’s been striking out with withsome of the trivia so today’s questionis super easy this is a super easy dadjoke for you you can tell your kids thisone all rightwhat candy is never on time[Music]you never think man you never think whenI what candy is never on timewhat kind of candy is never on timeyou don’t know choco late[Laughter]don’t you feel kinda silly from isn’tthat the entire video is about chocolatewaffles and you missed it he missed itanyway let’s go to the recipe alright weare going to put to rest can Kevin makechocolate vegan waffles right now yeswe’re gonna do this so first thing we’regonna add is some almond flour thenwe’re going to add in my favoriteingredient the one that y’all alwayslike why do you put this in everythingwe’re adding in some arrowroot powder ifyou can’t find arrowroot then you couldalso use some cassava you could use sometapioca flour and then a little bit ofchocolate this is some dark chocolatemixed with a little bit of dutchchocolate so it’s good it’s a reallynice dark color and then some bakingpowder give this a good stir and use afork just to knead out all the clumps orto sift out all the clumps alright nowwe’re going to add in the wetingredients pour in some coconut milkthen add a hint of sweetness with alittle bit of maple syrup if you want tokeep this a lot more lower-carb then youcould just use in some stevia and theraw or even some swerve this is a littlebit of apple cider vinegar this is goingto help out with theleavening process give this a good stirand you want to stir it up until it’ssuper nice and fit like waffle batterthe cool thing about vegan recipes toois you can taste as you go along the waybecause you know no meat products inthere are no animal products mmm so goodthen final two ingredients these areoptionalboth are optional I got some walnutshere just crush them up in your hand andthen just sprinkle these in gonnaprovide a nice little crunch chocolatein one that’s always a good optionthat’s what I tell myself and then somevegan chocolate chips these aresweetened with cacao so it’s not gonnaboost the sugar that much you don’t needa whole lot because again these arealready chocolate brownie waffles andthey’re gonna be amazing I know it thistime I will not fail fire up your waffleiron spray it with a little bit of oilput the top and bottom make sure itdoesn’t stick and now we’re gonna addour batter this one pop the top one herecross our fingers and let them cook forabout five minutes five four three twoand oneand okay let’s dig these bad boys on outand remember it’s not burnt there isdust process dark chocolate here andthese are super thick guys these arelike brownies oh man look at this anddon’t be alarmed because the outside iskind of tough like a brownieso you’re thinking oh no they’re dry onthe inside they’re really hard I’m gonnablow your mind okay so the moment oftruth we got to taste them they smellincredible they smell really dense andchocolaty and they’ve got some weight toit so the outside again I said it’sgonna be hard and kind of tough almostlike a brownie but watch this with theinside of itlook how gooey and moist and chewy thatis and this is just almond flour andarrowroot in that crazy almond flour andarrowroot and of course cacaomake it this chocolatey color and flavorthat’s all you needI love I you know what look at this lookat that look at that morsel of chocolateright there Jessie ma’am we did itthird time is a charm there are tons ofways to make waffles a ton of ways tomake vegan waffles I wanted to come intothe kitchen and see if I could just makeit work and I failed twice at it andkept revising the recipe each time andthen it dawned on me why not use whatI’ve already used before and what I knowEXCI works and I know that almond flourand coconut milk and arrowroot works togive a nice breaded texture a real nicebuttery texture because we use that forthe flatbread we finally made the veganwaffles that’s like the cake it is it’slike a brownie or isn’t it it’s liketough on the outside a little bit butwhen you bite into it it’s super moistand dense it’s got some weight to ityeah yeah no cilantro today but we canmake it rain some chocolate chipsalright guys that is it for today’svideo I hope that y’all really enjoyedit this iteration of gluten-free veganchocolate waffles actually works anddoes a trick these are much more likebrownies than anything else which is whyI love them even more because then Idon’t have to rely on other condimentsand then comment below if you have madegluten-free vegan waffles so we can pickyour brain and find out another way tomake this good plant strongdeliciousness if you like videos likethis guys I invite you to smash thatlike button below and do not leave thechannel without subscribing and rememberto ring that Bell ding ding ding so youcan be notified every time we post hotnew content here on the pit makerchannel alright guys thank y’all so muchfor watching until next time keep ithealthy but never ever boring Oh papi[Music][Music]

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