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Video Transcription

hi mr. Ellis today I’m gonna be makingBelgian waffles today my ingredientswill be our flour we’re gonna be usingFreeman chefs from Cole’s vegetable oilbaking powder vanilla extract somekosher salt buttermilk cream of tartarand plain flour the tools we’ll be usingis a measuring cups measuring ball andmixing bowl and a mixer the next thingyou can be adding these 2 cups ofall-purpose flour we’re gonna be puttingthem into the mixing bowl the secondstep is going to be putting some cornflour about two tablespoons into themixing bowl I haven’t helped with my dadrecord done the next thing we’re goingto be doing is putting 3/4 of atablespoon of kosher salt into themixing bowl also we’re going to beadding half a tablespoon of baking sodainto the bowl too after getting all fouringredients all you have to do is justmix well make sure there’s nothing leftseen familias the next step at the deskall you need to do is get your freerange eggs get two of them separate themfrom the yolk and the egg whites thenyeah put the yolk inside the measuringcup I’m sorry where’s your bowl and yeahthat’s it what we’ll be doing now isbasically just putting a lot ofbuttermilk about I just use this wholewhole card and you could just use twoand a half cups if you have more this isalso one type of vegetable and we’regonna be mixing this well they shared itso plump stuff like that and yeah we’regonna be putting this into the mixingbowl we’re gonna putting this with thedry mix to make sure there’s no lumpsleft over and yeah mix well[Music]after whisking all you need to do is geta cream of tartar a pinch of that andput it into the egg whites then you’llbe putting it into an extra bowl andyou’ll be watching that really good itshould look like this it should bereally cloudy – yeah and – the next stepI also forgot you need a special at thefold after this pour all of the eggwhites into the batter as you can see mymom’s recording here Dan right now Ididn’t know what to do so I gotbasically my mom to do most of the workfolding and yeah she has more experiencethan me anyway and I have a lot of workto do after this after finishing thebatter all you have to do is put into awaffle maker this will take about one totwo minutes to make I need more anotherwaffle doesn’t look too good but it’sactually a pretty decent awful to beginwith made a lot of progress we soonlearn from a mistake then we made apretty good looking back except for thistop over there the little excess yeahyeah we can we put it on top we stuck itDan yeah that’s pretty good and heavyafter this we decided to make this alittle better by putting cookies okaypop-tarts Dan I soon decorated this withsome maple syrup which actually made ita lot better and put some whipped creamand a little bit of peppera little bit a little bit

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