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Cooking With Dub #1 Cereal or Bacon, Eggs, and Waffles?

Welcome to Dub’s Kitchen where I’ll be showing y’all how to prepare and cook Dub’s daily meals!

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Video Transcription

[Music]boy you know some Buckethead on becauseyou already know ball can’t hide on cuzI’m oh well Convention was consistentYouTube channel and the most consistentYouTube channel most consistent YouTubeI know what y’all been thinking like yoit’s been so long man we would we bandywhat you can eat anyone make sure I’meating well because in the midst of allthe chaos see I’m sayin to make sure I’mstraight and I appreciate y’all I reallydo how about me checking and y’allreally haven’t been checking up on youit’s cool but don’t you worry about meworry about a burger what I’m do todaybecause you know I’m sayinwe all hungry out here everybody stuckin the house y’all want to know how toeat well and stuff like that so what I’mgonna do is show you how deep are wegonna be movie clicking wind up todaythey used to call me back in the daythey used to call me chef boy are myguard up yeah I’m saying so you knowthat that’s where that that’s whatBoyardee got the name from Boyardee gothis name from me Chef Boyardee was likeoh brother he came up to me one day helie bro that’s so cool yeah I’m sayinglike guys feel that joy that’s never Idon’t even don’t know where am I andthen why daddy came up he made a littlebit of extra done it and it’ll I kickmore butt so let’s get to itNoyou might be thinking like name we’regonna say you need to see hurry oh yeahyou have the most part but today I waslike I got something different somethingbetterthis is a fool well of course it’s theheart their courses it’s like three fouror five course oh my dad I don’t I don’tknow what the courses mean that would bedope hey Google what do they mean whenyou have a five course meal on thewebsite wiki hakam they say a fivecourse meal can include a suit anappetizer a salad a main course and thedessert boomI know it is course meal usually when tolose in a news about a soup an appetizera salad a main course and a dessert I’mgoing to show you how the four courseknew today bro we could put up today wecould the wood duck here’s what you gotboom we’re deep with am real deep withit I’m like I’m wearing down your weightso we got the hickory smoke classic cutbacon i I’m gonna give real try I maymake it in been in years road like thismight be bad is my aunt pretty bad easyfix look you always got to be preparedwell my turn it off we just gonna makeit work boom crank that joint up ohsorry I thought file oh I’m almost on aphone I’m sorry for six now could I near85 I justwow that’s more like making a beatalways open it in a way you can alwaysbreathe close it put some staplers onthat bad boy from the death to go stickof butter off I’ve put that way in therenow that’d be ready he turned up Iturned on time on up to 700 tonight nowturn that back I will turn that boy downand down it down a low very quickbe right back in action you see it yousee a bubble that’s how you know youwhatever and you like make the baconfirst yeah I’m saying you make the baconfirst because they can sit for thosethings quick eggs last cuz it’s quicky’all want cold eggs Samsonthis goes in in the middle all right itgoes in the middle so light I’m teachingyou how to basis how you really maneuverthis right now – well but I don’t wantto be uneven so Oh Lana oh yeah I knowyou hit up boys cooking up know you hearthe boys cooking right now so as you getthe boys cooking right as you get theboys quickly you turn on the ovenVicki okayI’ll remember it took gonna smoke myturn man’s up to hatethis is war out here is hole up inpocket okay so we don’t cook this up alittle bityou know what the flimsy making you youwant a nice crispy bacon like your boycrispy one more clips let’s put itwisdom homework you look for all theboys then oh okay that’s fine okay getthat get that shake them off well it’sthat boy in here that’s not what I dotell you ladies particularly that boysyeah it’s crispy this is crispy baconnothin that read it we did the cheatcode to get up and ready all right youdon’t throw the bad boys in there anywayit’s gonna cook regardless I tell youbow-wow and now we waited look back atthe eggs that the waffles in itprematurely but it’s okay we want tomake sure it’s least almost done beforewe even start to taste but the eggs is aquick process I got a trick for thebacon I got a trick for the bacon lateryou can make sure everything is highalready but for now we’re just gonnawait know what I do and look at man okaywe ready folks you ready you ready get alittle brown around the edges flip boomboom yes yes yes it’s perfect agree sumup we sum up again now to me buddy I gotapproached over the bacon it’s almost 90nobody contended that 100 go to bake itright on top of the waffle so you canmake the bacon warm with the while flipand waffles come out right along withyour eggs and when you put the eggs offyeah I’m Sam voila then it is done whoaeasy as you let your food put off a weebit what you always got to do is cleanup after yourself you lie gotten back toyourself you do the rest of the cleanupprocess after you die and then what youcould get your home look at this crispybacon nicely brown on the side of thewaffles nice eggs and some water did youknow we got to stay healthy on your it’sthe only pancakes here that you need atrusted face right okay then I’m gonnagive y’all a small taste samples of whatthese things hitting on real quick firstoff the crispy bacon yep mmhmm yeah seeunit that’s it for the day yeah I’m setthem up to enjoy my meal away from y’allyou know so y’all know how to eat so I’mabout to like eat aired thing in frontof y’all understand but I do that Idon’t get the full meal in front of usyeah I’m saying just look to be on youreally eat Andy Thompson and showing upin front of folks aren’t you hungryI don’t get it personally my who takesthat is actually what little you eat youknow I mean some people I guess but I’mnot about to be out of cents back toabout watching me eat just a mango anddo I want to get it I think here 20/20really is on 3:19 for the new generationthere’s people just be doing everythingthere’s beenand I don’t understand it all right okayI really don’t how you does how you likeyou you grab a camera where you got thecamera and you just do what you do toeat for why I’m a like what would youwhat do you accomplish him that my guylike please tell me what what whatsatisfaction do you gain by watching themedicine eat for a fruit like pleasetell me why why would you do that pleasedon’t get and I heard something aboutthe I do to people like the idea of thecrime so stuff like and I mean I don’tunderstand what somebody would do such athingyeah I’m sound why would he sit here andwatch another man’s poor lady I see alot of ladies do it more than men andwatch them eat yeah I’m Sam why wouldyou do such a thing I have truly do notget it I really don’t Iit’s just food I got it’s just food andyou’re gonna watch me eat it for whatI do not get it I want some buggy orready shaker okey only fool on camerawhat what would you do huh for what andit don’t make sentiment no no good I’lltell you one thing I tell you one thingknow what you ain’t gonna catch me doingit damn iam not today and catch me dunnocam doctors was wellnot crazyI assume that’s up in a bird yeah me andI mean they live that word me doing thatthinking are slipping onI already got the book at home you knowbut come onnot again have the final kind of weirdLouis try and Holly I usual to to beeaten don’t care

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