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Disney Inspired Mother’s Day Breakfast | Mickey Mouse Waffles and Egg in the basket ✨

Hi everyone! The Disney DIYer here. I know many of us were hoping to give our moms the best Mother’s Day ever this year but the current global situation has limited our options. This got me thinking about ways to make Mother’s Day special and magical at home instead. Today’s video will show you step-by-step how to make a Disney-inspired Mother’s Day breakfast fit for any mom or mother figure in your life. If you end up making the breakfast yourself, please post a picture on Instagram and tag me! I would love to see it 🙂

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel theDozen a DIY er for today’s video we aregoing to be doing a Disney inspiredMother’s Day breakfast now in the UnitedStates Mother’s Day is going to be onMay 10th this year but due to what isgoing on in the world I don’t think thatwe’re going to be able to go out to eatso I decided to share a couple of thingsthat you guys can make for your moms athome and if you’re interested in seeingthat then keep watchingso the first thing you are going to needour waffles these are Ecco Mickeymouse-shaped waffles I found them at mylocal grocery store and they are a greatalternative for those Mickey Mousewaffles we know and love you are alsogoing to need sliced bread some syrupfor those waffles an egg the fruit ofyour choice and some bacon if you arevegan or vegetarian you can go ahead andsubstitute these as necessary I’m goingto start with a slice of bread and I’mgoing to be using the rim of a cup toopen a circle towards the bottom of theslice of bread and then I’m going to usea smaller glass and open two littlecircles on the top of that[Music]this should leave you with a Mickeymouse-shaped indentation on your sliceof bread then I’m going to put a littlebit of butter on my pan and I’m going toput the stove in medium heat also makesure to turn on the correct stovetopbecause I obviously didn’t[Music]I’m going to put my slice of toast inthe middle of the pan and crack my egginside I’m trying to get the yolk tostay in the middle as much as possiblebut I know that sometimes it movesaround so depending on your level ofperfection you can go ahead and adjustthe yolk as necessary[Music]the cook time for your egg in a basketwill depend on how your mom likes hereggs I know that my mom likes the yolkof the egg to be runny so I’m going tocook it accordingly[Music]as your egg is cooking you want to goahead and take a spatula and kind ofraise the edges just to make sure thatit doesn’t stick[Music]now I’m going to season my Mickey Mouseegg in the basket with a little bit ofsalt and pepper[Music]and we are moving on to the waffles nowI’m going to take two of them and placethem in my toaster so they get nice andcrispy[Music]I’m going to go ahead and cut up mybanana and place it in a little Bowl[Music][Music]the great thing about adding fruit toyour breakfast is that you can go aheadand decorate your waffles with the fruitas well I use two little rounds ofbananas for the Mickey ears now I don’tknow about you guys but my mom loves itwhen I cook for her but not when I makea mess in the kitchen for that reasonI’m using microwavable bacon this oneyou just kind of stick in the microwavefor 30 seconds and it comes out nice andcrispy[Music]so you definitely need something todrink to be able to wash down all ofthis food and for that reason I’m goingto be making a hot chocolate this onecomes in a little pouch you can make itin the microwave with hot water or milkand I’m going to be adding extramarshmallows on top[Music]and that completes my Disney inspiredMother’s Day breakfast I know that manyof us wanted to go out and take our momsto brunch or a fancy breakfast but thecurrent situation prevents us from doingso however that does not mean we can’tmake her Day special at home I hope youguys find some sort of inspiration inthis recipe and end up spoiling your momon Mother’s Day so that is it for myMother’s Day and breakfast idea inspiredby Disney if you guys liked it make sureto give this video a thumbs up pleasesubscribe and ring the bell so you arenotified of every time that I upload Ihope everyone is staying safe and has awonderful Mother’s Day with theirfamilies at home byeyou[Music]

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