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Air Fry with IrixGuy – How to Air Fry Waffles

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This is how to air fry waffles. Frozen waffles that are air fried come out tasting fresh and crispy. Depending upon how crispy you like your waffles, you can adjust the air frying time accordingly. I’d suggest cooking one waffle first to perfect the cooking time that you like best! #AirFry

Air Frying is a new way to cook that is flavorful, crunchy and satisfying but not unhealthy like traditional fried food that is soaking with grease. I love air frying because I can add about half a tablespoon of olive oil and get the results that I want! That’s so much better than frying okra, french fries, chicken wings, etc. in a deep fryer full of grease! Please subscribe to my channel to enjoy all of my air fryer recipes. You can find the air fryer and accessories that I use on my website here https://irixguy.com/airfry . #AirFry

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Video Transcription

hey y’all chef I rick scott here and
within this video i’m going to show you
how to cook waffles in an air fryer now
these are frozen waffles just one of the
popular brands of frozen waffles so i’m
going to do four of them and in my air
fryer has a tray that pulls out or
shouldn’t call it a tray actually call
it a shelf so i’ve got that in here so i
got two waffles on the bottom two
waffles on the on the top shelf thing
and i’m gonna put it in my air fryer by
the way expand this video’s description
and then click the link there you can
find the air fryer the accessories and a
whole bunch of air fryer recipes that
I’ve got so I’m going to put in my air
fryer and then I’m going to do air fry
temperature of 350 and a time of 8
minutes so again that was 350 degrees
eight minutes let’s let those cook and
let’s see what they come out like okay
so my waffles are done and I’m going to
show you something up close here and
explain it so I’ve already put syrup on
two of them a lesson learned here that
was very important is that these these
took about almost the full eight minutes
actually I took them out about 20
seconds before that but these were on
the bottom most part of the air fryer
these two that already had the syrup on
them they were on the tray on the top so
they finished significantly faster
actually they were ready in about five
minutes so if you’re doing the tray on
the top plus the bottom most tray you
you should be prepared because the top
ones are probably going to to be ready
sooner so this right here is from the
bottom it took almost eight minutes
just wanna show you how it looks really
good texture didn’t use butter or
anything just took it out of the you can
hear that crunch
hmm now I got to get my my Shero
that’s the best thing about this
airfryer just that he doesn’t matter cos
our frozen waffle or well marinated
meats when you do an air fryer when you
cook it in the airfryer it just gives
you that light and fluffy type Chris
penis and man I mean we’re talking about
just taking food to to a level that
hasn’t been possible before
man you know it’s so convenient because
then all I have to do is the part that
cooks they just put it in the dishwasher
easy cleanup these are so much crispier
than have been using a traditional
toaster and they’re I mean they’re
cooked perfectly there’s no burn marks
or anything as you can see when I when I
held the waffle up and again this was
these were just frozen waffles a popular
brand of frozen waffles didn’t all them
or anything just put them in the in the
airfryer but doing it again I would
probably just do the bottom tray instead
of using the shelf and then that way you
don’t have to as a shelf at least for
these it cooked those more quickly and
like I said they were they were finished
at 350 degrees in about five minutes
whereas the bottom two they took about
about a little bit shy of eight minutes
about 20 seconds I of eight minutes so
really tasty really good subscribe to my
channel if you haven’t already
youtube.com forward slash Irish guy and
check out my playlist I’ve got a ton of
airfryer video recipes or air frying
recipe videos now and a ton more coming
soon if you’re looking for the airfryer
accessories expand this video’s
description and then click the link
there to find where to order it all
online if there’s something you can’t
find that you’re looking for just shoot
me a message the best way to contact me
is my Facebook fan page facebook.com
forward slash Irish guy thanks for your
viewership and y’all have a good day
hey y’all i rick scott here thanks again
for your viewership be sure to subscribe
to my channel if you haven’t already and
ring that Bell icon to be notified
whenever I post another video if you’re
looking for archives of internal March
like this t-shirt and a lot of other
cool stuff expand this video’s
description you can find it all there
y’all have a good day

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