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Lebanon PA, 3.29.2020: PA Dutch Corn Pie recipe by Jo Ellen LItz.

2 Pillsbury pie crusts;
2 cubed potatoes;
6 hard boiled eggs peeled and sliced;
1 can of whole corn (can substitute fresh or frozen corn);
2 raw eggs;
1 can of creamed corn;
5 pats of margarine;
salt & pepper.

Grease bottom of a deep-dish pie pan with margarine or Crisco.
Roll one crust into the bottom of pan. Jab with fork 4-5 times.
Place a layer of cubed potatoes on bottom.
Place a layer of sliced hardboiled eggs on top of potatoes.
Placed a layer of whole corn on top of eggs.
In a bowl, thoroughly mix two raw eggs and creamed corn. Pour over other layers.
Top with 5 pats of margarine. Salt and pepper to taste.
Unroll second pie crust, and place on top of mixture. Place 3-4 small slits near center of pie to vent. Flute edges.
Bake in a 325 degree oven for 30 minutes or until crust is golden brown.
Cool for 10 minutes. Slice and serve.

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Video Transcription

hi JoEllen lits today we’re going towhip together a pennsylvania dutch cornpie at least my version of it now as youknow I like to use pre-made pie crustsPillsbury Dough but also a little tipthat I’ll share is if you take a littlemargarine and and put that into the pieplate first your dough doesn’t stick andit also helps it to get extra flaky youcan use Crisco or margarine to do thisand it’s just a little tip I picked upalong the way so I thought I’d share itwith you and then of course we want toget one of our pie crusts out unroll itpretty slick isn’t it and then just putit in the bottom of the pie crust andreally what I do is I use a deep-dishpie plate and I also like to layer mycorn pie you might want to pull maybefour or five holes in the bottom with afork so it doesn’t bubble up bubble upin the center and you have all dough inthere and air and it’ll be a nicelayered pie so first layer I put down isa layer of potatoes I’m gonna put thesein awhile because I pre-cut those but Ialso thought just so you see how I do itI like to cut my potatoes and then laythem flat and cube them just like thisthat way it cooks rather quickly itdoesn’t have to be baking a real longtimeand I’ll add that to the base layer formy corn pie potatoes are a big thing inPennsylvania Dutch country alright nextI’m going to pull on any layer of hardboiled eggs these are pre hard bill andif you’re lucky you let them sit in therefrigerator a week before you try andcook them and peel them that way theydon’t stick and break apart if you tryand hard-boiled fresh eggs it justdoesn’t seem to work these come apartpretty quickly just like this and so Ihave my egg and I also pre-cut I’m usingone well I had two potatoes one wasrather large and the other was just amedium size and then we want to cut ourslices of eggs and so that’s going to atotal of 6 eggs actually you can usemore or less but six just seems to fitacross the pie in a nice layer and youput them in there works out really wellwell across now I’m going to take you tomy 1950s can opener and we’re going toopen some cans of corn now you could usefresh corn you could use corn thatyou’ll have leftover on the cob and justshare it off but I have some canned corntoday so let’s do that and it doesn’thave to be any special brand but I havethis holes that these turquoise canopener and I love it it it is just soreliable so I have a can of creamed cornand a can of whole corn I’ll put that upin therewonderful I’m gonna drain the water offthe corn I just use the lid in the topto hold it in place and then I can drainthe water off of the whole corn now thecreamed corn you want to use the wholecan but there we go okay so here’s how Ido the corn the whole corn I pour rightonto my lay and make a layer with it inmy potatoes and eggs get that all inthere and you can spread it out a littlebit of course you want to wash yourhands and then what I do with my creamedcorn is I put it into a bowl becausewhat I want to do is to raw eggs torottens there we go and then you can usea spoon or whisk whatever and you wantto mix that up really good because thisis going to drizzle down through theother layers and it’s going to bake bakeit all together and it’s going to makeit into a really nice consistency so youcan cut it and you can get it out of theplant pan in one piece all right so I’vegot my eggs and my corn mixed alltogether and what I want to do is get mysalt and pepper readyokay I want to show you how my ovenworks it’s an old wincroft and it’s agas stove and I have to turn it on atthe side turn on my oven knob and then Iwant to stand back a little bit I don’twant to singe my eyebrows at any rateyou just simply get that up and then Ishow you in here you have to adjust theflame somewhat and that looks good andthen goes the pot we’re gonna let thatbake for about 30 minutes at around 325and then we’ll pull it out a littlelater it’s time to see if our pie isdone yes it’s nice it’s very hot here’sour coin pie doesn’t it look wonderful Ican’t wait till it cools down just alittle bit so we can try it so you justwant to keep an eye on it and what itlooks nice and golden-brownto you it’s ready to go so the pie hasbeen cooling for 10 minutes we’re gonnatry and cut it hopefully it’s set upenough that we can dish it out here andagain that butter around the edge reallymakes it nice first piece lost a feweggs there but just bring them on overthis is our corn pie

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