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The easiest and delicious apple pie | Step by step recipe

In this video, you are going to learn how to bake the easiest and most delicious apple pie. You will love how fluffy and full of apples this pie is.

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Ingredients for Homemade Apple Pie:
►5 small apples or 4 medium ones (sliced)
►4 medium eggs
►130 gr all purpose flour
►150 gr granulated sugar
►vanilla extract

🔪 Utensils and equipment

►1 medium or big bowl
►1 electric hand mixer
►1 electronic scale: https://amzn.to/2KgdTrD
►1 spatula
►1 cake tin (8 inches/20cm)
►- baking paper

👩🏻‍🍳 Preparation

1. Prepare the cake tin by greasing it with butter and line on the bottom the baking paper
2. Peel the apples and slice them for your liking (I slice an apple in 12) and put them aside
3. In a bowl, mix the eggs with 150 gr of granulated sugar
IMPORTANT: add the sugar gradually to have a fluffier cake
4. Add the vanilla extract and mix it well.
5. In 3 stage add the sifted flour and incorporate it using a spatula.
IMPORTANT: sifting the flour removes any lumps and aerates the pie
IMPORTANT: add gradually the flour to keep as much air as possible in the pie
6. Line the slices apples on the bottom of cake tin
7. Pour half of the mixture on top of the apples
8. Line another layer of apples
9. Pour the remaining mixture
10. Arrange the apples that are left on top
11. Place the pie in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 35-40 minutes
IMPORTANT: check occasionally the pie without opening the oven if it doesn’t burn and adjust the temperature
12. Remove the pie from the oven and let it cool in the tin
13. After cooling sprinkle with some icing sugar
14. ENJOY!

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PME cake tin: https://amzn.to/3cqqzrN

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everyone my name is Natasha and todayI’m going to teach you how to make andinsanely easy and the most deliciousapple pie in just 15 minutes forpreparation this recipe I have it foryears for my grandma and every singletime when I make it it turns outamazingly good so let’s get started withthe ingredients for this recipe we aregoing to need just five ingredients anda few small tricks that I’m going toteach you during the recipe how to makeit perfectly so for this we are going toneed five apples or if you have thebigger apples you can use four for BigRapids we’ll need four eggs we’ll needabout 130 grams or one cup ofall-purpose flour we’ll need about 150grams of granulated sugar or you can usemore sugar if you’d like which we’ll useabout one cup I’m all the time reducingthe sugar because I don’t like too muchsugar in them recipes and as well we’llneed about vanilla extract or vanillabean whatever you have this is thebutter for our pan so I’m going to seeto show you how to actually make it thisis not a classical apple pie this is aRussian apple pie and you’ll not havehave the crust butter as usual we aregoing to make it possible it differentlythan the classic apple pie so let’s getstarted with the steps so first thingwhat we do for this recipe we are goingto until our apples and we are going toslice them okay so after we finished onepeel and slice our apples I am slicingall the time my apples in about 12pieces each Apple if the Apple is verybig you can adjust it but it’s aboutlike one centimeter thick each slice sowe finished with our apples now we aregoing to start and prepare our tech teamI do strongly recommend you the PME caketeam I’m using it already for two yearsandsingle time the cake inter comes outamazingly from this theme it’s verydurable it’s very cheap and I’ll rip thedescription down below the link in thedescription down below so feel free toask me any questions if you have aboutthem a small secret of how to use thecake team and how to remove easily anycake from your team is by doing a simplesecret yes so you take your baking paperso you’re cutting them as as becauseit’s your cake team yeah and you arefolding it in half yeah and after againin half so like this in halves till themoment that you are going to have a coneyes after you made like a cone you aremeasuring from the middle yeah just likethis and you cut this extra part this isa very easy trick that works every timeso just like this it is too bigyeah you can cut it more but I’m usingjust like this and cake all the timedoesn’t stick to the bottom and you caneasily remove it from any tin so as Isaid I’m going to leave link them in thedescription for this theme for you ifyou are interested to buy it okay soafter I finished with my baking paperI’m just going to cut just a small bitout of it because it’s just slightlybiggerokay perfect and I’m going to use thisbutter just to grease my cake tin withthe butter on the sides and on thebottom as well so you just take likeroom-temperature butter with a spatulaand you’re just using it around yourteam so let’s do thatafter we finished with our cake tin so Ijust literally like put some butter onthe sides and on the bottom and I put mybaking paper on the bottom as well weare putting it aside and now is themoment when we actually preparing ouroven so I’m going to set our oven for180 degrees Celsius or about 350 degreesFahrenheit and I’m going to warm it uptill the moment that I’m going to makethat short batter okay so we have ourapples and we have our cake tin here nowwe are going to start our spy so for ourpie I’m going to need the eggs sugarflour vanilla and I’m going to need aswell a bit of salt for the eggs I’musing always the room-temperature eggsbecause they are ending up like with thecream it’s very very fluffy and it’seasier for the hand mixer if you have astand mixer you can use the stand mixerfor this recipe I’m always using my handmixer because this is how I’m used tookay so after we put our eggs I’m justgoing to add just a pinch of saltI’m going to have my stand mixer and I’mgoing to mix for about one minute toincorporate the egg whites with eggyolks so our egg whites and egg yolksare incorporated and now I’m going toadd in four stages my sugar why I’mgoing to do this because if you are I’mgoing to add all the sugar the mixtureis not going to be so fluffy so byadding like in stages the sugar makesthe mixture to get more traffic[Applause][Music][Applause]so our eggs are ready I took about fiveto six minutes to make them they arevery light and in color almost wise as Isaid you can add more sugar if you’dlike I’m adding less because I’m not afan of sugar to be honest so this is themixture that we have now we are going toadd our flour very important as well forthe flour to be sifted why this isimportant because like this we are goingto avoid any lumps in the mixture and weare going to have more aerated mixtureas well so I’m going to remove my mixeryeah and I’m going to add the flourright here but before that I’m justgoing to add just a bit of vanilla ifyou would like you can add as well inthe mixture some cinnamon because thecinnamon and apples are very goodpairing yeah so I’m adding as well theflour I’m adding in stages and I’m goingto mix it like in about three stages yeswith a spatula very gentle with circularmoves we are incorporating the flourinto the cake mixture if we are going toput all the flour at the same time inthe mixture we are going to end with endup with lumps in the flour in the cakeand we don’t want that and as well if weare going to over mix the cake it’sgoing to end up extremely dense we wantto keep this cake extremely heavy sothat’s why we are adding in stages andwe just like this with circular moveswe are incorporating our flower as Isaid I’m using about 1 cup of flourthat’s about 130 grams in three stagesthe sugar it’s about 150 grams or inyour case if you’d like you can havegiven 200 grams in four stages why thisapple pie it’s so nice it’s just becauseit’s so Airy it’s basically a cake withapples and it’s amazing I mean I thinkI’m making this cake for about 15 yearsand all the time it’s a pleasure eatingit you can have it with ice cream or youcan have it with some jam on just likethis I’m all the time having it too justput a cup of tea or with a cup of coffeeokay so very important this is animportant secret and tips and tricksabout the apple pie or the cake butterwhen you’re making it as gradually theflour and with circular moves otherwiseyou’re going to lose from these airbubbles that we have it insideokay so this is the last stage ofincorporating our flower make sure thatyou don’t leave any lumps and you’reincorporating everything so this isinsanely easy recipe to make why becauseit takes you six minutes to make thecake batter I fix you about five minutesto until and to slice the apples and ittakes about four to five minutes toassemble the cake and the rest it’s thejob of the oven we just have to takecare not to forget it inside okay soafter mixing like circular moves makesure that we don’t have any lumps insideyes so if I’m just taking the butter andhaving this kind of nice ribbons in thebutter I can see that I have a few lumpsI just remove that the mixture is goingto displace a bit no worries we stillhave enough air here so secret numberone is to take care of the cake tin yeahso you are actually adding the butter onthe size of the team secret number twowhat you make you are adding this sugargradually and secret number three youare adding the flour and you are sittingthe flour because by sifting the flouryou are removing any lumps and you areincorporating even more air into themixture yeah and as well this is not asecret but it’s like more or less andadvice all the time when you are makinga cake or apple pie you have to use thecircular moves by incorporating theflour into the eggs mixture you can doit with your mixer or hand mixer willstand mixer but you are going to lose alot of air okay so after we are donewith themixture yeah we are going to assembleour pipe it’s extremely fast to assembleso we take the apples and we are puttingthem on the bottom of the team I’m justgoing to show you in a second just oneknocks next to another you can add somecinnamon in the pie it’s entirely up toyouso these apples from the bottom they aregoing to caramelize and they are goingto taste amazingthat’s why I like this pie because it’svery easy to make it’s like if someoneis coming to you or just quickly makingthe pie and you have something sweet andeveryone is happy so you just put themrandomly on the bottom of the pan makesure that you’re covering all thesurface because we want thatcaramelization of the apples just likethis so you’re just putting them roundover there you take your mixture and youare pouring it on top look how fluffythis mixture ismake sure that you scrub everythingokayand we are adding the rest of the appleson top of the pie as well just randomlyor you arranging them in a kind of shapeI’m all the time like around them theedges and after I’m just filling in thegaps these apples they’re going to goinside and you’re going to have likewaves on the f5 which is very nice okayyou can even put them one next toanother if you have too many no worriesyou can put them inside too many appleswon’t hurt anyone okayto remove this one from here so I putthe apples just like this in the mixtureokay and now we are going to put it inour oven which is already warm at 180degrees Celsius or 350 degreesFahrenheit for about 40 minutes as welldepending on your oven make sure thatyou are checking maybe to increase ormaybe to decrease the bit because wedon’t want to burn it yet so keep an eyeon the pie while it’s in the oven soI’ll take it to the ovenoh this is our pie I just removed itfrom the oven be extremely carefulbecause it’s very very hot you can leaveit to cool down for about 15 minutes orso but I want to show you the edges yeahso to remove the pie from the cake tinbasically what you are going to needyou’re going to need a knife just tosecure that is not stick yepI’m going to use it and to remove itright now but I would say that you canwait till the moment that it’scompletely cooled down yes I’m using twoboards and this is what I want to sayyeah I have a latina cake tin of 20centimeters or it’s about like let’s say18 cheese its PME as I told you I’mextremely satisfied with them and I’mgoing to attach the link in thedescription below if you don’t have avery good cake tin I do recommend thisone so this is our five and it smellsamazing because of the apples so as youcan see here I was telling you about thethe trick with the baking paper so I’mjust going to peel it off just like thisand look at this apples these apples areamazing they develop this naturalsweetness inside and it’s amazing I’mjust going to put a bit of powderedsugar on top to make it nicer and lookhow tall as well it is I mean it hasraisin perfectly the the color isperfectit’s crispy here the apple smell amazingso you can put cinnamon and it’s goinggiven to be better I’m going to use justa bit of it just a little bit ofpowdered sugar just to put it on top andit’s ready to serve as well I would liketo show you and to cut the actualby just like this and I’m going to showyou how fluffy it is it’s very hot yeahso you can make it so look at this so Ihave the apples here you have the appleson top as well and it’s very flat we canhave it with ice cream you can have itcold necessarily like I’m using it coldbecause when it’s hot it’s not developedhere their protein from the eggs butwhen it’s cold it’s nicer you can use itwith ice cream it’s perfect you can useit with tea or coffee so this is thefastest recipe of an apple pie that youcan have it it’s delicious it’s fast andguess what it’s easy to make and it’sjust five ingredients maybe six ifyou’re using cinnamon I hope you’llenjoy it so this was my recipe of how tomake the easiest apple pie and I hopeyou really enjoyed it if you have anyquestions or any suggestions you canleave them in the comments below I’ll bemore than happy to answer and don’tforget to watch my other videos abouthow to make healthy cookies right hereand how to make Japanese fluffy pancakesjust right here so thank you very muchfor watching and see you in the nextvideo

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