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Published on 6.02.2021

2 Sweet Potatoes
500 gm Regular Flour
1/4 Cup Milk
250 gm Unsalted Butter
2 Eggs
150 gm Date Jaggery
100 ml Orange Juice
100 gm Icing Sugar

Step 1:
Pour Cold Butter in Flour..Mix thoroughly with a Dough Cutter..
(NB: Do this in a cool dry Place..as any type of heat afftects this process)
Cut in Butter (200 gms) and Mix until the Flour gets a crumbly texture
Add in Eggs and Mix forming a rough Dough
Pour in 4 Tbsp Milk..and form a stiff Dough
Cover the Dough in a Wrap and Freeze for atleast 1 hour
After 1 Hr..Take Dough out
Cut the Dough in Half..Freeze 1/2 Dough for another Pie
From Half of the Dough..Cut again into another Half (each Half now weighing approximately 175gms)
Now sprinkle copious amount of Dry Flour in surface..and Roll out 2 discs from the Dough
Freeze the Discs once made for another 1 Hr

Step 2:
Take the Sweet Potatoes..Peel Skin..
Cut into small pieces..Put them in a Pan..and Boil until tender
In a Pan..Pour in Butter..Heat
Fry the boiled Sweet Potatoes in Batches to light Golden..Take out
In same Pan..Pour in the Date Jaggery & some Water for Jaggery to melt
Pour in Orange Juice and Mix with Jaggery
Once Boiling starts..Add in Fried Seet Potatoes..and coat them Well to form a Filling..Cool

Step 3:
Take one of the cold Disks out from Freeze
Take a Pie Tin..and place the Disc..and form a Base by gently pressing it with Fingers along the sides of Tin
Take a Fork and Pierce the Dough base and sides
Place a Parchment Paper on Base and add either Salt or Baking stones
Place the Tin in a pre heated Oven and Bake for 180 Degree for 10 mins in Baking mode
Once done..Take the Tin out and remove Salt and Parchment paper
Beat 1 Egg..and give the Pie Base surface an Egg Wash
Again Place the Pie Base in Oven and Bake for 10 Mins in 180 Degrees
Take out..Cool
Take the other Dough Disc out from Freeze
Cut out Thin Strips from the disc..keep aside

Step 4:
Once Pie Base gets cold..Pour in the Sweet Potato Filling
Cover the Top of the Pie with dough Strips
Give the Outer Layer a gentle Layer of Egg Wash
Pour in Oven..and now Bake the Pie for 15 Mins in 180 degrees

Take out..Our Sweet Potato Pie is done..ENJOY

Original of the video here

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