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no-bake banoffee pie (with my homemade dulce de leche!) 🍌 | philippines

my first video!! please watch in HD so you sse the text 😔🙏

made no-bake banoffee pie today to start off my quarantine kitchen experiments series! banoffee pies are my go-to everytime i go to starbucks but since i don’t wanna go out and im trying to become better with budgeting, i decided to make them at home! 🍌

1/2 cup of butter
1 cup of crushed grahams
50g whipping cream
1/4 cup brown sugar
dulce de leche
cocoa powder

layer 1: melt the butter and then mix it with the crushed grahams, put the mixture into a container and then press it firmly and smoothen it out
layer 2: chop some bananas and then lay them up!
layer 3: you can buy dulce de leche in the store or make them yourself by boiling it for a couple of hours (refer to vid), then you’re gonna want to cover the bananas in that leche!
layer 4: start whipping your cold cream, and then add brown sugar mid-way. afterwards, place on top of the dulce de leche
layer 5: toppings! cocoa powder is a personal preference, you can add chocolate shavings or chocolate/caramel drizzle or even just leave it as it is!

and there you have it! easy peasy banoffee pie

Original of the video here

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