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How to Pre-Bake a Pie Shell ** Baking Hacks ** Southern Cooks

Have you read a recipe that called for a PRE-BAKED PIE SHELL but were confused? Help is here today! Let’s pre-bake (or parbake) a pie shell.

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Video Transcription

hey neighbors have you ever looked at arecipe in it called for a pre-baked piecrust and you had no idea how to do thatI’m going to show you it is so simple soeasy let’s learn how to do that todaywelcome today I am miss Katiewelcome to heritage ways where we honorhome celebrating heritage and spreadhope I am a mom my husband mr. patientis a dad of six children and we have twograndchildren three of our oldestchildren are our oldest three are adultsoldest two are married and then ourthree littles still live at home andtheir ages young preteen actually allright I’ve got two pie crusts out heretoday I’m going to show you how topre-bake one so simple I have about thisis about a pound of beansdrivings not cooked they can be you knowany anything really kidney beans theseare pinto beans can be white beansyou’re not going to be eating them so Ihave supports mint I just have them inthis bowl here to show you now I neverat any point plan to eat these beans Ijust keep them in a jar or somethinglabeled pie weights so you can use pieweights but this is simple and easy tofind at the grocery store nothing fancyso I have my purchased pie shell you canmake your own which I love to do but Icurrently live in a tiny home withlimited space and I give myself grace inthat space all right so I can poke holeslike this and this kind of keeps it frompuffing up or I’ve made I’ve done thiswithout poking holes and that’s fine toothis is a deep dish but that doesn’tmatter this method works on deep dish orregular so I have turned my convectionoven on 325 now if you’ve got aconventional oven which most of y’allprobably do that’s just your standardoven and then the you know how home thatwould be 350 but if you have aconvection oven and you’re using on theconvention setting like this is then youwould reduce it by 25 degrees all rightso I have my pie shell and while thattakes uptaking my parchment of beans and thisand you reuse this over note okay[Music]and then I’m just kind of fitting justkind of fitting pushing that parchmentagainst the pie shell like this I shalljust kind of spread those beans outthat’s it I just kind of push my torchwent back over here out of the way whenthe ovens preheated I’m gonna put thisin for about 18 minutes and then I’mgoing to take this out we’re going toremove this this actually shouldn’t behot but beware the paper might be hotbut to me it’s usually not hottake this but there’s some kind of aheat proof Bowl on a hot pad or whathave you and put this back in for eightmore minutes so 18 and eight when youtake it out it may have a little bit ofbubble but you can just take your forkand gently press it down and then youhave a pre-baked pie shell that’s itwhat would you use this for my quichecalls for pre-baked pie crust anytimeyou have a cream filled pie like achocolate pie or lemon meringue pie oranything like that now umhere’s one more thing if you’re going tobake the pie longer like last week Imade vinegar pie and I used a pre-bakedpie shell and an unbaked pie shell andhaving the pre-baked pie shell just toallow the pipes of cooking a shortertime so that was good but the pie shellcontinued to cook okay if you have likea chocolate pie or a cream filled thatyou’re not going to cook long you knowafter you put the filling in then youprobably want to make this a little bitlonger maybe five minutes longer six upto ten you decide so if I’m going tobake it some more after the filling it’s18 and eight18 with this 8 without okay it’s readyand if I’m not going to bake itafterwards like if I’m making achocolate pie I’m probably going to bakethis at 4 or 5 minutes to the 18 and 4or 5 minutes to the 8 hope that makessensealright here we go we’re just going toput this in for my 18 minutes[Music]there it is there’s your pre-baked piecrust by the way we love these up lovessay I can hold something hot in a dozenburg link down below if you’reinterested but here’s your pre-baked piecrust it looks great if I were going tothis is ready for me to put something inand then bake it a little bit longer I’mgoing to make the quiche or somethingthat would be baked a little longer mytime from last time the vinegar pie butif I was gonna make a chocolate pie orlemon pie something like that thatdidn’t need to be baked then I wouldmake this little bit longer so I hopethat helps you how to pre bake a piecrust see y’all next time I’m gonna haveanother pie recipe next time so I hopeyou will hit the subscribe and thelittle bells so you can get the poststhat I put out and the community tab ofthe you type at YouTube have them in theaccount so I will see y’all next timewith pie recipe bye-bye y’all[Music]

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