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My favorite BANOFFEE PIE recipe 🍌 no-bake บานอฟฟี่พาย ขนมกล้วยๆ ที่ทำได้กล้วยๆ (eng cc)

Today’s menu is a very simple, yet delicious BANOFFEE PIE 🍌
I added chocolate layer into a simple banoffee and believe it or not, it turned out so great!
With the chocolate ganache, it gives a more complicated flavor into this banoffee.
Not to mention the hint of nutty flavor in your bites with the help of snickers bar!
This is my way to enjoy my time during this quarantine period.
Hope you all like it ❤️
Enjoy your banoffee!

1.) Crust ฐาน:
200g biscuits (I used digestive biscuits) บิสกิตที่ชอบ
80g melted butter เนยละลาย

2.) Chocolate layer ชั้นช็อกโกแลต:
150ml heavy cream ครีมสด/วิปครีม
120g Dark chocolate (I used 70% dark chocolate) พาร์คช็อกโกแลต

3.) Caramel sauce คาราเมล:
180g caster sugar น้ำตาลทรายขาว
20g brown sugar (optional) น้ำตาลทรายแดง ไม่ใส่ก็ได้
65g unsalted butter เนยจืด
150g heavy cream ครีมสด
1 tsp salt (if you want salted caramel) เกลือ ไม่ต้องใส่ก็ได้ถ้าไม่ชอบ salted caramel

4.) Cream ครีม
250g whipping cream
(I used flavor whipping cream. If you use normal whipping cream, add 2-3 tbsp of icing sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla extract)

Thank you for watching! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Instagram: @jin.bakebar / @areeya_jinn
Facebook: JIN BAKE BAR

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Video Transcription

Hello, everyone. I haven’t met my boyfriend for a while because of the social-distancing thing due to COVID-19.Today he made a visit,so we decided to make banoffee pie together and spend time watching a good movie.So let’s start by making the crust.I used Digestive biscuits. Good texture and not too sweet.Chill it in the refrigerator to prevent it from turning crumbly.My boyfriend loves chocolate so much that he forced me to make another chocolate layer for our banoffee pie.Isn’t banoffee a banana + toffee?But here I am, making it anyway hahaha.It makes banoffee into a whole new level. Trust me, the taste is just great.But if you’re lazy, skip it!I recommend you to use dark chocolate because the caramel layer alone is already sweet enough.I used 70% dark chocolate.Chill in the fridge.Now, I’m going to make a caramel for the caramel layer.Melt sugar in a non-stick pan over low heat until the sugar has dissolved, and the color turned golden brown.You can use a spatula to help it spread evenly.But don’t stir! Or else the sugar might later be crystallized.I like salted caramel, so I will add 1 tsp of salt (this is optional).2-3 snickers ( this is also optional).Add chopped snickers into the caramel mixture and mix well.It makes the caramel more delicate with the nutty and chocolatey flavors.Chill in the fridge (again).I used vanilla flavor whipping cream. You can add 2-3tbsp of sugar if you use a normal one.It is recommended to chill in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour for every layer to be settled.It will be easier for you to remove the banoffee from the mold/springform.I have to admit that I didn’t chill it long enough.Even less than 20 minutes in the fridge…We were so hungry at the time lol. So I think that’s understandable.Banoffee tastes better with a good movie.

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