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How to Make Latticed Apple Pie

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to share my latticed apple pie recipe with you! I’ve had to tweak a few details to make it as easy as possible with as very few ingredients as possible, to make it more appealing to today’s circumstances when everyone is isolating and not all food is accessible!

I do strongly advise people who haven’t made many apple pies to blind bake the bottom first! This guarantees you not getting a soggy bottom! So when you follow my recipe, after rolling the pastry into the pie tin and chilling for 10 minutes, blind bake it for 10 mins in the oven at 200c. In order for the bottom to not bubble up, cover it with foil, pour baking beans, or if you haven’t got any of those, rice or lentils (anything heavy that doesn’t melt!) on the foil, bake for 10 mins, bring it out, remove the foil and bake for another 5 until all the bottom is baked, then continue with the rest of my recipe!

IF you’re more comfortable with working with pastry, use the recipe as it is! My metal pie tin is at my mum’s, so I had to use a ceramic pot. If you’re not blind baking, and do have a metal tin, I strongly recommend using that instead of a ceramic tin!

Other than that, if you have any questions, suggestions or even tips, do write it in the comment section! And enjoy 😉 xxx

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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everyone thank you for watching myvideo again it really means a lot to mebecause this is literally one of theonly things that I can do to keep mesaying these days so today I’m gonnamake an apple pie just cuz I have lotsof apples and I finally found some flourso yeah I able to go ahead and make someof the desserts that I promise that makeit’s I’ve tried to reduce theingredients of this recipe as well justto make it easy and instead of doing thepastry by hand I’m gonna use the foodprocessor because it makes it a lotfaster and I just wanted to be as lesstime-consuming as possible so what I’vegot here is two apples you can use anyapples I had these in the fridge so thisis what I’ve gone for I think these arejust cooking applesI’ve got about 450 grams of flourI’ve got about 100 grams of sugar forthe filling and about a tablespoon ofsugar for the pastry I’ve also got oneegg yolk yeah and some cinnamon I’vealso got 250 grams of very coldrefrigerated butter that we’re going totake out straight from the fridge andadd it to your pastry mix if your butteris room temperature it’s not gonnacrumble and it’s not gonna be very easyto manage when you want to bring yourpastry together and it won’t be a nicepass through when you put it in the ovenbecauseyou’ll make your pastry quite wet somake sure that the butter you use isstraight from the fridge and go to afood processor very quicklyAparri gotten a McFlurry staff economistmany local issues in Sepang since thenAparri simulate well as you wait don’tbe fornicated have a clip on every saidearly miserly Don to label Cherokee 8ocde la fête a condor collision in SantaFea demand on lemon in Wisconsin crappyregard on Shimon Seabury Hodja codeabolished best limo whoo-yah ownpleasure the taxi cafe of the king ofthe crash Tala víctima Akira Kimura akeylock acknowledge youCisco says I’m Alison shaking off alovely lady Eddisonhe slapped a MIDI – laser blasts manyCollison nsop Secchia noticing Baskins amojito equivalent hello hello may I sayl prefer valachia liebe – superb – whenyou feel the Sun terrible lesson Janapeppery Yamanouchi we may don’t want youhere papa – toffeeAparri captain says VA a lot of theirown people and also sounds are all soundlike of thethe preacher far beyond afraid of bustythey are shocked nigga hey miss you’relate but my songs are[Music][Music]points and tips about making the pastryone is never overwork your pastry yourpastry basically the quality of itrelies on the butter in it being cold sothat it doesn’t melt before the glutenreacts to the baking otherwise it willstart weeping and it will be crumbly andit will be veryand you get a soggy button so basicallyjust make sure that your hands arealways cold so if you feel like you’rekneading your pastry and your hands aregetting warm just run them on the coldwater and carry on working so that yourhands the heat from your hands don’tmelt the butter in your pastry secondone is because in this recipe we’retrying to make it as quick as possibleI didn’t blind-bake my pastry whichmeans that I didn’t bake the bottomfirst before I put the mixture in oneway to avoid getting a soggy bottom whenyou don’t blind-bake your pastry is ifyou have a baking tray or a metal trayof any kind put it in the shop below theone that you’re making your pie that wayand when you’re baking your pie you getsome heat radiating from the bottom sothat the bottom of your pastry cooks asevenly as the top so this kind ofensures that you don’t get your subbibottom and another trick which is not asconventional but I find sometimes worksI didn’t do it today but if you want youcan do it is to put a thin layer ofbread crumbs before you put your pie mixso before you put your apples in justspread some bread crumbs at the bottomof your pastry and then pour your appleson that way if there is any leakage orany wetness from the apples the breadcrumbs will soak it up before it gets toyour pastry okay that’s number twonumber three is you don’t necessarilyneed an egg yolk or an egg to add toyour pastry you can simply makeby just combining flour butter and a bitof water to bring it together the reasonI add the egg is because it gives it aslightly richer taste and it kind ofit’s nicer when you’re making a sweetpie a sweet pastry it kind it makes itdifferent to a pastry that you would seefor example in a savory pie so that’s apersonal choice but up to you so theseare some of the tips that I thought I’dshare with you other than that you canalways add berries to your apple pie togive it a bit of color I didn’t have anyberries today so I did and you can addplumsyou can add rhubarb and it’s any fruitthat you want that’s it I think thoseare all the tips that I can think of butlet’s see 4 pie is ready and here we gowe have a nice and golden brown toppastry hopefully it spoke to the bottomas well we’ll find out and here it islet’s cut him and see what it tasteslike[Music]

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