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How To Make A No Bake Mud Pie | The Best No Bake Mud Pie Recipe

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It’s quaratine baking with Mark and James!

Join Mark and James to learn step by step how to create this NO BAKE Mud Pie! with a few laughs, shadiness, mild inappropriate slurs and of course epic realness! Mark and James will teach you how to properly make and put together your super delicious Mud Pie! So let’s get creative and have some fun! Let’s Do It!
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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys what’s up I’m mark and this isJames and welcome to happy confectionsif you are new here smash that subscribebutton and don’t forget to that bailnotification for new epic videos everysingle week it’s been a minute or twosince it’s been quarantine baking withMark and James but we’re backsuppose this it was a week give it amessed up it really was me it was methey miss that’s that’s true anywaywe’re back bitches today I’m gonna showyou again just if you’re you know justsip your coffee is it good this icecompany made fresh faced coffee withmorning Tim Hortons can’t do two wordsright nowhalf the people watching don’t know whatyou do that’s your fault Tim Hortons islike a huge coffee chain in Canada it’shuge anyway today we’re gonna be showingyou how to make a no beige Mud Pie let’sdo it let’s do it can you say that’s doit[Music]let’s start I have three cups ofchocolate baking crumbs in this bowl youcan either buy them pre crumbs or justput a whole bunch of cookies in a bagand just do yourself anyway three cupsof the crumbs I have here a half cup ofmelted unsalted butter we’re just gonnathrow that right in here mmmjust using a fork I’m just gonnaincorporate that all together so this iswhat it should look like when you’redone incorporating that butter with thecookie crumbs dirt mud dirt yeah nextwe’re going to be taking a nine inchbaking dish a pie baking dish and andwe’re just going to be pouring thiscookie crumb and butter mixture rightinto of our pie dish so usually want tomake these pies I like to use a siliconespatula just because you get a nice evensurface so I’m just pressing all thatcookie crumbs down nice and firm I’malso pressing it up on the side of thepie dishso much you’re happy with how yourcookie crumbs look in the bottom of yourpie dish I’m going to stick this intothe fridge while we work on our puddingso next is going to be are putting ourchocolate pudding fill you can make itfrom scratch y’all know I’m not doingthat nopeI have some jello hashtag not sponsoredchokolate pudding next two packages sowe’re just putting the put we’re puttingthe pudding mix into the bowltwo cups of cold milk into our puddingmix so we changed our mind and we’regoing to be adding another packetbecause he doesn’t know if he’s gonnaneed enough yeah all of that I haven’tmade this pie in a very long timeso two more cups of milk two more cupsof milk so you can either use yourelectric mixer or just do it by handlike we’re doing you’re gonna have tomix this for about two minutes so I justtook my pie dish out of the fridge it’sbeen about ten minutes since it’s beenin thereJames just spent about two minuteswhisking up this chocolate pie pudding[Music]spent about two minutes whisking up thischocolate pudding we did end up puttingtwo packs of the chocolate pudding inthere so it’s two cups of milk per packwe’re gonna be pouring this mixtureright into our pie dish and then placingthis into the fridge for a good 10-15minutes so it has time to set and thenwe’re going to be adding some whippedcream on top of this bitchso while our my pie is chilling in thefridge I’m just gonna whip up a batch oflip cream in my mixer that’s JIT okay soI just finished the whipping my whippedcream little bit of sugar in there justpull down our mud pie and jinkx is justgonna put a nice thin layer of whippedcream all on top of the piebig layer but he’s spreading that outI’m going to be taking a large pipingbag with a large rose tip just fillingit up with a little bit of whipped creamwhipped cream you probably didn’t needto do I probably didn’t need to do afull carton of this whipped cream butyou know me that’s just how we’re doingchef so we’re just gonna be making alittle rosettes all the way around theside of the cake it’s not cake they keepsaying cake it’s a pie[Music]a bit – bye-bye so just taking a littlebit of cocoa powder in a small sifter Iam just gonna sift a little bit of thatcocoa powder all over the top of themypielook at that gorgeous bitch next we’regoing to be taking a little bit more ofthat cookie crumble and just spreadingit around the top as wellmy hands are pain so that’s it guysthis is our no thang very simple mud pierecipe if you liked what you saw smashthat subscribe button and don’t forgetto tell notification for new epic videosevery single week stay healthy stay safeand we will see all y’all next week[Music]

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