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We are just everyday real life foodies, NOT professionals.
We love home cooking and baking and feel that food should be fun, whether its creating new recipes, trying out old family favourites, going out for meals with friends, or just having family meals at home.

We also love travelling and an essential part of the travelling experience is trying out local food and drinks, ad experiencing the hospitality of people around the world, sharing their passion for food.

Here at The Big Oggie Bakehouse we want to inspire you, to entertain you and inform you, maybe sometimes even surprise you.

So pull up a chair, grab a drink and relax, because you are part of our growing foodie community.

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Video Transcription

today we’re going to make another pintbut a completely different type of piethis is called polity pine and it’s anopen top pieso where is last time we have no basethis time we’ve got no gate I’ve got apie dish I thought some shortcrustpastry and basically the filling is madeup of potatoes leeks onion little bit ofgarlic some bacon lardons and cheeseit’s a really easy thing to doit literally is more of a thing that youjust throw in whatever you’ve gotbasically which is I think where it camefrom it came from the world war sopeople just world war world they camefrom World War two name the idea theythink it came from the land girls okayrumor has it we’re in Cornwall it wasactually called Devon pie but that’sokay career cyclists we’re notnecessarily just cool so basically whatwe are going to do is I’ve peeled andcubed my potatoes they’re in thesaucepan just there they need to bebrought to the boil and simmer for about10 to maybe 15 minutes the ovens on aswell if you want that just happenedbecause boss the potatoes are softeningI need to bake my pastry blind so I’mgoing to put my half of my potatoes on aminute are you Walter salted in yourphotos and then it’s small amount offlour all right not becauseI’m gonna roll the answer might be onthat blabber but it’s going to come offof the greaseproof I don’t want to spitso this is shortcrust pastry basicallythis rectangle needs to fit into thatroundyeah we’ve used in our new pie dishagain because we love the pie dishinternic same thing with this pie it’sbecause there is no bleed if I need totake some off the side and touch up thisside by the looks of it I can do so withno problem yeah very cosmetic andthey’ll be seen I’ve made this pie acouple of weeks ago and it was a realsuccess if you like quiche it’s likefamous it’s very similar but waitpotatoes I did look up house we werelooking at various versions of thisrecipe because there are lots and lotsof versions of this online because youcan throw anything you like in and thereare vegetarian versions which arecompletely vegetarian and there are onesit had a bit of bacon or something elsein them as wellwhich we’re doing we’re just enhancinghis slightly yeah and that’s anotherthing I mean obviously it comes from thewar but you had to basically useeverything that you had and a lot ofpeople don’t actually peel the spuds inthis you do it’s just a personalpreference okay we have actually seemore with a bit of apple in as wellwhich might be an interesting idea it’sinteresting so maybe we’ll try thatagain at some point and I think I’ve hadthis in a vegetarian restaurant withcarrots yes I have gone to vote arearestaurant from time to time you canactually use any but vegetable it saysyeah I think the whole point is thatbecause it’s all predominantly cookedand then all thrown in togethersomeone I’ve described this is don’tthink of it as a kind of piethink of it as a jacket but one of thosejacket potatoes that you mix all thelovely goodnessand all the cheese and the onionseverything else into it and then doublebake it so it’s that kind of thing sopastries in the dish I’m gonna okayalthough further face and obviouslybecause the poi dish is solid it’s not aloose paste dish I don’t need to worryabout anything run and I don’t they it’sa runny fill in anyway but just as andthen I’m going to get my is gruntingokay function I’m making well I couldmake no car to the car – yeah that’svery good dog very Shetty here was Igonna demonstrate how you cut perfectcircle in a piece of greaseproof paperand you didn’t eat that now I know whatand then I have got a nice tub of properbacon and beans which are ceramicthey’re absolutely amazing I got themirrors yeah what they’re worth everypenny if you’re into baking her noreally you don’t have bacon beans youcan use rice you can use beans you canuse any type of pots lentils I know thekind of they’ve dried if you’re gonnause my beans or lentils or things likethat they’re not really good for eat andafter so yeah this is the you so youwent over again yeah they were veryexpensive at all these their own andthese are brilliant because they’receramic they get very hot so they alsocook from the insideupside down if you like great so this isgonna go into the oven at a hundred andninety degrees for 20 minutes or untilit’s golden brown so I’m just going withthis enamelso I’ve just taken them to take this offthey’ve been boiled and now they’re atcooling and now we’re going to start therest of the filling so you need somebutter and some vegetable oil or oliveoil or whatever oil you want butbasically oil in butter butter forflavor oil just off your burner so heata pan a large frying pan with yourbutter and your oil by the way thisrecipe I got from online from the greedygourmet yeah like we said there aredozens and dozens of recipes for home atsea pipe because you can throw it if youlike in it but I like this one butinside there but I like this one I dolike this one but I have added baconinto it which is not any stressful thingto say but I do like his recipe becauseI prefer to blind-date my pastry firstright Sebastian Alton and in goes alarge onion which we prepared earlierfor Kelly burner do like that watchedwhat particularly finally just choppedit this company so it’s kind of allrustic rustic that’s the word I knew ofthe word JSON and a large have to say wedidn’t use leaks very much untilrecently we absolutely love them nameone of those almost forgotten vegetablesin them so these two vegetables need tocook down and caramelize together I’msorry my state takes a little while toget heat in but once it starts going canI ask if the garlic need to go at thispoint with the onions all the garlicneeds to go in when the leek and onionor my son’s soft because you don’t wantthe garlic to burn and the garlic willburn way quicker than the leek and onioncook fair enoughokay onions are nicely paralyzingtogether nine you can say that they losta lot of their bodies in ghosts a littlebit garden you can use garlic if youwant then have to if you don’t want towhat the recipes also saying use timeand if you have time you won’t use thatI literally any flavor garlic and I’mgonna put in now on my baking hard-onsI’m using to a little packet they comein let’s make racket like these okay andyou could guess use on will take than agood top your own but we go to an it thespeed wise so it’s great curries arelovelyso Phil effect I’m a very luckycameraman like they like smell betterwhat I’m gonna do is pour the potato nowinto the source book because as soon asthis is finished I’m putting it straightin on top of these tastings and thenwe’re going to leave it for fully tenminutes just so it goes up not quite sofar and then I’ll be up in 60 mils ofdouble cream when I added the cream willhave will add half of the cheese andthen into the path into the history itgoes and it’s basically done you justsprinkle and rest the cheese on the topbut which Ranieri there[Music]you want to come back once I’ve donethis step right save the leeks onionsgarlic and bacon are done put the wholelot in on top of the potatoes so givethat lot a bit of mix and it really doesnot matter if your potatoes break up orthey don’t check out they’re going backin the oven for 40 minutes so it reallyis like a double baked jacket potato sothere we go now I’m gonna leave it for10 minutes just so that the heat leavesit said I can mix cream and half it’scheese in it without it all curdling andcooking in the sauce pan before we goaway I want to just show what happens toyour blind baked this is my plan or tartall right this is the pie dish with theblind baked pastry in it as you can seeit’s all nice and golden and crispcrispy on the bottom which is perfectand the cheese they recommend using is amature sort of strongest cheeseobviously you’re gonna want to taste itso you’re not interested on teasingthese go for medium and they say therecipe here not that we’re following therecipe strictly but the recipe we saidis that you need 150 grams of cheesethis is 250 grams we like cheese we likecheese yeah so I’m going to mix half ofit in with the mixture and then I’mgoing to sprinkle the rest over the topso it’s sort of caramelI it’s not been 10 minutes that’s stillhot but we’ve got a huge storm brewingup here and they like to keep going onand off from the electric it has been anarea some that last you but if thattruck goes off we can’t cook so I’mskipping the cooldown bit I’m goingstraight for the killyeah use your motivation okay hopefullywon’t be in the dark if it goes darkcompletely without a power cut and goes60 mils of double cream hopefully thiswon’t turn into a custard so I supposethat’s why they want it cooled I’mreallyit’ll be fine and then I’m putting inhalf of this cheese fish you just mixtogether doesn’t really matter good ornot that’s obviously the cheese is gonnamelt good mix right cream obviouslymakes it nice and oh it’s just a toga Imade this before and we had it for twoone night and then there was a half of apie left and I ate the whole of the halfof the pie slice by slice the next daythey were saying this actually reallygood recipe cold it gets thickdescription is the current is ambitiousthat’s my word for the day okay yes it’sfun it with it sound good and again itis one of those recipes that you can eathot wait blue sounds like baked beanswhile the ketchup the universe solidslots of different ways but the next dayit kind of works it’s like where theysee like a stew the next day it’s betterso okayis very versatile the next day you coulduse it for my picnic lunches or packlunches or anything like that it’s anabsolutely brilliant one for taking tothe beach that’s a bit like Cornishpatently in as much as because you’vegot a bit of a pastry outside you canhold it on the outside and not get sandon the inside if you’re going to beother clubs with it you know so that yousort of shove it in a bit as much asthey’re not in you know it doesn’t needto be smart in fact the more gnarlysticky up bits the betterokay typical student at the memorialbusiness taking up the more bits thancatching just put the rest of the cheesenow we’re not being sponsored by sayingfor anybody to have to be that where wework todayif you know Penzance same with the bigsupermarket and you’re just showing alittle bit of b-roll footage of theweatherit was all for todayso that nice comfort food again and thisis now going back in the oven again 108see this time for 14 minutes okay butfinishes cooking the potatoes and itmakes it all go lush so we’ll show youwhen it comes out in 40 minuteshopefully as long as the weather doesn’ttake our electric awayyeah we’re not over in Eclipse keep yourfingers crossed[Music]I’ve just checked the recipe my god itroll it goes in 180 for 20 minutes not40 don’t we have 40 minutes it will beblack-eyed all those plans so I wasgoing to do 40 minutes nobody got 20minutes to do I mean exactly God justlike time stood washed up laughing youchoose love again it’s ready there we go[Music]one fresh at the oven boiling in hotI’ll let you pie I need to put it down Iwould as you can see there is a thicknice squirmy crust of cheese on thereyou obviously don’t need to put so muchon if you don’t want to it’s very muchcook it to your own taste and that’sexactly what we’ve doneand we have a daughter who absolutelyadores cheese so therefore so pocketypie bunny what you want make it’s yourown taste add herbs if you want to don’thave them if you don’t want to stickspinach in stick root vegetables and dowhatever you like but a holiday pie isjust what you need in this horriblehorrible weatherif you’re joining two guys see you allagain soon


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  2. Wow another delicious looking pie lol I’m going to be massive soon lol. That looks again really nice . Thanks.

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  5. Excellent, I’ve never heard of baking beads, learnt something new today Bon appetit.

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