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How to bake pumpkin pie

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Video Transcription

this be a cheese plate yeah Thank Youpumpkin stuffvanilla[Music]Ohsugar and we need to give themare we doneit’s early fall I put this in here right[Music]okay time for stirring again[Music]so we’re done with thisnow we’re DRD yolks in the vanilla nowwe’re adding the sugartractor all that we’re gonna get rid ofthis wait I just got rid of this dope[Music]yes that does not taste gooddo not try this at home oh yeah try thisat home but don’t eat it until it’stough[Music]what this is not my faultis it done is it done oh no an idea okayAlexis[Music]now we wait thank you guys so much forwatchingwait are we done are we done so we justput these in the freezer until tomorrowwhich is Thanksgiving and yeah oh yeahwe got a bake up in the oven so crazy wehave to break them in the oven you gotput into 350 don’t forgetall right one second one will go righttherealright alright so we’re done thank youguys so much for watching if you likethis video just like it and comment downbelow with if you actually use this I’llput the ingredients right here and yeahba Silesia

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