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Easy Chocolate Pie (Tasty + No Bake)

Easy chocolate silk pie (tasty + no bake). This vegan chocolate pie is healthy, lower in sugar, requires no oven, is higher in protein, and is made with very few ingredients. You will love this simple decadent chocolate pie recipe! #chocolate #pie #baking

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Easy Vegan Chocolate No Bake Pie

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I had a ton of fun making this high protein tofu chocolate silk pie recipe for you guys. I love making healthy vegan recipes and I hope this helps you make the best vegan chocolate pie!
My recipes are made with the goal of nourishing your body and keeping you healthy and fit. They will help fuel you through hard exercise, workouts, and daily life. These are recipes I enjoy myself while training hard as an endurance runner, so I hope you love them as much as I do! Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more amazing vegan food related videos.
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