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How To Make Galaktoboureko – Easy Greek Custard Pie At Home

Today on Passion for Food we make a great Greek classic, Galaktoboureko! It’s an easy Greek custard pie and today I’ll show you how to make it.
For the ingredient list and more check out:https://realpassionforfood.blogspot.com/2020/06/how-to-make-galaktoboureko-easy-greek.html

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Video Transcription

today on passion for food we’re going tobe making this beautiful Greek custardpie called Gallic de bourree Co which isa wonderful egg and semolina custardsandwiched between two buttery layers ofphyllo soaked in a wonderfully infusedsyrup not only is this custard dessertdelicious but it’s surprisingly easy sothere’s no need for us to be puttingthis off any further let’s go ahead andjump in and get started with our simplesugar syrup we’re making this first togive the syrup a chance to cool beforewe put it on our Gallic de bourree Coand for the syrup we’re gonna need 2cups of granulated sugar along with 2cups of water now really we can infusethis syrup with any flavors we wouldlike I see a lot of people using orangepeel and cinnamon but me personally I’ma big fan of lemon in this but to avoidany bitterness we really only want thelemon zest though we’ll go ahead and addthe whole zest of one lemon and if youwant a little more zing in there add thejuice of that lemon as well but I’m justgonna use the zest here today andthere’s a reason we call this a simplesyrup because that’s it we’re done wejust want to bring this up to a boil andlet it simmer for five minutes at whichpoint we can just slap a lid on this andset it aside until we’re ready for itnow I’ve seen a lot of disagreements online on the best way to make the custardbut really it’s so easy I find all thosedisagreements a little off-putting sowe’re gonna be using the old dumpeverything into the pot technique herestarting with half a gallon of milkthat’s approximately 2 litres along with1 cup of granulated sugar along with 1cup of fine semolina flour depending onwhere you’re located that may or may notbe a challenge to find I found it kindof in the specialty baked goods sectionalong with the almond flour rye flowersand stuff like that the semolina is whatgives this custard its signature flavorand texture and unlike regularall-purpose flour the semolina isactually quite easy to mix in with themilk without forming a lot of- that will add about a teaspoon and ahalf of vanilla extract along with halfa cup of melted butter the butterdoesn’t strictly have to be melted itjust makes stirring a little bit easierand at this point we want to turn theheat on to medium high and startbringing this up to temperature andwhile this warms up let’s go ahead andget our eggs ready we need a total of 6large eggs now normally I’d be yokingaround with all kinds of crazy egg punsbut I don’t want to get you all crackedup anyway we want to give these eggs arereally good vigorous beating we don’twant little bits of scrambled egg in thecustard that is not excellent so we’lladd that to our milk sugar and semolinamixture and we want to just whisk thisas it comes up to temperature now thisis really the only part of the processwhere we need to pay attention we needto stay and continue to whisk this untilit comes up to temperature and thickensnicely for us that should normally takearound five minutes you can see the kindof texture we’re going for here thatshould be super thick so at this pointwe can just put a lid on this and set itaside for a moment while we prepare ourphyllo now I know what you might bethinking hey Graham but where do I findphyllo dough well you’ll have to checkyour local store but for me it’s usuallyin the freezer section next to the pieshells and stuff so we want to our 9 by13 baking dish and I like to apply justa liberal layer of butter to the bottomfirst but once we have things allbuttered up we’re gonna go in with ourphyllo pastry and I like going in twosheets at a time it makes things a lotquicker and the results appear to beidentical so you can go a single sheetat a time if you’re like some kind ofgiant masochist or something but that’snot how we’re doing things today sowe’re just gonna layer these in two at atime and it doesn’t have to be perfectit’s going to look beautiful in the endtrust me and you want to butter eachlayer before addinganother layer and we’re going with atotal of five that’s ten pastry sheetsin total for the bottom once we’vebuttered that final base layer we wantto go ahead and just pour in all of thatbeautiful semolina custard now carefulnot to spill any we’d hate to have theGreek food police come and take us allinto custardy so we just want to spreadthis out evenly making sure we’regetting it nicely into all four cornersonce we get that all smoothed out wejust want to repeat that same processwith the filo dough on top with twosheets and then we butter and two sheetsand so on until we’ve used up anotherten sheets in total you may or may notneed to trim or tuck your sheets alittle but I was able to just kind ofbaste the corners down in where I wantedthem perfectly so I didn’t have to doany major trimming to my dough here andone final thing before we slip this intothe oven we want to pre cut this likebaklava now that does a couple of thingsthat makes it pretty but it alsoprevents all those little air bubblesfrom expanding in the oven but we wantto be careful only to cut through thattop layer of phyllo we don’t want to goall the way to the bottom once we’vesettled the score with our Gallic toButeyko we can go ahead and whisk thisoff to a preheated 350 degree oven wherethis is going to bake for about 45minutes or until golden brown and nicelypuffed up on top at which point we’ll goahead and pull our Gallic tobiko out andthere’s one final step we need that’sthat sugar syrup we made right at thebeginning so I’ve always heard coldsyrup hot to a brewery tip to whatever aco so we just want to slowly pour overour lemon zest infused syrup lettingthat slowly soak in here now here’s thetruly difficult thing with Gallic debourree Co we need to let this coolcompletely preferably overnight in thefridge in my opinion gives the besttexture on that custard but once it’snice and cool we can go ahead and grab aslice here and just for dramatic effectI added a little extra syrup frompan and finally that moment we’ve beenwaiting for we go in for a bite of thisbeautiful Gallic de bourree Co I reallylove the creaminess of this and it’ssweet without being too sweet it’s areally delightful easy dessert I reallyhope you enjoyed today’s episode ofpassion for food hopefully I haven’tbeen putting you all to sleep with allof my silly food buns if you’ve enjoyedtoday’s episode please give me a thumbsup below and consider subscribing andhitting that little bell so you don’tmiss our future episodes also check outsome of our other great recipes playingon the screen now this has been Grahamwith passion for food[Music]

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