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Cook with Me from the Pantry | Chicken Pot Pie with Home Canned Soup

During the winter I canned up some basic chicken soup for my pantry so that I could have quick go to meal prep on the shelves. I knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to be able to whip together a quick chicken pot pie with this as my base ingredients. In today’s video I show just how to do that. Along with the ready made chicken soup I already had 2 homemade pie crust on hand. I think I will continue to prepare pie crust from time to time on the weekends and keep them in the fridge or freezer so I have them on hand when needed.

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2 Quarts Basic Chicken Soup (Drained, stock reserved)
1 Cup Chicken Stock
1 Cup of Whole Milk, Half and Half, or Evaporated Milk
4 Tbs Butter
1/4 Cup Flour
Salt and Pepper to Taste
2 Pie Crust

Directions: Preheat oven to 425F. Melt butter over medium/low heat, whisk in flour and continue stirring until flour is cooked, slowly mix in broth and milk (mixing thoroughly so there are no lumps), continue to cook and stir until sauce base is somewhat thickened. Add in drained chicken and veggies. Salt and pepper to taste. Pour into prepared pie crust and top with pie crust. Seal edges, cut steam vents in top of pie crust. Bake for 30 Mins.

Watch for end card for the link to the Basic Chicken Soup video.

Below is the link to Amy Fewells Sourdough Pie Crust Recipe:

Easy Sourdough Pie Crust


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Video Transcription

hi guys we are going to be making todayanother pantry meal and I’m makingchicken potpieyou guys remember I can’t a whole bunchof basic chicken soup and it’s justchicken with carrots onions celery peascooked in chicken broth with someseasonings in itI’m gonna go ahead and strain this realquick and then I’m gonna show you how Iwhip together a quick and simple chickenpot pie hey the first thing I’m going tostart with is just making a basic grooveso I’m just going to put in fourtablespoons of butter I’m gonna let thatmelt and then we’ll be adding the flourbase okay to this I’m going to be addinga quarter cup of flour turn that down alittle bit we’re just gonna stir thisend up basically making a soft spacelike down south you call it a room butyou’re not gonna cook it very longof it I’m trying to think how to tellyou when it’s done I just go by smell Iguess when I think the flowers cookedokay now I’m gonna slowly whisk and Iguess the bubbles change on it a littlebit I slowly whisk in a cup chickenbrotha cup of milk you can use heavy creamfull milk this is evaporated milk I hadleft over from making a dessert theother day now I’m just gonna whisk thiswhile this incorporates it’s gonna getthicker and then we’ll toss in ouringredients okay it’s getting reallynice and thick let’s go grab the suitbits if you’re just going to pour allthe little soup pieces in here okay kickit up a notch with a little liquidaminos stir the set okay salt and pepperit a little bitall right well while that is getting allhappy together we are gonna roll out ourpie crust okay so I made these piecrusts I don’t know probably a week agonow and they’ve just been sitting in thefridge so we’re gonna roll them out andthey are Amy Fuels sourdough pie crustrecipe so I’ll leave a link to that inthe description below mmm you smellyummy[Music]my family’s not a big fan of thick eyecrust but if you are you can definitelymake this thicker when I say thicker Imean just don’t roll it out as much as Idid all right we’re gonna preheat theoven to 400 we shall get our goodiespour that in there all rightwhoo doesn’t that look good all rightlet’s put the top pie crust on my dogsare at my feet just waiting for me todrop something huh always underfoot inthe kitchen okay now I don’t get fancywith my pie crust it’s okay if you do Idon’t I just roll them together youmight have enough leftover pie crust Ican make some sweet pies for dessert Amyif you’re watching this your pie crustrecipe was seems amazing even aftersitting in the fridge for a week thenyou’re just gonna put some slits in itso I can vent all eight cooks again I’mnot super fancy about this if you wantto be super fancy you can this is justdinner for our family all right thereyou have it so I’m gonna put this in theoven for about 50 minutes and check onit okay but wasn’t that simple that wasfrom starting to finishing less than 15minutes to throw together a pot pie soon the weekends guys just make up somepie crust throw them in the fridgeyou’ve got them for when you need themit doesn’t take much effort to throw ina pie crust but when it comes to makingdinner and you realize you need to makea pie crust that’s when it feelsoverwhelming but when you already haveit on hand it’s like how awesome is thatso I’m just gonna save this pie crustand maybe in a day or two we’ll makesome sweet pies with it it should beenough for three or four sweet pies andwhat else was I gonna sayoh so youcan your basic chicken soup and we’vemade chicken and rice casserole with itthrowing noodles you’ve got a yummychicken noodle soupnow add a roux base a gravy base and youhave ready to go chicken pot pie fillingso that’s probably what I was lookingforward to the most when I made thebasic chicken soup so I’m excited to beable to share with you what it lookslike so stay tuned I’ll bring you guysback when it’s all said and done okay soa couple adjustments I made I was wrongfor 25 on the temperature and I cookedin about 40 minutes it probably couldhave gone 30 minutes easy now you justhave to let it set ten minutes beforeyou cut into it if you cut into achicken potpie right out of the ovenit’s gonna be really soupy still sodefinitely let it cool for 10 minutesbefore you cut into it all right guysit’s been about 10 minutes so we’regonna cut into it this is not Todd’s inhere with meI’m telling him it’s not my pie crustrecipe it’s a me Fuels sourdough piecrustI’ll bring you guys around and show youthat inside the inside looks like focusgood now we had a technical difficultythere so my resident taste testers arefinally trying it it’s not my normal potpie right so the whole purpose of thisis to make a pot pie with my pantrypreps so what do you think Dan is reallygood yeah reallythe crust do you like that Amy she likesyour crust mmm now the crust is goodsreally chewy mm-hmm no feelings good soJon no thank youtastes like a pot pie maybe not maybenot as buttery as my normal one trueyeahbetween your crust and everything yeahmy gravy maybe the filling always tastesa little bit but more buttery to me butit’s good so there you gopantry meal prep wings

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