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Blueberry Pie baked on BBQ

How do you bake off grid? Use your bar-b-que! Will show you how to bake on your bar-b-que without burning it!

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Video Transcription

hello welcome to Laura’s off-gridCooking Channel today I’m gonna tell youhow to barbecue pies on your barbecue soyou don’t have any power and you don’thave an oven you can bake on yourbarbecue so I’m gonna give you some tipson how to do that there’s a technique soI just basically have two pie shells I’mjust gonna take just a can of piefilling and I’ll put it in here just youcan use any filler you want I’m justdoing this just to show you how to cookusing a barbecue for baking you don’twant anything to burn[Music]you’re gonna just make your holes anywayyou really want I’m just going like thatnow the church on a barbecue it’s lowheat even though this up here says thatit you know to bake you think you got togo to 375 do you not go to 375 on abarbecue on a barbecue you’re only gonnago to 200 on a barbecue and it willstill work and this needs to be on thetop rack you’re gonna top rock we’returning on two propane spots on thisbarbecue that’s it no more than two okayand so you’re also gonna make sure thatthese are turned all the way down soyou’ve got only two on and they’re turnalmost all the way down on your controlshereokay let’s feel it okay now we’re gonnajust shut it and we’re gonna cook itslowly okay we’re gonna cook it slow soI’ve got two knobs on two burners are onthey’re turned down almost the verylowest okay and we’re gonna wait untilour temperature comes up to around 200to 250 on your control temperature butwhat are you doingthere’s some paused Oh see you didn’tshut it off is that what you did[Music]

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