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Batch Cook Cottage Pie

👨‍🍳batch Cook Cottage Pie👨‍🍳
2.5kg Maris piper potatoes £1.00
1.5kg Beef Mince £4.47
2x onions £0.30
4x garlic cloves £0.05
4x sprigs of thyme £0.10
1x celery bunch £0.45
1/3 tube tomato purée £0.14
3x tablespoons Worcestershire sauce £0.05
9x carrots £0.52
200ml red wine (optional) £0.45
500ml beef stock (2x beef stock cubes) £0.60
1x fresh Basil £0.47
3x red chillies £0.28
150ml milk £0.20
2x leeks £0.68
250g mature cheddar £0.35
4x tablespoons Bisto Best £0.10
Total Cost : £9.76
This made 24x Portions at £0.40p a Portion
#Cookathome #Batchcook #CookFresh #Cotttagepie
Special Thankyou to Daniel Storer for donating the ingredients to this video ❤️

Original of the video here

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