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Hey guys! While we are stuck in the house we did decided to have a random date from the Couples Adventure Book, called “The Helpless Baker”. Basically, the date is one person is blindfolded while the other person tells them how to bake, the catch is they are only allowed to say 3 directive sentences the whole time!

Adam had a hard time baking an apple pie blindfolded but we had fun time making this together!
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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys welcome back we’re coming toyou today with a brand new video we’regood finally able to use our adventurechallenge couple book and we are reallyexcited to finally get to be able to dothis if you’re wondering what theventure challenge book is make sure tocheck out our Christmas haul and itgives more details about what it is sotoday we’re gonna do an indoor datesince we’re quarantined so we kind ofhave no other option but to do an indoordate so he flipped through the book andlooked at the helpful hints thing andlook for ones with that said home soflipping to the first page and that’sthe first one so we decided that sincethis is the first one that had the Homeicon why not go ahead and do it so itsays it costs 5 to 15 dollars we can doit anytime in Olaf’s roughly about 2 to3 hours and the name of the date iscalled the helpless Baker so I’m justgonna go ahead and scratch it off hereoh man this looks like it has a lot ofwords on itso it says make a homemade pie togethereasier said than done one of you has tomix all the ingredients by yourselfblindfolded while the other person givesinstructions by leading with their handsthe leader can only use three directscences the whole time the person withthe least amount of cooking experiencehas to be the blindfolded mixer that’sgonna be challenging so who’s gonna beblindfolded me this will be veryinteresting hey you make sure to staythroughout the entire video because atthe end I have a special announcement tomakenow let’s make a pie so we accidentallyshot this in slow motion but basicallySarah saying that we are making thatapple pie we’re gonna block low Adam I’mgonna figure – holding up 5/7 nopethat’s wrong now on to making the pieone place flour and sugar in foodprocessor and we’ll have a foodprocessor so we’re just using a handmixer so you need to add about half thebutter and pull alrightblender one to nothing in there put somebutter right can’t talk alright this isdefinitely yeah but I don’t see apulsating so I’m just going to go oneknotch and hopefully I don’t rub out andfingersthis is very terrifying very terrifyingcuz I really need to see what I’m doingnow you’re gonna place one 3/4 ofall-purpose flour flour doing youporn itwhat’s going on this is a lot harderthan y’all I think it is sugar why is itso wet for you’re gonna get my sugardoll buttered utility it’s an empty jarwhat’s this so fashion-y just do alittle tip and scape there’s nothing ina jar how deep is this door can’t fadeit’s good gravywhat was that noise take your hand inhere get some out and just put it on thecountertop just take that and just puton the pot and take both of your handsand just get all the dough out and putit what in the world and not touching ohthat’s all so slimyit’s like slime that is not great okaynow try to make it until like a flatlittle this like a little round circlething so now I use wrapping this upwe’re gonna let it sit a little bitlonger because we have showing today wewill not be able to hold your hands onhere right back underneath okay the piecrusts are done and they are in therefrigerator so now let’s take a lookand see how this expression when I takethe blindfold off of him so just keepyour eyes closed don’t open them up okayyou may open your eyes now okayif you sure dude that you made Mendezlook goodall right guys so we’re gonna get thekitchen cleaned up that way the peoplewho come see our house and about an hourdoesn’t think they’re messy people sostay tuned for when we get back andwe’re gonna roll out the crust make thecrust and then make the inside for thatokay hey guys we are back and ready tomake the filling of the pie we had tojust change our clothes the business isgetting real messy and we didn’t want toget a mess on our beautiful and niceclothes so we changed up our clothes upa little bit and now ready to make thefeeling the possible let’s get Adamblindfolded and then just put theirunder it and then pull it tight allright can you tell how many fingers I’mholding it all right what can I say youlook for oh that’s just a guessokay how many fingers are holding at ourthroat awesome wasn’tjust like this oh my go Bob okay sofirst things first is you wash yourApple which you’ve already done sinceAdam is blindfolded I’m gonna do thispart just because you only peel applesand cut them wash the bottle okay nicehere we are we have sliced and cut andpeeled all the apples so while this issitting here we’re gonna make or Adamsgonna mix together the sauce we’re gonnatake the butter and put it in the painyou have to let that melt okay since mynerves kind of melted and Adams mixingtechnically everything together I’mgonna go ahead and add the otheringredients and now we’re adding waterto doing the sugar now it’s a half a cupof white sugar one heaping teaspoon ofcinnamon Oh coming in vanilla that’s notgood and now we’re just waiting for itto come to a bowl to talk to the sideand pull the rest of the apples now weare strongly at one last Apple by theway these are granny smith apples whichare my favorite apples and the onlyapple is that are the best in the worldeverything else is just cannot competeso now comes the dough so here’s thedoughearlier today we’re just gonna roll herehere’s a rolling pin and roll now thispart I will have to do because I don’tthe crystal break you have to wonder fornow for the top of the pie we’re goingto do the usual lattice design latticeone side gets done all this out you cantake off the sidingso now you can take off your mindfulwell it’s just a real Papa told artistsyou just cut like the evening strips soyou don’t have to be perfect so here’swhere you begin the lattice thing youlift it up and this one goes that wayand then so it’s like up and over overand then this one goes opposite way andthen you take this and you just brushthis pre 7 to 425 degrees okay so itdoesn’t drip we’re getting out thisdaddy pan and we’re gonna put it onwhich is look you know into the oven wego alright let’s do this apple pie 911is be eaten very carefully right thatthing looks beautiful[Music]all right and now I’m gonna cut a pieceof the pie to taste our pie today is thefabulous chef sting one looks very goodnot too bad for your first pot well I’mgolden dots how’s it tasteokay then let’s try this one a very goodhey I’m backso the special announcement is that Ihave created my own youtube channelcalled Adams Tech life and on thatchannel I’m gonna be doing all thingstechnology related unboxings reviewssmart home tech tips and tricks for youriPhone iPad Mac all things technology soif you are really interested intechnology but sure to head over to mychannel Adams Tech life and hit thatsubscribe button there is currently avideo up already so go ahead and watchthat if you are interested in stay tunedfor my next video where I will be doinga unboxing and our first impressions ofa 300 dollar Apple iPad pro a keyboardcase have a great week guys bye[Music]

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