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【牧羊人派】【粤語】Shepherds Pie | Cook with Shan珊珊食堂

牧羊人派 – Shepherds Pie

洋蔥半個(120克) – ½ onion (120g)
紅蔥頭1個 – 1 small shallot
黃油 20克 – Butter 20g
牛絞肉1磅 – 1 lb ground beef
番茄醬 ½杯 – Tomato sauce 1/2cup
雞湯1杯 – Chicken broth 1 cup
青豆,玉米各1杯 – Green pea & corn 1 cup each
芝士20-30克 – Cheese 20-30g
脆脆馬鈴薯適量 – Tater tots
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