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WEEKEND VLOG: making pancakes, mini PR haul, live course set up, etc




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+(Affordable Dupe) gold hoops:
+Amazon pens:
+Nudestix Bronzer:
+Boohoo Sweats:
+Iconic London Glow Mist:
+Iconic London Highlight Drops:
+Versed Clarifying Serum:
+Versed Overnight Facial Peel:
+Dr. Jart Tiger Grass Camo drops:
+New Balance tank:
+Glossier Boy Brow:



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Video Transcription

good morning you guys it is the weekendand I decided to do a little weekendvlog I think I’m just gonna vlog my daytoday see how it goesit is almost 11 a.m. already and I amjust getting around to having breakfastI slept in today and it’s been kind ofjust a cozy morning I’m gonna make somepancakes today using this little pancakemix and we’re gonna see how they turnout wife said he did not want anypancakes today he doesn’t really likepancakes that much and I told him andthese are kind of healthy ones and hewas like I don’t want any so I’m justmaking pancakes for myselfoops wouldn’t be a you know cookingvideo with me if I didn’t spill at leastone thing I already messed up 1tablespoon of milk alright this lookslike it’s enough for one pancake alrightguys here’s the batter just build alittle batter right there I have thiscoconut oil nonstick spray that I’mgonna spray oh it’s pretty good oopshere they are my little mini pancakesthat I need to put some toppings on I’mloading these things up we’re gonna putsome butter on first I might need to putsome layers as well now I’ve never triedputting almond butter on pancakes but itsounds pretty delicious so I’m gonnagive that a shot some almond butter I’mgonna put some blueberries on here boneApple teeth that’s so good that wasdelicious you guys those might have beenthe best pancakes and you know with thealmond butter and the blueberries bestcombo I’ve had in a while so I actuallyreally do like that pancake mix I showedat the beginning it’s simple mils andit’s gluten free as well which I don’teat gluten free but like all the timeobviously but if you are gluten free andthen you should try out those pancakesand waffles I almost forgot to take myritual I take these vitamins everysingle day if you guys listen to ourpodcast you probably know that becausethey are a sponsor of our podcast butI’ll give you guys a link and code ifyou guys want to get money off of theseI really believe that they’ve actuallyhelped me I feel like they just helpedme overall kind of feel more balancedbecause they have like all the essentialnutrients that woman needs highlyrecommend these also they taste likepeppermint so they’re not like chalkyand nasty and they’re really just likebeautiful so if you guys want to checkthem out I’ll leave a coat for you inthe description if you guys knew me like5 years ago you’d be very impressed thatthey could take these pills because Iwas a horrible pill taker I still kindof man but I’ve gotten so much better Ifeel like I’ve finally learned whatworks for me and like how to actuallyget them down Nick and Chelsey are gonnabe coming over a little bit later todaybecause Chelsea and I launched ourcourse it’s like a live webinar coursethat we’re doing for 4 weeks in Maybasically all of Mayand so it starts on Monday officiallythe tickets already got sold out so fastwhich you guys are amazing and I’m soexcited for this course I hope to domore in the future for sure but we wantto see how it goes first but they’recoming over a little bit later todayit’s so that we can get everythingfinalized make sure the little setupworks life has been setting up theoffice we have like a backdrop lightingaudio obviously so that everything looksand sounds greatfor the course so we’ve been getting allthat set up and they’re coming overtoday to officially test everything outand make sure everything’s running andmake sure everything’s running properlyand smoothly so before then I’llprobably clean up a little I want to getready today kind of do a little bit ofmakeup I took yesterday off I didn’t doany makeup I mostly want to test outsome makeup products that I’ve been sentlately which I’ll show you guys sothat’s kind of the reason I want toactually get ready today I kind ofwanted to do like a mini little haul ofsome PR packages I’ve gotten recentlyand also just some things I’ve bought Ithought it’d be fun to show you guys andI asked you on my Instagram if youwanted to see and a lot of you said yesyou did so I’m gonna clean up all of mystuff that I just got out to make thesepancakes and then I’ll take you guysthrough a little hull and we can getready together okay time for a littlehaul first I’m going to start with stuffthat I have personally ordered and thenwe’ll get into a few little PR packagesso the first thing I ordered recentlyare these pens from Amazon they’re allblack ink they’re just really cutelooking pastel pens and they write sowell they’re very like I can’t explainbut they’re very satisfying to writewith you know some pens just are not itand some pens just are some pens justhit different and these are some of themI got this recommendation from Kristinshe loves them she did a littletick-tock riding with them and I waslike I need those so I got these fromAmazon the next thing that I ordered soI ordered some stuff from Sephorabecause of the Beauty Insider sale andit’s really delayed in getting to me orsome reason I only got one of the thingsdelivered to me so far so I’m waiting onthe other stuff the thing I got is thislittle nude sticks bronzer it’s for allover your face you can use it for as abronzer you can use asI shadow as a lip thing so one side islike the bronzing stick and then theother side is this brush and it looksreally satisfying to use it just likekind of blends everything I have neverreally used cream contour or creambronzer so I wanted to try it out andI’ve heard good things about this I gotthe shade Bondi Bay I believe is how yousay it and I’m not positive it does looka little bit dark but I think if I haveon foundation and everything it’llprobably all blend together well so I’llkeep you guys updated if I like this andthe last thing I ordered well there’stwo more things actually one are theboohoo sweats that I linked for you guysI’m actually wearing them right now I’mwearing the gray ones right now I alsogot them in a tan color that I think wascalled sand and then I got them in apink a light pink color I honestlyreally liked them I’m sure they won’tlast me like forever because they werereally affordable but they’re reallyreally great for lounging around in I’vebeen living in them so I don’t know Idon’t think they’re still in stock Ithink these gray ones actually mighthave like one size available but I gotthe smallest size which I believe is asmall so um yeah they’re like oversizedreally comfy and I like them a lot thelast thing that I ordered recently is myfirst set from talentlessso I’ve heard everybody ranting andraving about talentless I didn’t know ifit would be worth the money or not but Ireally wanted to try it out for myselfso I could really no so I got thisreally cute set it says stay home thisis a long sleeve this is a women’s smallI believe yeah I think this is a women’ssmall and then the back says I’m stayinghome and then I got a men’s medium forthe bottoms which I will say are prettybig I probably would have preferred amen’s small but they didn’t have it instock so these are the sweatsthey say I’m staying home they’re reallyheavy-duty like very very good qualityfor sureand then they have a back pocket andthey have like a double pocket so theyhave a pocket right here and then theyhave a zip right here that’s anadditional pocket and they’re reallyreally nice like for sure the quality isvery it’s gonna last you a long timealso it says talentless right here andthen on the sleeve of the shirt thatsays talentless as well so honestly Ithink I’m going to share these with lifethey’re definitely big enough for him towear they’re very oversized but with thedrawstring you can make them look cuteum I really like oversized stuff so it’snot been a problem for me but togetherif I’m wearing this straight up togetherlike it does look pretty baggy I wouldsay I’d probably wear this shirt alonemore with like biker shorts or adifferent bottom or like tucked into mytank top so it looks cropped if I’mgonna wear them together because itwould just look kind of like oh if I waswearing it all together but a large partabout is because I did order the men’smedium pant and the reason I orderedsome men’s is because I saw that myfriend Deanna said that the men’s fitmore high-waisted and look moreoversized and the women’s are not asmuch that look and I really like theoversized look so that’s why I did thatbut like I said I would probably go fora men’s small if it was available for mysize of a person if you’re around mysize anyway I’m really excited to wear Ihaven’t even worn these the tags arestill on them but I did try it on and Ithought it was really really cute I lovethe color and like I said the quality isreally awesome so excited to wear thisnow I’m going to show you a few littlePR packages that I’ve gotten recently sothe first one is I got a package fromiconic London which I’m super excitedabout I actually ordered some of theirhighlighter drops like two years agoprobably but I got the completely wrongshade and then I ended up not gettingthe right shade ever so I’ve never triedout any of their stuff but I am reallyreally excited so I got two of theseprep set glow like mists and they’rebasically this is the original one Ibelieve and then I’m not sure what thedifference is besides that there aredifferent shades but they’re both likeyou can put them on I believe before andafter makeup to make your face lookreally dewy and glowy and look how justlike beautiful this is so I’m reallyexcited to finish off my makeup withthat they sent me their highlighterdrops which look so amazing I’m probablygoing to use this stuff today by the wayjust to test it all out then they sentme their blush right here and also thislittle thing which I thinkin intriguing it’s called brow silk andit’s like a brow formula just clear likethis and then you get this I think youcan use it wet or dry and you put it inhere and then make your brows like standup and I believe it’s supposed to makeyour brows stay in the way that you wantthem to stay which will be greatBecca sent me some highlighter which I’mvery excited about it looks verybeautiful and glowy I don’t think I’veever tried any becca products eitherreally that I can think of first whichis a clean skincare brand I believe theysell them at Target but I’ve definitelyseen their products all over the placethey’re super cute the branding isreally good I have used this for a fewdays I really like it it’s that it’scalled the just breathe clarifying serumit’s for um like if your skin isbreaking out or not cooperating with youand then this I have not used yet butit’s called the shortcut overnightfacial peel so can’t wait to try thisout as well I always love new skin careproducts okay lastly for skincare beautystuff is dr. jart sent me a bunch oftheir tiger grass stuff so they sent methe tiger grass calming mist cream thecamo drops which I have used in the pastand really loved a serum a colorcorrecting treatment so all theseproducts like soothe redness and theycan camouflage redness basically I usedthese camo drops actually like prettyreligiously because it neutralizes theredness in my skin and my skindefinitely gets red sometimes and Ireally liked them but I think whatstarted happening was that I didn’t atthis point I wasn’t really into skincare stuff so I didn’t like exfoliatingmy face and moisturize properly so thenI would put the drops on and I wouldlike rub them and then there would bedry skin and so I started feeling like Ijust can’t wear these but it was nothingbecause of this it was literally justbecause I had dry skin that I wasn’texfoliating first so now that I’m moreknowledgeable in skincare I’m reallyexcited to give these a try also the alist so I love so much sent me a PRpackage full of so much amazing stuff soI’m gonna share one of my favoritethings that they sent me which is thislittle new balanced workout tank that Ithink is so cute and kind of gives melike a little retro vintage feel alsothese new Balance leggings I just thinkthat will be so cute to wear togetherfor my ab homeworkpouts or for a little neighborhood walkso very excited about that they sent mesome other awesome stuff I’ll show youguys in upcoming vlogs that’s it for alittle haul let’s get ready now I wantto test out some of these littleskincare and makeup products and getready for the day the goal today for mymakeup I just want it to be really umnatural bronzy and glowy that’s the goalforce let’s see if we can achieve thatokay I’m gonna start with this prep setglow stuff oops I’m feeling glowyalready sorry if I look into this waybecause that’s the screen and I don’thave a mirror right now I shouldprobably get him here using this LauraMercier tinted moisturizer now I have alittle mirror I can use so I don’t haveto be looking over there constantly youknow what you guys I had a thoughtOh Chelsea’s calling me again what theheck what are the odds whenever I’mfilming a YouTube video hello hey guesswhat I’m doing filming YouTube videosay hello YouTube but every time I’mfilming you call somehowokay I just used the nude sticks bronzerI really like it I think it looks reallygooddefinitely gave my face some color Idon’t know if it’s blended perfectly yetbut I think it was good I was on thephone with Chelsea that whole time shewas talking my ear off let’s try out theblush sheer blush from iconic London andthen also the illuminator drops thehighlighter I’m guessing that this stuffis gonna like a little goes a long wayis what I’m kind of feeling like so I’mjust gonna put a tiny bit on thecheekboneokay okay looks cute giving my cheeks alittle colorI don’t always love blush because like Isaid I feel like my cheeks already getred and so sometimes it just doesn’tfeel like I even needed okay okay let’sdo the highlighter drops now and I’mjust gonna put a tiny bit on my hand ohthat is glowy whoo that looks so prettysome on my nose and on the other cheekwow that looks really really prettyI’m gonna put on this Charlotte Tilburyum eyes to mesmerize eyeshadow in theshadeoh my lid I like doing that cuz it’s sosimpleyeah it just gives it a little a littlepizazz let’s do the brows with my glossya boy brow I have the shade Brown mycamera is about to die and just switchthe batterysorry guys cuz my camera died literallyright I was finishing up my makeupbut I finished and I honestly think itlooks really really pretty and glowy Iloved all the products I used that Itried and I’ll keep you guys updated onthe other products on like the Beccahighlighter I didn’t try that this timeand just anything else that I try Isomehow missed that iconic London hadsent me some mascara as well in thatpackage but I used it today and I reallyreally liked it so yeah I love all theirstuff I’m feeling glowyand natural and yeah I’m ready to get myday going in case you saw this in thereflection and we’re wondering what thismirror is doing here no is not going togo here I need to get a big full-lengthmirror for this space but haven’t foundone and I have one in minds but it’sreally expensive so I haven’t bought ityet so for now this is just chillinghere for one that I need to look if myoutfit is looking good or not I justleaned down like this and I say okayyeah I think that’ll work thefull-length mirror that used to be thereis actually supposed to be in the guestroom and I cleaned out the guest roomand organized it and put the mirror backwhere it went in there because that’swhere it goes and even though I I reallydo need a full-length me in here I justit’s like a super heavy mirror actuallyeven though it’s small and so I’m sickof like bringing it back and forth so Ijust kept in the guest room because I’mlike that’s where it’s going anyway andthen I just have that circular one Iprobably I’m going to end up sellingbecause I don’t have a place for it herebut it’s just holding the place for themirror that I end up buying it for thatspot having some celcius Chelsea andNick just got here to test out our livecourse setup so the boys are testing outsome behind the scenes audio and stufflike thatCheers well we get some energy in ourNew Aesthetic blue and yellow what doyou guys think true boys are back thereand the man cavelook at these massive lights guys thisis what it takes oh my gosh withminiscule we’re out here with the studiolighting we’re letting a good to youguys we got a light up here in hereourselves we’re really getting seriousit looks like a movie set in this officeright now surrounded by lots ofequipment and two cute boys looks cuteoh it’s good the light it’s like so it’sbouncing off that Wow look at thisyou’re smartwhy it looks so good it literally looksamazing sort of like this so while theboys are finishing up setting up ourlittle live course setup which looks sogood and sounds so good and I’m just soexcited about it this air might be loudwe are picking up some takeout from byChloe I think I’ve had to buy Chloe oneother time during quarantine it reallyjust hits the spotso Chelsea is running in there right nowto get our food we’re gonna bring ithome to the boys we’re all gonna eat andhang out a little bit it is 5:00 p.m.currently and Chelsea and I were justsaying it feels like it’s 1:00 p.m. theday’s just fly by it’s weird some daysfeel ten years long and then other daysI just blink and I feel like it’s overit’s so weird so today is one of thosedays that just is going by reallyquickly probably just because we’ve beenstaying busy but ya got the goods herewe gogot some salads mine is a kale CaesarChelsey’s is a quinoa talkable all rightNik and Chelsey just went home the Sunjust set we ate our food it was reallydelicious and now I’m on the couch aboutto start reading my book which is calledthe book I’m reading right now is thelast mrs. Parrish I’m only on the firstI think I want chapter four it’s alreadygot me hooked I’ve heard this is areally good book so it’s a fiction novelI have to switch between reading likeyou know productivity self-help booksand also novels because if I read toomany productivity books I get kind ofbored and then I like stop wanting toread but if I put in a novel in thereevery once in a while and kind of justswitch it up then I keep the excitementto read so I’ve been still loving myKindle I think I mentioned that in avideo one of my past videos althoughright now it looks like it’s frozenleave how’s your day me too it’s gonnabe so good I cannot believe our coursestarts on Monday it’s so exciting I’mfeeling prepared got all the you knowtechnical back-end stuff ready Chelseaand I’ve been working onall the different topics and lessons andwe’ve been reading a lot and justworking on all the behind the scenes sosuper excited if you guys got tickets toour live course can’t wait to see youevery Monday and Friday for this entiremonth it’s gonna be really fun my hairis growing out my roots are like thislong at this pointthe brown roots my hair is like not evensuper red anymore it’s an auburn color Iguess I actually don’t hate it I usuallylike when my hair like the color that myhair fades to naturally but who knowshow long I I’m gonna have to go before Iget my hair done again so I might be afull-on brunette sometime soon wellwe’ll see I’m very excited for the daythat I can dye my hair get it trimmedthat’ll be a great dayuntil then we’re rockin with what we gotI’m gonna end the vlog right here I’mgonna read a little bit then I’m gonnashower and get ready for bedbut you guys will see this videotomorrow I’m uploading it tomorrow Iguess I’ll see you guys in my next videothank you so much for watching make sureyou give this a thumbs up if you want toand make sure you subscribe for morevlogs fun content and I’ll see you guysnext time[Music]

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