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How to make Pancakes – Quarantine Cooking with Nik

2 cups of all purpose flour
pinch of salt
3-5 tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of baking soda
2 teaspoons of baking powder
4 eggs
500ml of kefir/buttermilk
2-3 tablespoons of butter/margerine
fruits of choice

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Video Transcription

come on Nickit’s time to eat and then comes theactual first step of cooking is ignoringall the message out in the kitchenbecause Martha will take let’s get somelight I stole this recipe for Matthewmedicine which is a can I see that soshout outwe need like three bowls so we need onebig bowl for mixing it all together OneBowl four egg whites and I think a smallbowl four egg yolks this is a new let’ssay stylistic idea of wearing a beaniein the house okay so it’s important toorganize your working station so notlike this random placement of things buthave an actual system but we’re workinga bit so now first episode to actuallyhave a name for our segmentlike parenting cooking would makeCosentino anyway so we need fresh flouryou know it’s fresh there because it’sdouble packaged the plastic packagekeeps the aromas in so we need I meanall the exact measurements we’ll put itcalls for about two cups of flour I justdecided that this is my measuring cup solet’s put it like this let’s see thatFroome because we don’t want to have toomany clumps so precision okay so to twoof these bad boys okay more this and CCyour flour back okay then says sugaryeah we forgot sugar vanilla sugar butanyway okay we’ll come to should relateto first when he always use a bit ofpinch a bit of salt even if you’recooking sweet stuff and just open up theflavors and I’m saying okay teaspoonbaking powder put the bad boy one and ahalf to three-quarters of this sugarwelcome back welcome back to the cookingshow current in cooking[Music]I don’t have I don’t have the excitementand energy oh good youtuber so it’s justimprovising here okay let’s get I don’tknow depends on how sweet you like themlet’s get we are not dying okay now theeggs so we need four eggs we’ve gottaseparate them we have two bowls here forsome reason let’s separate them or onedepending what technique you have forseparation and like do the shell thingor you can like do it with the end andnow yes you see I made a crucial mistakethat they used to little little Bowl foregg whites although I needed to be goingso I just want to switch that yeahreally cut the down and post and yeahthat’s what are you doing it the wrongway again my feel don’t say well reallycamera shy[Music]nobody’s gonna learn cooking coming tooclose to the comment back a little backwait what am I doing herepancakes okay so this is our dryingredients our egg whites yolks don’ttell Marcelokay whisk our egg white sweetwhich I mean you can also use a likemachine for that well you can whisk itlike man so man this first episode isactually not very great so we have to Idid it as it was in the rest of theoriginal recipe and where he’s puttingsugar there but if I’m thinking and it’sstupid to put sugar with dry ingredientsand just put all of the sugar with thewith the egg yolk so you can mix it inbetter and you don’t have like stillgrinding with sugar when you make thepancakes so let’s just pretend we putall the sugar in there also smart thingto do be and take the recipe calls forbutter we don’t have butter because itclogs your arteries no honestly we don’tcare so much but that’s what we havethat’s what we gotso again I use Rama which has what is itquickly chemistry lesson we make it inbetween it has vitamin A vitamin Dvitamin E that’s all pretty good yeahgood stuff but see shut shut coffee onlyaha what the time movie took math awaywe watch the video that police women usethings with because it kills well thisis a force from Toby yeah shout out toToby for providing this video with thisfancy Ramaamazing amazing contribution Thank YouTobyokay let’s melt in microwave we put likethis I think it’s too good amountlike maybe bit like this if you overheattoday then maybe you better cool it downa bit because otherwise who made my endof the scrambled eggsokay let’s okay so we got a seed of fearme like Oh also known as key fear theoriginal recipe calls for butter milk wedidn’t find any so let’s take this it’sgotta be something sour to activate thebaking soda but otherwise anything wouldbe fine but also the sour kind of makesit a bit more tangy so that’s why I alsolike this recipe it’s a bit more layerto it same tasteso whatever let’s just dump it all inthe the general wisdom cause not to overstore your pancakes because you don’twant to have too much gluten developmentin the dough and not before it not tobecome too bready probably will bedisastrous look probably lumpy they saythe best pancakes are lumpy this looksvery muchyeah and also very important to forgetto use your vanilla sugar and just putit back this is going greatwe’re gonna watch this crap I hope mymom doesn’t watch it okay so the eggwhites get a good pan though no goodthat’s a good oneI’m just telling the people to get agood nonstick pan t-fal is pretty goodyeah but you know shout out to the foulplease sponsor us you know send us somegood stuffmaybe a new pan so this is you know howto see if your margarine is melted ifyou likespanky them to do the spatula hmm and itsticks it means it’s not enough yetokay the pan is hot would scoop outscoop out some of the dough the batterit’s like isn’t it the distinction thatlike if it’s liquid it’s called batterand if it’s solid it’s more how it goesexcept if it’s getting is good cake iskind ofthree cool new food for in there maybebut it was afraid[Music]let’s try to make legs why we face orsomething it’s okay those are like thetwo eyes somehow I think it’s the eyesthis is like the nose and then I havelike a tooth and the big pimple and thisis this is a swan over some pancakes areafraid of a spatula it’s like a naturalenemy I mean the first pancake alwayssupposed to like put kind of crookedtips that’s how it goes let’s write thenext one B so it’s always reallyexcitingokay he’s released on this side okayokay well one two three go hello guys asyou can see we made a whole bunch ofpancakes and it tastes pretty good whatelse to say so pros and cons ofsubscribing and watching our videosI guess corns is our video code isreally bad and we don’t know what we’redoing but pros are if youtired of really well produced videosfull of helpful content then you knowjust come here and you can learn to makea bunch of pancakes[Music]

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