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Video Transcription

hello everybody I am chef Fifi and ifyou know why I have this mask because Ido not want to get sickI don’t want to be Chinese I don’t wantto get sick Brown but the crew mattersthe COFF COFF throw me around and Iwanna get it and if you can see thataren’t burning on the wine but anywaystoday we are going I am going to showyou how to make panties so first you getso so it’s me guys so today I makepancakesso first dip it in here so right hereokay you get all the powder and put itin the egg and you can see chef peepeeon the way he’s doing if he get all thestuff out there oh yeah so first eggright here you get the egg so you get infirst you need to get the milk so firston naki egg that’s third so first youget the egg and you put it in here likeyou put it right here put in so thenwhat you’re doneoh there we go yes then you gotta mix itup you gotta mix it so like that mix seesee you got mix it in but make them talllooks weird that looks like throw-up thething it’s silent here I know who’shelping me but I can’t tell you sothat’s one so we got to be all likethrow up like I saw a kid in third gradeand throw up in that looks kind of weirdokay so just keep mixing and keep mixinguntil the batter is good batter batterbatter batterso guys once you’re done so once you’redone with the batter put it on the soonce you’re done so this is how thepower is supposed to be so then afterthat so once you’re doneyou get an egg the egg and crack it openso my hope is gonna help okay and thenyou put the egg inside for everythinginside and then put the stuff therethen you gotta mix it up don’t you thinkand then you get this get this thing orbut it’s cold[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]turn it off which is freaking it so justtake the power off once you’re done withthat so just mix it inmix mix if you think that’s my hands alot I don’t have three hands so afterthat just gotta wait until you’re donekeep mixing until it looks like Jimmyand then you had milk yeah no so you hadmilk then and then stir it in so that’swhy it so like yes I gotta put milk andthen just don’t put a lip that much ifyou do don’t don’t what you’re done withthat just mix it in okay so when youturn the camera[Music]drybeck yeah[Music][Music][Music]stuff on stick the stuff off here okaythen you get this so guys after that putthis in you put this in so just waituntil it gets off okay okay so that’sdone okay that’s burning high if I dowant to okay once you’re done with thatjust add more you add more young more sothat’s one so once you’re done you makea circle and then put it in the pan sodrop it there so yeah so anyways afterthat so I’m just gonna if you if youwanna do this on your own without me youget the box you get the pancakes boxwhich is weird this weird dark lady youread the directions which is I don’tlike these flavors you can read themright here on the like button justshowing you guys and she’s gonna show itfor 10 seconds Linda okay that’s done sothat’s done and then so don’t mind herand then the thing is gotta be like thisthanks got me with this it has to belike this this should be as you seethere’s a little pancake right therewell I’m not gonna eat that so yeah sothat’s how it’s supposed to be don’t goto the dotwe go so that’s good so whatever you dodo not touch them because if you doyou’ve got to crawl in the fibers whichI will not ever get so so you get this alittle bit okay so weird I think I’m notgonna eat the small you can see thesmall one right you I think you’re gonnahave to go a little bit further I thinkyou’re gonna have to remove set thisthing up like gold like I just burped myand then then spatula oh god it’s gonnaburn then you turn the pancakes aroundwhich I gotta get out here they turn thepancakes on you turn them they turn themso I gotta get up hurry up I’m gonna getkilled here I’m not gonna die so thenyou turn them around but be careful ifyou don’tso you just flip them around and thenonce the bottom one is done get that andthen you turn it around and and thenonce you’re done not the weak so you’redone so all set so so this is the end ofthis video and for more I’m going sothen after that you just gotta turn itaround it’s gonna be good until then ifyou want to put some talking read thedirections and if you liked this videosubscribe my channel the like if youlike this video so much Brian I told youdon’t suckdon’t Oh turn on the notification battleso you never miss a one of mine that youthank you so if you like this video eyesuntil they subscribe like that vacationBell and I will see you next time guyspeace out bye

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