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WE NEARLY BURNT THE HOUSE DOWN!! *NOT CLICK BAIT!* | Making pancakes for Pancake Day!

We thought we’d make a cute lil video for Pancake Day but it went down hill very quickly and we made an absolute mess of it loool
Sorry its not gone up on ACTUAL pancake day we had had technical issues!!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

also you actually need a job you just soyou actually need a job[Music][Music]rs PCs come acrossooh I hit my boob just another animalfor you to say she’s like let me go shedoesn’t like that hey my eyes I’d likebacks under them is any focusing on me Ineed a way lovely for that one huge waysthis is so much channel now by no peopleare into thatI’m not she being deadly seriouslet’s go free Lauren’s phone she canhear methat’s like no you’re in the video thisyear’s like kitchen looks away from thisangle[Music]did you wash your hands now disgustingwe’re not the cook I can’t my toiletpaper on the floor awful you see a phoneor something you wash your handsyes no no have you yeah when today Ireally want the brush my teeth in thetoiletwell I knew it’s brushed my teeth in thetoilet only what’s brush my teeth aminute ago that’s what I did was brushmy teeth huh what Japanese soap in thereoh yeah it’s outside yeah are we justyeah yeah yeah it does not look healthygentle I’ll go say oh if that’s likesome guys tend to by every guy go for Ohtry to go for himy kitchen looks so everywhere this iskind of like a full circle nightdo you not know why Lauren because wethe pancakes in here while we’re in thesame so fuck offwait what are you doing today Laurenalready wants to show them I’m gonnashow them I’m gonna film it what do youknow what do not delay is still a gasjelly it’s just everyone right now yeahwhere are you going to be doing pancakes[Laughter][Music][Laughter]hopefully this will be up on Pancake Daywhen it’s Pancake Day pancake gangshould all be in your pancakes andwhereas we are the easiest bitches goingwe now doing by myself I’m on board withmy ourselves we’re lazy so we’ve gotpancake already made mix you’re justpancake shaker j2o just that’s what nowhates to address add water promptlypancakes with a foot with a flip and afried oh yeah we got lemon if you wantlemon that’s how to prepare shake gentlyremove cap I got the water glass needlike a jokewell I’m measuring joke ship at 290milliliters the matter eater whoa thatis[Laughter]don’t see the water lies a big joke itis I would say what I’ve done in thatjerk Ohsound of a child oh nothing what youdon’t know it was in another job in town[Laughter]your other line so if I read what youhave to do if you really want to shakegently remove cap we got add water to usno no okay I will say that we haveenough what have you fuck upit’s so good at this lot I was like waitno screw up 290 money to support waterto fill line fill line this there alsoyou actually need a job you just so youactually need a job so we need to orderjust need to do a full line to the lineyeah and then when does it say what todo when you do pancake replace the capand shake the bottle for two minutes anduntil the mixture is smooth freakin aseven inch foam right man 107 inchesmedium to high heat and a small amountof oil to the pan actually the mass ofdrugsgood throw line huhOh such a babe you areYeah right it’s just the paintings[Music]I’m gonna get my coat that’s my door bythe way trying to be in a house the backdoor oh yeah I’m just going out so nowdoes door known to man hi that’s good[Laughter]I’m like a chef right you ready do itfor it so we’re gonna leave that oneokay so know your pound so opening I canyou hold it just be cooked a bit moremiddle no I’ll pick up on story time sadmusic[Applause]it’s okay do not tell my pact everyoneShh I’ll tell my parents they were my tome next I do over there right let itcool down but noticing this video everagainoh thank also inspire it’s so my gundamwas bloody home so he was still fuckingstop stuffing in lemonI’m a stupid of the leg captain fireit’s time if don’t eat it crows rightoff to shit I think more of the story isright let me clean it then put it overtherewell that looks yummy it’s still hotthat’s the way yeah yeahhaha Wow what we don’t cook I’m swayingso you’d open a window in America’s andsmoke true that can be our title just aphoto of you go around it’d be screamingfind Lauren is looking effective in theprocessyeah standard it’s gone right number twoLauren you’re finding a bloody monetizethat you know getting mother died Jesuscross your I’ve got lots of layers onsay because you sure you want to pull onthe floor no I’m gonna put back on okayI know we don’t get any money longso idiot all right take a chill pill solongbender please do your sleeves up Laurenhazmat suit snacks a little bit beenquarantined don’t screamsee you need to be cooked a bit moreyeah told youlooks like a bargain oh let’s turn toshame I know that’s always thinking dowe have something no it’s for anotherday well sticking your sticky we’reusing the kitchen don’t touch me I needto show you this tick-tock no wait howabout 10% I need to show you thistick-tockI cried with love okay wait you seenthis tape well you’re there right yousay yep I don’t have to thing likerising faster if you don’t find it funnythen no don’t touch it don’t touch itthis house probably don’t mean easy tothis side but tick-tock what[Music]spying on you think sit down into cratelet’s cool thoughI’m just wanna see the smoke sauna do weneed to do that slide though that’s myright on it that’s broker like me therewe gosee that’s why it’s fine it looks reallyfucked up me in my childhood I becausewe need to wait for that psychic donethen let me done with cooking lover andfine I’ll show you my tiptoe in Chinayes right you wanna dress today evenafter the shame video she’s got camerayeah the frigging outside sort of doanything don’t touch it you only be burnhmm I’m haven’t told you about my momHawaiian no clay layer okay right see ifit’s ready cuz its sizzling it’s smokingsee this right nowsee if it’s fighting you why I shouldget played oh so look good wait we’redoing this side a little bit more no nobe done okayit’s a blade okay what part the platestyle make the mix okay think it’s ready[Laughter]you know that’s really good show themyour artworkwhat master Pink’s my tub right shapeit’s more your arm no I cannot be rightor maybe a tiny tiny bitdo you have sugar yes we do in one ofthose cupboards what couple all we havein the sugar thingoh you look so disgruntled I’ll be atiny one next Daniel let’s see how fastdoes this hell is that all rightI’m a big girl I’ll let you taste somemm-hmm mm-hmmsugar taste testokay yes nice sorry though OhSophie gee it’s a big bear[Music]hmm no girl since the girl who doesn’tlike pancakesOh ready for something you need to goyou’ve got many one knows already theredon’t bear with us no dog showoh you will be kidding me knees turningover there I got some matters it needsto be gonna be like a crepe a CREP thecrap thank you hmm this is ready nicethat’s good I got palm close I’ve neverreally been like a massive fan oh fuckyouanother crepe so you ever got smart meup this is an ass of all orders Oh wouldyou boob between I don’t even have anin-between try to find one I dare you Ohchoking me are you hovering over meoh wow can I read a bit to the cowsI guess I’ll hold it for now Thank YouBank spin on the pan Lauren you know thecool day are you yeah oh I knew yourrecord and it’s a scientific a mind gameis right join there’s no one of me flipback do you want to do it off you’regetting is a bitGeorge shake it yeah shake yeah pleasepull the lid firmly pleasepancake hotline is going so it’s not youmight fancy he’s cooked so it’s all overhere that’s what she saidall right here you go you can cook itoff taste my pancake stand here thenhold itwhoopsie so do you have a ticket whatBaba kaku-san she got a baby out eggedge oh those are my mouth this is notback to me if I try mm-hmm ready100 I got it Hey I think it’s monkeytime cuz it’s so sad I can see up yournose okay I’m jokingwhich is my coke there is no it’s notdone I’m funny Mac sing so much sugar ondisplay and it’s all wonderful thingsure no is sugar not saltyou’re ruining my asses offI’m stepping on guitarstop by prating people they have mybracelet to the thing why this pancakeshe’s gonna be anemic they need believebelieve it’s mewhat does anemic me to supper right youreadythis is my Blas a long time pancake areI’m gonna try ithot Lauren me frying pan it smells nicethough nice thank you for this beauty isit ha ha that was a jokethat’s beautiful it’s all in chest rightoh go on yeah that’s all rightyeah Trey you say you’re like you’rechewing in the move on video I’m sittingit’s a full-blown air samar move yourtop god we put it on the diarrheatablets just peeI mean cut the cameras so I’m just gonnahold this cuz I’m so proud of itthanks for watching this disaster of avideo my parents never knowing ha wenearly died Oh gobo home aloneyeah that could have been yeah that’s agood thingfarm pets rich a lovely collection forme I mean I put my arm around you andyou ruinyes sting here wearing the same top fromlast time yes you know where that I knowtouched your boob you know what come onlook she’s got coming on top that meansa putter all right we good we good rightthanks for watching this is a snakefortune the disaster happy pancake heyhappy Shrove Tuesday the part is theright thing to say so on Valentine’s Daythat was the disaster yeah they have itadult supervision even away the adultsby 2000 but my art well the camera issuccessive is no

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