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How to Make Toasted Sandwiches using Hanabishi Pancake Maker HSM-40P?

I tried making my sandwich using Hanabishi Pancake Maker HSM-40P. I used buns, eggs, mayo, butter and cheese for this. This is our usual merienda, be afternoon or midnight snack. Sometimes, we replace eggs with ham.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

they will show you how to make those oursandwich using this piranhas one of thesheep and eight major HSN that 40this pancake maker rituals dose slicepancake maker with man speak for them tocomplete the pendant like a mediator forpower and meetings key things in a panheat insulated handle and a la pista nowwe are going to prepare our sandwichthe ingredients are buns are found inTagalogfried eggs cheesemayonnaiseand butternow I cut the buns in a half so we canput now our mayonnaise in here like thisin the boat online in togetheryeah then spun about make thisthen we are going[Music][Music]some eggsyeahthen cover it upas you can see I have prepared two bunsand now we’re gonna put some others sowe can reach the golden brown[Music]yeahwhen I seenext we’re going to plug in the fun itmay vary but first let us wipe thepanties maker with this bigger issueso there’s not that it is good now thevirus[Music]don’t touch open the sandwich makerplace a pond in a bottom half with thebuttered slice against the flattenedbe careful don’t touch the surface ofthe panlike that then press it HarveyOhI think closely the runs whatblow it with the lockuntil it’s doneyour sandwich will be ready to threeminutes and we accidentally love smokingit makes love you know open itthen you’re not use our metal knife sowe don’t damagethere are noneI don’t have a place[Music][Music]and now that the presentation of myvideo bye bye

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