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How to make microwave pancakes!

Me making microwave pancakes!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

how to make microwavable cookies so Ialready mix the flour in the powderedsugar so then you’re gonna mix that soI’m just gonna get for it so I got thefork and now you’re gonna mix ittogether okay let me go put this away sonow you mix it together okay I’ll go getthe foot so keep the fort near you andoh wait I need to get a spoon for thebaking soda okay so get so many bakingsoda oh so like that much baking sodaand then you just pour it in okay thenyou mix it up with that pork oh wait -vanillalet me just unscrew it okay you got thevanilla so now pour it in not much onlylike half CAF low and um you don’t haveto put the vanilla in it just makes ittaste better so now you can mix it upand then once you’re like halfway doneput it in the butter like that muchbutter spreadable butter and you justslap it in like that[Applause]get some more flour okay so I put moreflour in sorry for the shakiness and soyou mix it tell me if this works for youI hope it works for me okay I’m justgonna mix it for a couple more minutesand it should be goodokay so let’s get some more flour so youneed a bunch of flour and I’m just gonnamix it I had to put even more flour somom be quiet so um now you just put iton the plate and put it in the microwavefor about a minute 30

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